Sunday, December 21, 2008

W for Winter

I don't know what we called it in english but today is a BIG day for the chinese. it's called "winter festival."

it's like Chinese New Year and every family will have a reunion. going to wk's house for this special and big day.

Attending friend's wedding later-the friend whom i accompanied with to buy perfume (diamond vs lychee) hahahahaha. :) still think that it's funny although i hate how he was so rude to ME.

currently using my sis computer to update my blog-only when i visit her. can't spend everyday's lunch time to update cos currently I have lunch appointment daily. hehehhe last time i got to update blog during lunch hour because i bought my lunch and ate it at my desk, not now anymore. :):)

will apply for home internet later maybe early next year. hate to see my blog not updated daily and no pictures. :(:(

i promise the day will come and you'll see my lovely pictures posted daily. happy "dong jit!"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Diamond vs Lychee

Diamond is forever...lychee can be smelly sometimes...

I know diamond and lychee are never meant to be linked together but here's an interesting story for all.

One day i accompanied my friend to hunt for perfume...she was looking for those "soft smell perfume" that's what she called it. this friend of mine likes perfume so crazily and we spent few hours looking for what she wants.

we went to every perfume booth, you name it: elizabeth arden, ralph lauren, estee lauder, dkny, giorgio armani and etc. of all the perfume we tried, i found that diamond from GA attracted me most although i don't like perfume that much.

my friend wasn't sure which perfume she likes, so when we stopped at dkny counter, there was this gay man approaching us and was so polite telling us the apple shaped perfume (green color) is the best-selling perfume compared to all other dkny perfumes. i didn't like the smell cos it smells like cockroach and i didn't say anything to my friend.

and then, we discussed which perfume has the best smell and i COMPARED this apple with DIAMOND. you must ask why not lychee? wait wait...listen! this gay was so pissed off because while we were discussing and was about to go, then came a customer and he started to serve the customer.

out of a sudden this gay suddenly talked so loud and we were shocked. he said, "we have lychee (perfume) and this perfume really smells like lychee. it's not DIAMOND and it's really like real lychee." wtf what is wrong with this gay? i talked so softly to my friend that i preferred DIAMOND than APPLE and that's my personal opinion, hello!!!!! he said it in malay and it sound funnier than my translation. he said, "KALAU YOU NAK LYCHEE, NAH AMBIL INI LYCHEE (if you want lychee, go ahead and take this lychee-though we did not ask for lychee!) :P then he showed us the burgundy apple shaped perfume) and we took it and smelt it. we should have just ignore him cos we didn't know he was gonna embarrass us. and he continued by saying, "INI LYCHEE BUKAN DIAMOND (This is lychee and not diamond)

question marks kept popping out from our heads and we had the puzzling looks. why was this gay so sensitive to what we say? don't we, the customers have our freedom of speech? i always thought gays are very friendly. i like their service in serving customers and i don't discriminate them. but gay can be very sensitive just like women.

moral of the story: 1) BUY DIAMOND!

p/s: should have told the gay, "DIAMOND IS FOREVER, AND LYCHEE SMELLS SO BADLY" hahahahahaa...anyway have a great weekend! :) :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i don't know what to write here but i wanna congratulate lina for her graduation!! Congrats and all the best in your future undertakings!

i wish i was there attending your commencement, taking lots of pics of you and most importantly, shouting out your name when it's your turn to come out. :) send me your grad pics ok?

forget everything that makes you unhappy. the world won't stop because of you. everyone has their things to do, so don't blame them for being selfish or whatever you wanna call it.

i am waiting for christmas, hope you'll celebrate this memorable day with kc and family. :P


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Morning :)

Reached office very early in the morning. :)

feeling so fresh and lively.....(inhale and exhale breath, come let's do it together)


a good morning makes my day...

so to all vampires out there, stop being a vampire and wake up early.

it's good for you physically and mentally. but for those mental illness, nahh forget it!

everyone have a good day! :) :) :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lessons for All

If someone asked you to talk like an adult, he is called CHILDISH.

If someone said you are CHILDISH, you are childish.

When he says you are unreasonable, he is CRAZY.

When he talks a lot of bullshits, he is BULLSHITTING, obviously.

If he did something wrong and know it's not right to do it, but he still DID it and said sorry afterwards, he is OUT OF HIS MIND-MENTAL ILLNESS.

When he said sorry and you know he didn't mean it, he is called HYPOCRITE.

TOLERANCE - if he said you never tolerate, and you actually did tolerate, ask him to FUCK OFF.
When you point 1 finger to other people, 3 fingers are pointing back to you.

If you think i am talking about you, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU! This serves you right. Thanks for reading my blog, cos i knew you gonna read MY lovely blog.
To those who don't understand what my entry is all about, it's okay cos this shows that you are NOT the person i am talking about. :)


too exhausted...

had a rough friday...

p/s: Laughing Sue is not dormant yet...more to come please stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My mum once told me, "Young ladies should use lip gloss."

Don't use lipstick because "only old ladies use lipstick."

And guess what my mum use? She uses none of the above, and therefore she is just a normal lady.

I received an email and in the email it mentions that most of the branded and well known makeup brand lipstick contains lead.

You can try it if it really contains lead by using your gold ring (if you have one) and scratch it on the lipstick. If the lipstick color changes to black, then the lipstick contains lead.

Go try it. I will try it next time. :P

Monday, November 24, 2008



i've been very bz lately. so many things to do, think, calculate, and etc.

brought my camera and will start taking pics of the 2 doggies.

thanksgiving is coming but no turkey for me...cos i don't eat tur turk turkk turkeyyy!!

monday is so boring and sleepy. every monday is the same.

every friday is like heaven!! :) :) wowowoww

every saturday is a day when my money flows like water.

every sunday is a day where i rest for the whole day doing my things, taking nap or doing things that i like to do. but sunday is also a day where i get bored because after sunday is monday...:(

wanna nap now before my lunch hour ends. enjoy your day!! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008


i am using my lunch time to blog. hahaha so happy :P

i am afraid people will see me logging in to my blog. so dangerous.

some people are busybody, you know especially in the office. better be safe than sorry!

i am so outdated now, no time to read other blogger's blog, no entertainment
for me after work such as tv and drama series. nothinggg... :(

after work, go home, have dinner, take shower, rest and listen to music. that's all i do everyday.
and when it's time to bed it's already 12a.m.. sometimes when i am too tired, i would fall
asleep and sleep at around 8 or 9p.m.. what a life! but i am glad with what i have now. no more complaints!

and i don't know why but lately, in the middle of the nite i would suddenly be awake.
one nite, my eyes opened suddenly but i didn't have the urgency to go toilet. and then
i had hard time getting back to sleep. when i got up the next morning, i was so sleepy although
i have told you that i slept at 8 or 9p.m.. it's about 10 hours sleep but still sleepy? goshhh...

i left my camera at hometown. i wanted to bring to kl last time but my
popo said why do you wanna bring it there? so i listened to her.

but this weekend i am going back and will take the camera wth me.

will take pics of the 2 dogs that are currently staying with me. both are
my friend's doggies. let the pictures do the talking for my coming entry. :P

i bought some so called furniture for my room. you don't need to spend so much money
on a wooden cupboard and you can get alternative. also, you don't have to buy
an electric shower heater (which costs me a bomb) to shower especially water is cold like ice. please come back for more info.

waiting for my payday which is 23rd of every month. wow so happy. i am waiting already
since last week. even my colleague has calculated on what to buy.

can't wait to go back home. ~home sweet home~

take care, guys! :) :) :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have moved to a new house recently. No internet connection yet, that's why no updates from me. :)

I miss readers who read my blog regularly. please wait for me to come back. Bye!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


thanx for coming back for updates. :)

yeahh obama won the presidential election...congratss!!

i have nothing to blog actually that's why i mentioned obama in my entry. no preference over obama or mccain but i am glad obama is the first black President.

i did something very wrong today. i knew it wasn't right to talk on cellphone during work but i did it today when bosses were in their rooms. boss a was talking on the phone and boss b was doing his stuff. i talked for about 5 minutes and hung up. then i saw boss b came out from his room with his bittergourd face. then he went into boss a's room and i heard he said something like, "something under probation and talk on phone." i hope he wasn't talking about me, but god knows it better.

the lesson of the day is never ever talk on cellphone when your boss is around!!

but i still don't feel good about it. when you know there's something you shouldn't do, but you still do it that is called stupid. there is more appropriate words to replace stupid but i just can't think of that word.

i miss everyone in the states. i wish everyone a good nite. zzzZzz

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i'll be right back. :)

please come back for more updates.

Friday, October 31, 2008


TGIF again but i am not happy like every other friday. :(

i used my whole day to think whether i should withdraw money from atm machine and how much i should wd. i didn't keep thinking bout it, but i asked myself few times.

1st time was yesterday before i sleep.

2nd time was when i was on the way to work (thinking i can wd it when i reach my office).

3rd time was okay, maybe i can wd it during lunch, but i still didn't know what i wanna do actually.

4th time was ok let's wd when i go home. this will be the last chance. and i laughed at myself for being so silly. I DIDN'T WD $$.

when people don't have money, they wish to have money.

when i don't wanna wd $$, i have to wd cos i need money to buy food and things.

when i got my paycheck i am so happy and wanna wd, but i didn't do it. i don't know what i wanna do.

1st month of working is not easy. there's a chinese saying says, "it is always hard when you start a new thing/life."

i got swollen eyes time to bed...zzZZz

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Sue

Yeahhh i got my first pay slip!!! **jumping like a frog** ^^happy frog^^

work so far is okay, bosses are nice, colleagues are OKAY, yes okay! understand me??

i just realized i didn't update my blog since monday...ohh i am so lazyyy

been very tired after work, but feel happy cos i am earning money for myself and family...$$$$$$$$

i need a pair of cheap flats, no need to be rm20-30 like vincci brand, just a cheap flats - a lightweight shoes that can make me walk comfortably...any suggestion on where to buy?

ohh remember i bought a 50% discount long pant? it's made from 100% polyester. goshh i wore this pant the other day and my butt and legs were so hot, panas, sweating and burning like hell. never ever buy clothes that is 100% polyester be it shirts or pants. cotton is always the best!!

wasting my money. i don't feel like wearing it anymore. i want my money backkkkk. :( :(

currently watching tvb moonlight resonance. watching it now...bye!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Hey guys i am back!!

I went back to my hometown last saturday and didn't online to update my blog. now that i am back, i wanna wish all indian friends a happy deepavali!!!

sorry rathi i wasn't able to attend your open house, but i promise i'll be there next year! :)

today's weather is freaking hot, and i am getting sick. oh noo... :(:(

but i am so excited cos i am planning to get a car... yohooo!!! :):):) and when i think of the mortgage, i become :(:(:(:(

p/s: so sweaty and tired. need to zzZzz

to be continued...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad Morning

Everybody got their paycheck slip today and was busy withdrawing money from the atm machine. i checked my account online but i didn't get mine. i knew it. :( I heard some of my colleague was asking each other if they have withdrawn their money.

i'll only get mine at the end of the month or early next month for my first month of work. this morning there was a crazy man on motorbike frightened me to death...not dying yet but my heart was like "bop bop, bop bop." when i walked at the road, there were no cars. so weird. normally i see many cars driving very fast and this stupid brainless guy frightened me from my back when he passed thru me. oh damn damn..i wish he was dead. really.

i didn't show the frightened look and you know when people frighten you without you noticing them, your body will be like "shaking"a bit... he just shouted "hoo" and just left. i should have carried a bottle or have a big stone handy so that i can throw it to his body or his bike. no use if you throw it at his head cos he was wearing a helmet. what a useless bastard. he has nothing to do but to frighten people early in the morning...i bet he won't shout to me if there were cars cos he won't have the chance to do that.

so lazy, sleepy and down today. the president's secretary checked my minutes for me. i know my minutes are so vague. i don't even understand what i was writing. ok nvm that. i was wearing my blazer not because i like to wear it but because it's freaking cold in my office. but i wore flats in office unless i have meetings. this secretary told me NOT to wear flats to president's office cos "we won't know when ceo will be here and he is very particular. even the ceo's secretary needs to wear professionally," she said. thanks for letting me know. do you smell sarcasm here? nvm...

had lunch with my boss and the sect. oh it was so boring. we had japanese food and ohh so boring...lazy to talk bout my boss. no comments.

p/s: i guess i shouldn't talk about my boss again. sien..will go to my friend's open house on deepavali day. will take lots of pics. :) happy waiting.

p/p/s: TGIF tomorrow...

p/p/ps: YEAH THIS IS MY 100th POST!!! Long live Laughing Sue! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sale Sale Sale

i am getting older and older...

tired of walking, back ache, neck ache...and yoko yoko is my loyal friend now...

just back from shopping and spent few hundreds on clothing and a pillow...

jusco member's day sale and it only happens once in a year...

so many people and very crowded...

long queue, cheap clothes and food, discounts from 10% to 70%...

i chose all 70% on shirts for work...30% for a pillow and 50% for a long pant...

i carried 2 bottles of ribena at rm10 each. 2 units per customer is allowed. i carried the 2 big bottles with my pillow and a bag of clothes...lined up and my 2 ribena is on the floor. too heavy to carry them with my stuffs. used my leg and slowly kick them to the front when the queue is getting shorter...

my wrist hurt so badly but it's worth it. :) oh woman!!

who doesn't like sale? not only women like it although most of the time we see 80% of them are women. men like it too. they don't just follow their women for the sake of follwing...MEN LIKE SALE TOO.

buh-bye! ZZzzZZz

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Heart You

xyz. muaksss 123

i miss him more and more everyday. i wish he was here.

when your loved ones is by your side, you feel happy being with him, but there's nothing special when you see each other. you even hate each other sometimes and wish he doesn't bother you at all. it's not that you don't appreciate him when he is with you, it's just that human beings sometimes could not explain why they behave in such a way.

so when you are far apart from each other, you wish he was here, by your side, and you start to think, "how i wish he was here and i'll do this and that with him." but eventually when you guys see each other, you forget everything you've promised him on what you wanna do.

so the next time you see each other, make sure you do what you've promised him. don't let him down and make promises when you are happy. happy people like to make promises because they are in joy. but i like to promise him something when i am very happy and really mean to fulfill my promises. at least i try my best...

p/s: for my case, i use him. you can replace him for her. :)

i heart wk from the bottom of my heart. and i can't believe i am writing this in my blog. time to bed...zzZzzZzz

p/p/s: comments are off since nobody comments.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perverts Must Die

i can't think of anything now but about perverts at the lrt, there are many types of them. i met one man who likes to stand facing side, front and back of ladies. this man at first was facing at the back of a woman and when the woman came out from the lrt, he faced at the side of another lady. and then finally he stood sort of close to me and with his hand pretending to hold the wall glasses that is only taller than me a bit.

i knew something was wrong with him cos he looks like a pirate or dan ngan lou. he kept blinking one of his eyes (i couldn't remember left or right eye) but i bet that's his so called disease and not blinking it for fun (or maybe blinking it for fun, god knows it better than me).

i was holding my umbrella and i purposely pointed my umbrella to him cos i knew he was a pervert. he kept coming closer to me although i was doing that umbrella pointing. he didn't care and came very close. oohh bastard..i was freaking scared cos who knows what will he do to me. this crazy people won't care how people perceive them.

and when he wanted to come out from lrt, i was standing at the door when it opened. i should have come out from the lrt, and then let the people out, then only i go back in but i didn't. i was sort of like moving my body to a corner and let the passengers out. but you know what this ugly pervert did to me? he came out from the lrt and pretended to look like he's squeezing out from the crowd and RUBBED his hand on my hand. ohh bugger...mother fucker...he rubbed his hand to my arm and i felt so geli and wanted to die. oh die die die i wished he was dead. but i was glad that he didn't do more than that to me. cos i was scared he will do worse thing to me. fuhhhh...

enough of perverts for now, but ladies out there must becareful of perverts at lrt. we won't know who and which is pervert, but just beware of suspicious men who acts weirdly at lrt. this is not about discriminating men but jus make sure you are safe when you are travelling to work or to anywhere.

p/s: ohh lrt again tomorrow, so there'll be chances to meet new perverts again. :(

Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's an interesting topic to discuss. How to know if someone is a pervert when you are at lrt? Please pay attention, ladies!

(bear in my mind there are two kinds of pervert: 1) is a silent pervert, the other one is 2) physically hamsup you. a pervert can be a male or female pervert. i'm referring to male pervert here)

1. a pervert will look at you every 5 minutes or less whether or not you exchange an eye contact with them. if you want to exchange an eye contact with them, curse him in your heart. you must look at his eyes. don't look at them if you really feel uncomfy. this is a silent pervert.

2. a pervert will tend to stand right behind of you. they like to rub their private part against women's butt especially to young ladies. some like to stand right in front of ladies especially when the lrt is so packed like a sardine, they will have a very good chance to be closer to you. i bet they are just itchy and want to get closer to you, ladies! yess you!! be alert!! this pervert physically hamsup you. try to move to the other part of the lrt; such as move to where most ladies stand. the best time to do it is when the lrt is going to stop at the next stop.

to be continued...

p/s: tired. time to bed... ZzzZZ

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i don't blog everyday now but i do view my blog 27 times a day. there's no internet for staffs at my office unless you are an assistant manager (AM) and above. i can only send and check emails, and that's so boring. internet is only allowed for staffs below AM from 6p.m. - 8p.m.. before i continue, i wanna wish happy belated birthday to edwards! it's his birthday yesterday :).

it rained so heavily today and guess what, i was wet all over my body with those milo water. it's a little flooded at the road that i walk everyday. and so many cars passed by the road (and like speeding too). those rain water or milo water splashed to my whole body. my pants was wet and sands were on my shirts. my butt was wet too. goshh it's so hard for me to walk with my wet pants.

when i was sitting at the lrt, i could feel the water dripping from my pants. and when i raised up my legs, water is seen dripping from my shoes. so hilarious...but i just don't have the mood to laugh. :(

starting to be busy with work and i just don't understand why some people can be so busybody as if their mouth would be smelly if they don't talk bad about people. shut off and do your work. but why me?? i was actually peeking at AVP's office and wanted to see this avp's face because i need to know who he is cos my another colleague was telling me about him and i need to deal something with him for tomorrow's meeting. and this staff didn't look at me directly and she told her colleague that i was so busybody. wtf.

she even mentioned my name although there is another staff who has similar name with me but with different pronunciation. she's on leave today that's why i am pretty sure she was referring to me. oh what a bitch! she said, "eh this susan is so busybody looking to check who's in the room." she talked so loud in front of me and NOT at the back of me. who cares is in the room, anyway. i couldn't see the avp's face but only saw the guest's back who was talking to the avp.

working life is so boring and miserable. there are so many types of people. there are also a few malay staffs in the office that looked at me with a weird stare as if i don't belong there. the staff who called me busybody always walk pass my desk to the printer at the back. i always smile to her but her facial expression is like i am not welcomed. ok now i don't wanna smile to her anymore. cb. hahahhaha. i thought only some americans are fake (not to jan-a) but malaysians are the same. 2x5

p/s: it's so hard to be a morning person. transforming from a vampire to a normal homo sapien is not easy. i really appreciate my good old times where i sleep for the whole day and nobody cares about me. so nice to have a sleep without needing to set my alarm clock. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Emotional Breakdown

I just reformatted my laptop and reinstalled some software. i was super down yesterday's early morning when i thought my laptop has been hacked? let's call my laptop my pc, easier for me. i reformatted it three times cos i couldn't online and thinking the hacker has stolen my genuine windows OS. is there a case like that? can anyone please tell me?

the hacker has seen and viewed all my folders and files including my pictures, my videos, my music and etc. i felt like i have been raped by someone or someone has stolen my keys to enter my room without my permission. the feelings are just like what i described to you. i lost 2 songs which wk sent me. and i couldn't find it when i wanna look up for the songs. i did not update my antivirus and i couldn't because of my previous dial-up connection. so never ever connect to the internet if you don't have the updated version of antivirus in your pc. it's not a clever thing to do. sigh~~

i feel better now after reformatted my pc and i have the most updated version of antivirus. i felt like dying the day before yesterday and was so emotional and keep blaming myself for being stupid. i knew my pc has a lot of problems especially when my pc wasn't functioning as usual. there were symptoms that you could detect like all of a sudden you see some "secret folder" in your pc. i had 2 pics under my pictures folder which don't belong to me and i didn't open to look at it. i just deleted those files.

so lesson of the day is please make sure you update you antivirus regularly and reformat your pc when you sense something isn't right. don't wait till the last minute to do it cos it won't help at all. "don't care" attitude only applies for those lazy people. so don't be one!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Yeah it's friday!!! wuahahaha super happy and excited. will be busy in the weekend too. no mood to blog yesterday cos too exhausted. :)

went to open my epf account today. the hr personnel told me that NOW employees have to open their epf account by themselves but that is not true! i checked the epf website and it says that:

Your Responsibility
If you are employed and not registered as an EPF member, it is your responsibility to remind your employer to register you as soon as possible. If your employer refuses to do so, you can go to any EPF office to register yourself by completing the Form EPF 3. You can also lodge a complaint on your employer's refusal to register you as a member.
-copied and pasted directly from

my hr personnel told me that my company does not help employees to apply for epf anymore. therefore employees have to go open by themselves. even my boss didn't know that's the case when i told him i need to get my epf done. anyway, was glad that i got it done now. :O)

what surprised me was that the staffs were very efficient in handling enquiries and matters and friendly too. the receptionist will make sure that you fill out registration form and have a photocopy of your id first, only then they will give you a number to wait for your queue. and what was so distressing is that the board that shows the queue numbers kept flashing. i had to actually stared at the board to see if my number was next. i didn't have the time to even look down or some where else cos i don't wanna miss my turn.'s like a stock board (if that's what you called it, i have no idea) where you see the stocks market figures keep rising and dropping.

and then when the registration was done, i took another number to apply for i-akaun. i-akaun is an online account and you can access your statement online and update your info too. there's no book given to you and you'll just get a piece of paper stating your 8-digits epf number and your personal information on it after the registration for epf account.

in a nutshell, govt servants here are popularly known to be slow and inefficent in their work. okayy enough of this. i don't wanna talk about govt, politics and religion in my blog.

bleh bleh wanna enjoy my lovely nite. ciao~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


recently my blog really bores me cos i wrote alot about lifestyle. A friend once told me, "you are not a celebrity, nobody wanna knows about your lifestyle." this is true but at the same time my blog's existence helps alot especially when i don't need to explain to my friends (from far or near) on what's happening to me lately and my blog will do the story telling for me. that's the good thing about blogging. everytime when friends ask, "how are you? any interesting things happen to you lately?" my response will be, "read my blog please!" sometimes i got tired of explaining to them what i have been up to recently. also i feel bored when i repeat the same thing to different people. but there's an exception to certain friends. :P that's why we have good friends, close friends and special friends. and if you are lucky enough and belong to one of these categories, congrats!! if you're not, don't be upset! :) life's a bitch i told you! :P

i am so sick of walking. i have been walking for the past twenty years. and now i still need to walk. i wish i could have someone to fetch me to work, from work, to shopping, from shopping, and etc.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Good News

the good news that i wanna share with my loyal readers is -- i got a job!! hip hip hoorayyy!!!

the interview was a tough one cos i didn't expect it was going to be a group interview. i was very very nervous from the beginning till the end of the interview. when the interviewer asked me to introduce myself, i was super nervous till i didn't know what i was talking. i even told them that i was nervous and please let me start all over again. phew~~ never ever tell the interviewer that you are nervous!

there were 3 interviewers. one was the hr personnel, the other two were my bosses-to-be. boss A looks friendly and boss B is very cool. boss A and hr personnel took their turn to ask me questions. boss B didn't ask me that many questions, but whenever he asked me questions, those questions were a tough one and i needed some time to think before i answered them.

they asked me questions that i read before some time in ny but i didn't seem to know how to answer them. i was rather surprised with those questions cos i never thought they were gonna ask me the so called difficult questions. omg...i felt like knocking my head on the wall and i regretted not revising the "25 most difficult questions during an interview" that freddy sent me last time.

one question really amazed me and them was, "what do you see yourself five years from now?" do i knoww honestly? married, have children, live happily? anything could happen five years from now. but guess what my answer was? i said, "i hope that i am a senior executive by then." three of them paused for a moment and their facial expression changed suddenly. shit..did i say something wrong? five years is too short to be a senior exec.? or maybe ten years is more appropriate? i don't know. i just crapped. i told them i wanted to climb the corporate ladder. maybe they were amazed with my answer and felt that i am too ambitious or maybe they thought i am stupid? ahhh whatever it is, i finally got the job and i was direct hired by them. i am so happy...the moment the hr personnel told me, "congrats you are hired." :) :) :) i was not that excited as i thought i'd be when she told me that. i was too tired to be happy i think. but when i was in the lrt, i started to feel the excitement. hahaa am i a tortoise or what?? so slowww even in my own feeling of excitement.

i was just shocked. so the interview was a successful one, i guess. when boss B came out from the room, he told the other two, "she is good." wowwwwww i was so happy cos he was obviously talking about me because i was the only candidate that was being interviewed that morning.

the bad news is that i need to actually walk for at least 20 minutes (fast speed) to the office after taking lrt. and the 20 minutes walk is scary to me cos construction is going on at one side. at the other side is full of trees and if you look carefully inside the bushes, you can see the cemetery. i am not afraid of the cemetery, but rather afraid of the robbers, kidnappers, rapists or any kind of bad people. i don't want to disappear suddenly from this world.

to be honest, i didn't absorb some of the things they were telling me cos i was too tired and sweaty. i've told you that i walked alot and i am always sweating whenever i go for interview (because of walking). i really hope that i can find a company that is located strategically from the lrt station (only 5 minutes walking distance or maybe just right opposite the lrt station). that'd be great!! but i think that's just a dream that will never come true. :)

also that morning, i changed to pumps when i reached the building. i wore flats cos i had to walk. and the road is in a bad condition (curvy, holes, up and down - i just don't know how to describe it. in conclusion, it's hard to walk even with flats. so now, when i start working i'll have to wear flats and change to pumps/high heels when i reach the building. of cos i won't change it at the main entrance of the building but i'll change it at the restroom. if you ask why not wear sneakers, cos sneakers is hard to change especially when i am in hurry. flats is easier and is faster to change.

ok enough of my story. i am afraid what if, in future my bosses or my colleagues will know about my blog's existence. i hope they'd not know about it cos i want to continue writing my blog. and i don't wanna let certain people know what i'm thinking or doing. zzZZzzzz...

p/s: start working tomorrow. :o)

More Food More Photos

Finally, i have faster connection now. and since my blog is getting lesser visitors due to either a) the boring-ness of my blog or 2) lack of pictures in it. i don't know. maybe both. there will be 2 entries for today since i am so happy and tired at the same time. next entry is scheduled to be posted at nite. :) enjoy!

#1 my favorite - pineapple tart

#2 noodle soup with yong taufu

#3 mangosteen

#4 homemade dish - chili, bittergourd as the shell, and inside is the minced meat

#5 cornetto ice-cream

#6 dumpling. oh my fav too.

#7 dumpling from the inside. i love the beans, yummie~

#8 guess what is this?

#9 bird's nest

#10 airplane food. the croissant tasted really good~

#11 see the seafood salad? it's delicious and fresh. sitting next to me in the airplane was an indian uncle who told me he doesn't eat any meat except mutton :P he gave his salad to me. :)

#12 the choc cake is yummie but a bit too sweeet.

#13 curry chicken i think?

#14 yeayea free ad for cornetto. miss this ice-cream when i was in us.

#15 Soft-shelled crabs. cooked by mummy.

#16 my favorite soup..errr but i don't know the name :P

#17 christopher with his honey stars

#18 both eating orange flavored jell-o that i made for them

#19 cheeseee~~

enough of pics?? no? sorry can't help. :P just wait..ok?

Monday, October 6, 2008

S is for Sick

i had a bad bad week. last week was a raya week and it's a sick holiday for me. i wasn't feeling well and i spent most of my time in the toilet. you don't need me to explain why i spent my precious time there, don't you?? :P. i am still coughing...but i feel much better now.

i went out shopping for clothes and had my hair cut. i was so excited finally i got my hair cut and my fringes trimmed and layered. it was so long that i had trouble eating my noodle soup. now i can feel my hair is so much lighter and i can save my shampoo too.

when i am at lrt today, i saw a young lady who looks like a lesbian to me (i wasn't sure). i don't know how to explain it to you, but she's like looking at me straight from her eyes and, you know she stared at me as if she wanna have electric shock with me...hahahahaaa. and then next to me was a young man and she also stared at him. at first, i thought they were friends, but later on i realized they weren't. life is so interesting huh?? when our eyes met, i didn't wanna stare long cos i am afraid she will jampi me with her stare, who knows right?? and when she got down from lrt, the young man kept looking at her till she disappeared from his sight. what a scary woman! i don't know her purpose of staring. i have my own opinion to this young lady but i'll just keep it to myself. :P

i wish no more crazy things happen to me. i really had enough and i am afraid of seeing crazy people, weirdos, and etc. i just want to have a simple yet happy life. enough money for me to spend and save, enough of food and desserts to keep me warm and cold, being together with my loved ones and feel happy everyday. :) but life's a bitch, ain't it? yeah i've told you! (sound so energetic suddenly whooahhhh) it sounds simple but you'll never get those simple little things in your life sometimes. it's a matter of time or maybe it just won't happen to me! or maybe i was cursed from the day i was born (a bit exaggerated...huh?)

i feel so down everytime i'm tired. feel so pessimistic and lifeless. this week is gonna be a tough week too. i hope you guys have a great week and thanks for listening to my crap. and when sue is tired, she becomes crappy. bai bai~

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ahtay

Happy birthday to ahtay...

wish you love and happiness...

hope you'll enjoy your day with kc and remember what you told me...something hamsup...kaakaaa.

happy birthday once again...bye!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleepy Raya

Spending my raya whole day sleeping. zzzzzzZZz

selamat hari raya...

ahtay's bday is tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Raya is tomorrow...

ahtay's birthday is the day after tomorrow...

there's always tomorrow for those of us who think and plan...

and today is the last day of the month of september...

life is such a bitch (why not bastard?)

tomorrow is the 1st day of october...

the day after tomorrow is the 2nd of oct...

happy birthday to ahtay...i miss you so much~~

who cares about tomorrow, anyway? i wanna get into my dreamland now...bye!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Me, Love My Blog

how many of you are my loyal readers? please answer me cos i really wanna know. i know some of you are my silent readers and also readers who leave me comment occasionally and very few - frequently. ok nvm if you don't leave me comments cos sometimes i think i am so crazy about comments. i want responses whether it's good or bad, at least i know what my readers are thinking. also i hope there'll be more interaction between me and my readers. if you still want to be my silent readers, go ahead. i won't force you to leave me comments if you don't feel like doing so. :)

also, i thought of organizing some contests but i'm afraid no one will join my contests and can you imagine how embarrassing it could be? ohh nooo...i'd be a laughing stock forever!!!! (and i don't wish to become one).

enjoy your lovely sunday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


As promised, here is the toilet that i mentioned at tao yuan airport, taiwan. It looks different with the one at msia. Ours here is vertical when you go into the toilet room but this is horizontal and it's kinda hard for me to pee. wuahahaha sound nasty?


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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bet

When i was cleaning my old desk few weeks back, i took out a strawberry box (a box that has strawberry pictures) in the drawer. In the box, i found a stick note that was written back in 2001.

Opss pls ignore the grammatical error. We both signed the note. :D

Me and Angie made this bet when we were still in high school and out of boredom we made this bet. We even exchanged the note with each other so that i have one copy for myself and she has a copy too.

When i looked back at this note i laughed at myself because we used to argue over who's going to marry first although back then we barely had a bf (We studied in convent school). I would always told her that she's going to marry before me and etc. and she would said no, susan you will get marry first. Pheww... we were so silly arguing over this matter back then.

It has been almost 7 years since we made the bet. And she used to remind me of that note sometimes when we chat. She'll asks me if i still keep the note and vice versa.

I don't think i am childish after making the bet. It's just the argument that was silly. We don't know our future and yet we argued over something that is not yet happening. Anyway, I still want to win the bet 'cos i will get rm50 or a treat worth rm50 from her. rm50 is not much compared to seven years back. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mimi And The Foreigner

mimi went to shopping alone today. she always enjoys shopping alone but not anymore.

when she reached the children's department, she touched a bolster and squeezed it. suddenly a foreigner came from her back and approached her.

mimi and him
man: is this a child's pillow?
mimi: yes.
man: do you have children?
mimi: err...(smiling at him. it's actually a forceful smile. mimi thinks it's none of his business.)

mimi then left.

she saw the man again when she was at the shampoo's section. or is the man actually searching for her after that? she doesn't know.

man: do you have children?
mimi: (ohh this disgusting man)
man: are you student or you working?
mimi: errr....(no reply again. she put a forceful smile in her look).
man: nice to meet you. bye!

mimi chose not to answer him cos it's not always good to be friendly or pretend to be friendly. she hates talking to stranger especially when this man asked him questions that she thinks she shouldn't reveal it to him. is it so important whether mimi has children or is a working adult? what does it have to do with that man anyway? go awayy shoooo~~~~

p/s: btw, this is not the good news that i wanna share with you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

R for Random

today is my most boring day. ohh it's like living in hell. i stayed at home doing nothing, forced myself to take a short nap in the afternoon, listened to a song in my cellphone (i didn't bring my ipod) didn't bring my laptop since it's so heavy, and i borrowed my friend's one. (it's not a good idea to borrow people's thing!)

i didn't online for few days because of my friend's attitude towards me. she let me used her laptop but one day she just locked her room's door. and i was surprised actually that she did that to me. she didn't talk to me for few days and we didn't see each other although i am staying at her place now. maybe i am thinking much. i sent her a short message asking if she locked her door, but there was no reply. and i regretted sending her that message. do you think she's doing that to me because she wants me to stop entering her room or stop using her laptop? or both? i have no idea at all.

i was too bored and so free till i messed up with my time. i took my nap at 3p.m. and i got up at around 5ish. but i thought i woke up at 7ish cos i always use 24 hour mode for my cellphone time. i have never had this problem before. 17:00 vs 19:00. then i realized i wanted the time flies faster than usual that's why i got my time messed up. who doesn't wanna get away from boredom? oh godd..

yesterday i had my x-ray done at a medical center in a mall. free internet is available in the center and i was so excited cos i didn't check my blog for few days. so i spent five minutes to online while waiting for my turn. i managed to read my blog and replied comments.

when it was my turn, the female staff asked me to take off my top and change it to their uniform in the x-ray room. so i did except my bra. and then i asked her again if should take off my bra and she said yes. so i did and wore that piece of clothe. i didn't feel comfortable without my "inner shield." i need to "hug" a machine and take a deep breath, hold it, and release my breath whenever she said so. and it took only about 2 minutes to get it done. pretty fast.

hmm i have so many things to say it out but i couldn't put everything under this entry because time doesn't allow me to do so. i have a good news to share with you but will tell you another day. probably not tomorrow.

ok see you!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weird SMS

hello it's dumbo mimi again. wtf :P

mimi's life has been very interesting recently. it's all about the process of job search, interview, so called orientation, and etc. yesterday afternoon she received a sms telling her that company X has received her application thru a job search website. they will do a phone interview with her in a short while.

she was so excited and was busy preparing for the interview. but the thing is, a short while is very confusing to her. short while means a short period of time, maybe half an hour or what... she doesn't know. so she waited. nvm.

jeng jeng jeng...
at around 10p.m. she received a phone call from a man asking her if she got a sms from his company X. she said yes. but the signal was too bad and she couldn't hear what he was saying. he called her for the 2nd time and again, the same thing happened.

la la la...
finally she received his sms since he couldn't reach her. read this...

mimi...can you come to my office.. so that i can explain more detail about this position.

oh wtf. in her mind she was thinking "what?? now? this is so silly! interview at nite? and at your office? but we haven't had our phone interview and yet he asked me to go to his office? what if he wants to meet at a hotel? this is dangerous." mimi thought this must be a scam or something. she didn't reply him and just ignored the sms. or maybe she should reply him and see where the person wants to meet. ahh..she just ignored the message and she didn't want to talk to this jerk. why does this world has so many jerks and weird people???

please tell her what you think about this weird sms. tq


Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Again

ohh you know what..i left out something very important regarding the 2 previous posts.

1. both places that me and mimi had been to have jaya jusco. it seems like i and mimi either like jusco so much or jusco likes me and mimi. one at the 1st interview on monday and the other is the stupid place that melvin brought mimi.

2. when mimi knew something wasn't right when she was in the stupid car, she quickly changed her pumps to flats. she took out her pumps from the bag and changed it. and then only she asked melvin, "do you mind if i change my shoes?" melvin said, "oh ok. why, is it difficult to wear high heels?" mimi said, "no it's just that i had been walking alot lately and my legs are tired." damn why do people have so many questions? and WHYS?? mimi doesn't care cos she had a plan on her mind and so that she could run faster and easier with flats besides thinking she might need to walk alot for the orientation. who knows?

tell me if you like mimi and her story. she really wants to know.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Her Lucky Day Part 2

when i reread the last entry i can feel the suspense too... wuaahhahaha. ok let's begin.
continued from the last entry...

and the final traffic light is the best chance for her to run away from these jerks. she...(to be continued).

she regretted she didn't open the çar's door and run when the traffic light turned red. but nvm since they were going to reach the place once they turned right after the traffic. they have planned to have their breakfast first before started doing their job. once mimi got out from the car, she was ready to leave these jerks. melvin asked if she wanted to leave her bag in the car. hell no. then she told him, "i think this job is not suitable for me. i want to leave now." wtf. she should not have explained to them why she wanted to leave. just leave, dumbo mimi since you knew something was wrong. and felt so uncomfy about it.

before they took the right turn, mimi saw a jusco. she was so happy cos she likes jusco and knew she can go home alone easily and safely. at least there's this building that she can refers to when she wanna ask people how to go from here to there. so after saying she wanted to leave, she walked so fast that she didn't even want to turn back to look at them. melvin was like wtf. he looked clueless. maybe he was disappointed with this spoilt plan (if they were conmen) or he just couldn't believe that mimi could just leave like that. hahahahaa....clever mimi. she won at last. give her fiiiiivvvvvveee! so she crossed the road and walked to jusco without looking back but she also wanted to see if they were following, but thank god, they didn't. fuhh...she was relieved. she entered jusco and headed to the restroom. from there she almost trip cos the floor is 2 inches higher than the floor inside the restroom. goshhh. bad bad day for her.

she asked people for buses to go to kl, some say they were not sure, and the info counter staff told her that she could get her a cab. she called and she said the fare is rm35. fuck off. the cab driver also asked how much she is willing to pay. how does mimi know? the staff asked her if she wanted to talk to the driver. she didn't want to talk to any jerk. rm35 is the 10x of what she took for the bus later. it cost only rm 3 for a ticket from that jusco to kl. it's not always so lucky to have a bus to reach your destination. but, luckily mimi found a bus to kl. :P

refer to "a super tedious day," i was lucky to get a bus to my interview's place on monday. mimi is lucky too since she was able to reach home safely after that. thank god she's safe and fine now. that's why the title for this post and the last post is Her Lucky Day. or maybe dumbo mimi is more suitable to be the title for these 2 entries?

lessons of the story.

1. don't simply get into people's car although the job requires you to do orientation, or go around since they say they wanna show you how they work. although the job's nature is basically to travel from one place to another and etc. also who wants to work for free and for 9 hours? what kind of stupid orientation was that? cis..

2. again, trust your instinct!! run for your life, dumbo.

3. don't talk much. just leave the jerks once you spotted something was not right. there's no need to explain to anyone. just let them feel being fooled...kaka

4. also, if you couldn't find the company's info on the web, don't you ever risk your life to have interview with them. life is too short for that.

enough of lessons?? pheww...tell me what you think. mimi is so happy now that she's not the victim of....kidnap, rape or whatever you think it's gonna be. save your life cos nobody can saves yours. it's just a few seconds to make a quick and correct decision when you are in danger. there's no time for a second thought.

melvin also mentioned about facebook and friendster and asked if mimi has one, she said yes. he also asked what's her religion and which type. oh god. she really didn't feel like telling but she finally told him. shoot him. she wanted to say this is a personal question but she was speechless. like her mouth is glued by someone. she knew he was going to ask her illegal questions. also, the success of the orientation will depend on their evaluation. they will decide if she is qualified or disqualified. and if she was to be selected, there'll be a second interview. kanasai. jerks. monsters. vampires. super jerks. who cares if they wanna hire her or not? mimi doesn't want the 2nd interview. no thanks!

enough of mimi. back to my story. i actually have an orientation today. it's for the company that i went for interview on monday. refer to - a super tedious day. i have planned not to go. even my popo said the pay is so low and so far from the city. so yesterday i set my alarm clock and woke up at 8a.m. so that i can call them and tell them i am not coming. so i called. you know what the receptionist say? read this.

sue: hello this is susan. i'd like to cancel my appointment today.
receptionist: hello hello can you talk louder? i can't hear you.
sue: i am susan and i'd like to cancel today's appointment!

receptionist: ohh why? do you wanna schedule for tomorrow or friday?
receptionist: why? may i know the reason?
sue: no no i just want to cancel it. that's it. bye (hang up)

you see, why are they so demanding and asked so many questions?? that's my problem. i don't want to spend my time on this kind of advertising/marketing company anymore. i had spent 3 days from mon-wed for interviews and a so called orientation. my legs are so....tired. and i just realized yesterday both my legs are so fugly. all the veins are out... you know those green thingy that looks like tree's roots? to wear shorts now? i had enough of walking, walking and walking. my legs are so stress now...never heard of legs that have stress? if i go for the orientation today, i can tell you i'll die of walking too much. i might be the 1st person on earth to set the history. also it is wasting my money, time, energy, makeup and most importantly, my sweat!

ohhh i mentioned at last post that i am going to reveal the orientation's place. i think i better not cos mimi hates that place so much. and the jerks too.

p/s: you know better than me who is dumbo mimi. btw, dumbo mimi is a cute nickname. dumbo mimi is mine now. i own it.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Her Lucky Day

hello everyone~~~

wondering why i sound so excited?? let me tell you a story of a girl who's called Mimi who had an orientation today. this is going to be as interesting as you can imagine. let's begin...

mimi is actively seeking for jobs. today is a lucky day for her (pls let me know whether you think she is lucky or unlucky after finish reading this story). she had her orientation today at the bangsar office, that's what she thought at first. she was 10minutes late and the orientation was scheduled to be at 9.30a.m.. she wore flats so that she'd able to walk fast and not injured her legs since she had to walk the steps. she took lrt from her place A to bangsar. when she reached there, she quickly changed her flats to pumps. that's what she normally does when she has interviews. and then she climbed the steps to 2nd floor. when she entered the office, there were 2 guys and a girl. they were also here for either orientation or interview. mimi was sweating alot since she had to rush and was already late for orientation. nvm that. she heard some people were talking loudly in a room, you know like roaring their motto or something. in her heart, she thought this sounded like direct sales marketing. since she was late, the weirdest thing is, she was the first person to be called by the person who interviewed her yesterday. the interviewer told mimi, 'so you are here." mimi replied yes.

and then the interviewer went in to the room and came out later and introduced a trainer to her. The trainer is called Melvin.

Interviewer: Mimi, this is melvin and he is the top trainer here. he will show you our daily operation and you are going out with him later.
Mimi: (thinking....) ok.

earlier the interviewer told mimi what she was supposed to do today and suddenly one thing struck her mind was "going out" to see how they do their job. she thought she was going to follow them at the bangsar area and not the fucking place (the place is revealed later when the climax of the story comes).

melvin started the conversation with mimi by asking many questions of course. firstly, he greeted her: hello i am melvin and you? how are you doing today? have you eaten your lunch? ohhh he also asked her, "are you mix?" are you local? and many questions more.

mimi replied him by saying: hello i am susan. i am doing good. yes i had my breakfast this morning. no i am not (although she was surprised cos she never thinks she has this "mixed parentage look") i am from ixxh. and many more. fuck him. she also asked her how old is she? that's a sensitive question for women. also since he is a trainer he shouldn't ask her for her age cos this q is not supposed to be asked. it's an illegal question (will blog about this next time). are you 22, 23? she replied by saying she is 2x. she didn't feel like telling but since it is always good to be friendly, she told him her age.

melvin saw another indian guy who was eating and stopped to talk to him and intro him to mimi. mimi acted friendly and said hi how are you and etc. the indian guy also came back from us and bla bla bla..then they went to take the car. mimi thought only melvin and her gonna go to the place (to see how they do their work). but there was another guy name zohan. you know don't mess with the zohan movie? wtf. zohan is the driver and melvin seated next to him. mimi was sitting at the back of melvin. melvin told her that they were going to K (the place for the orientation). since mimi doesn't know kl and selangor that well, she's afraid they will bring her to places that is very far from the city. like no buses or trains or maybe cabs. just in case she needs to run away, it is good to know if there were any public transports available. who knows rite? mimi regretted getting into the car without thinking much. she thought since this is an opportunity for her to get a job, and is part of the job process. she went for it. you know melvin is kinda pushy. like they don't give you enough time to answer questions. they just shoot you with a bunch of questions.

this story is so detail rite? hahaa...back to mimi. once mimi got into the car, melvin continued asking her a lot of questions. ohh yea the orientation started from 9.30a.m. to 6.30p.m.. what a long hour. i think she needs to help them in work beside learning on how to do their stuff. dont'worry the orientation ended pretty fast. ok let's get to the point. the journey to K took about half an hour she thinks, she couldn't remember but it's kinda far. she started to feel something was wrong when melvin always looked at zohan whenever he was talking about how to go this place and that place. melvin always said "right right?" whenever he asked zohan questions. ohh and that place is jam so they have to take this highway and that road is traffic jam kinda thing. omg she's dizzy now. hearing a lot of these nonsense made mimi felt something was not right. since zohan is the driver, he should know how to go here and there. at first zohan was answering melvin's questions about how to go to what place and etc, and then later on zohan seemed not to be able to answer melvin's questions anymore. weird rite??? mimi thought maybe that's their trick to mislead her. remember i told you women's instinct is always right and accurate?

the more they drive, mimi felt the place is getting suburban. like many trees on the road and like in an industrial area. mimi was so scared that she felt like jumping out from the car whenever she had the chance. there were a few times that she could quickly open the door and ran for her life, but she did not. so she told melvin that she needed to go to the restroom and see if there's any nearby. besides restroom as an excuse to run away (just like what you have seen in movies), she actually wanted to go cos she didn't feel good on her stomache. her pale face was so obvious. like a drug addict who needed drug so badly. he said ohhh not now...later, we are almost there. and the final traffic light is the best chance for her to run away from these jerks. she...(to be continued)

the best part is yet to come. wahh suspense!!! hahahaa...wanna get your attention that's why there is a part 2. also i need to sleep now cos i am very tired. buh-bye


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Moments

today is another tedious day. but i saw some funny things happened around me today. gonna share it with you now.

i was in lrt on my way to bangsar. there was this woman who talked on the phone when she was standing. when she sat beside me, she was listening to her ipod. and then the funny thing about her is that you know when you wanna scroll for your song's list in your ipod, you'll move your index finger right, so she scrolled it so fast in a circular motion as if she was rushing or something. so funny. it's her speed that made me laughed at heart and the way she moved it. hahahaha. everyone was looking at her and had this sarcastic smile. also the volume is kinda loud too.

food court
the food court is full of people at klcc. at around six something, most malays were sitting at the food court for their buka puasa. i was with siti and we ordered and paid for our food first. then only at around 7p.m., we went to pick up our food 'ços the food might get cold. this was my first time having dinner with friends during ramadan month. it was good. i ate abc in front of those malays. in front of siti too. she's okay with that. i thought i can pretend to be a malay but i failed since i ate the abc before we hear the azan. it's funny also when i saw those people who had their food in front of them but could not eat it. when azan is heard from inside the food court, everyone started to drink first and then eat their dinner.

ohh yea siti's bf looks A-L-O-T like kc. his attitude also like him. i wish lina could see his face. kaka.

lrt station
when i was buying my ticket back to my place from klcc, a cute little girl (she has this mature look on her) was standing behind me. the machine did not accept my rm1 bill, so i tried twice and it still won't take it. so siti bought her ticket first and i used my coins to buy the ticket. the little girl uttered so loud that everyone can hear her voice. She said, "Hmmm lambatnya..." meaning hmmm so slow... hahah funny isn't it. i looked at her and laughed. then i wished her goodbye. i saw her again in lrt and she was standing with her mum. when the lrt almost reached a station called damai, she said it out loud, "Damai, damai...." so cute. that's her stop that's why she said it out loud. everyone there was looking at her and smiled too. not funny??? if you were there, you'll find it funny.

feel very tired but still wanna blog. tomorrow is another long and tough day. zzZzzzzzz


Monday, September 15, 2008

A Super Tedious Day

Yes. read my title properly. it's a fucking day for me. i know it sound very harsh when you read this but that's the best word to describe my awful day.

i am now staying at a friend's place at kl. i don't really wanna tell my whereabouts but i have to since i need to tell you how super awful and tedious my day was.

i slept at 2a.m. yesterday after the mooncake festival cum birthday party. i had a lot of fun playing with the monkeys cos this time melisa organized this party for them. it's a joint party cos she, christopher and crystal were born in september. i played with candles and lantern with the monkeys, ate blueberry cake, fruits, kfc and etc. the cake was delicious although i don't really like bb, oh and the kfc has a new taste. it tastes more like mamee snack's powder (perencah) that you eat together with mamee noodle. anyway, kfc today is not as good as few years back. why everything has changed???? the price, the taste and everything. hate it so muchh.

ok back to my fucking awful day. tell me if you think my long journey today was not as awful as i mention here, i m gonna kill u.

2a.m. - sleep

5a.m. - wake up

6a.m. - leave for kl

almost 9a.m. - reach kl

from kl sentral to friend's place (let's call it place A) - 15minutes trip. was sweating like hell and took a shower AGAIN. put new make up AGAIN. i had a my stuffs put in a backpack and a macys shopping bag. the shopping bag was so heavy. i had another bag for interview which is a tote bag. so total is 3 bags. i have used my shoulders for backpack, shoulder for tote bag, and my right and sometimes left hand to carry the macys. (exchange hands whenever my hand gets tired. fuck again. tote bag and macys both were fucking heavy.

A - kl sentral - traffic jam. friend fetched me to kl sentral and reached there at around 11a.m.. took ktm train to K station. 50minutes for a way.

Reached K at 12p.m.. Ask a cab driver for the fare to place B. He told me rm15. fuck him. it's actually rm5-6 to B. Wants to cheat lao niang's money, no way. Kept asking people on how to go to B. Some said the bus station is this side, that side and etc. Asked a young guy where it was, he offered me a trip and said he's going there as well and i was like, "no thanks" (in my heart i'm thinking, i am not stupid. i don't get into stangers' car ok)

finally found the bus station. took the bus and reached the office 1ominutes late. But actually i was on time but because i couldn't find the office, i was late. nvm. the interview started late at around 2.15p.m.. now only i realized i already waited for an hour plus. interview was scheduled at 12.30p.m. filled in application form till 1p.m..

after the interview ended, went to jusco to buy mineral water and noodle cup. noodle cup for dinner.

i am so tired alr..i wanna sleep but before that let me quickly finish this first. my shoulders ache and sore. besides sweating too much, i lost my energy alot, i walked alot, talked alot (asking strangers for directions) and think alot too. felt like today was not my day. had fillet-o fish it cost me rm4.20 just the sandwich. 20cents for the 5%govt. tax for dine in. so i had only a bread for breakfast, sandwich for my tea time? and cup noodle for dinner. but i feel happy and blessed because i am all day tired and finally i got food to eat. so don't complain much. i spent more money on fares more than my food today. amazing... (did you smell sarcasm here?)

i wanna post some pics but i'm using friend's laptop. no more pics. yeah not fun i know. from now on will write shorter entry. what you think? do you prefer a long or short entry or normal? no pics=no fun. luckily i didn't bring my laptop if not i don't think i can carry so many stuffs and my laptop is super heavy. omg...what a life!! ok i am more optimistic now after what had happened to me today.

reached home at around 5.30p.m.. from K to kl sentral was a tough one for me. i almost fell asleep but i didn't let myself to do that. cos i'm afraid i'll miss my destination. very very tired alr. had used up my energy to the max. my eyes were super exhausted. i could fall asleep anytime i want when i'm tired.

went home, took shower and slept for few hours. got up, online, talked on phone and chit chat with M at her balcony. so nice can see kl view.

i wanna sleep now. if you are bored with this entry let me know. this entry is intended for my own reference and not intended to bore you or make you yawn when reading it. byebye.

p/s: if i ever die of cancer or any disease, that's because of today's fucking awful day. Then this blog will be closed forever. or no more updates. no more laughter and Sue. this is lame. nite.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake Festival

I wasn't able to blog yesterday due to electricity blackout. arghh i missed it. So far i have been blogging everyday for the past two weeks. yeahh...*clap clap clap*

today is a mooncake festival day. had a reunion breakfast in the morning. actually no mood to blog 'cos i am sleepy now. interview next week. gonna meet some of my friends too.

p/s: will post some photos when available. ciao~

Friday, September 12, 2008

Answer Is Out

The answer for entry Make a Guess is jeng jeng jeng.....women. Yeahhh...lina got it right! Na, did i ask you this question before? :p Anyway i know this question is kinda lame. A friend of mine asked me this question few years back and i was like, "Hmmm...i don't know."

I went out with a friend of mine today who came back from singapore. He is wai fung. We haven't meet for seven years. Nice meeting him and we talked alot about work, lifestyle, marriage and etc. And what's more we went to starbucks for yumcha. Wf said starbucks in msia is cheaper than spore :P. I ordered grande mocha frappucino and it cost about rm13.50. ohh fuckkk it's so expensive. I told him, "let's aa" meaning we pay our own bill, but he insisted to pay mine. Then i replied, ok next time i will pay my own bill. Thanks.

Or maybe you'd think i should say, "Oh next time i will pay for you." But i won't. I won't say that 'cos i am tired of saying this sentence. This sentence has taught me the real meaning behind these words. I got to know my friends more in depth and i actually see the "real" them. I rather not utter that sentence 'cos many interesting things will happen. Another advantage of saying it is that you'll get to know who's friends of yours is calculative. Btw, calculative and stingy are both different terms if you understand what i am saying here.

I had experience before on this case and now i have learned from experience. Cos it will go on and on if we keep saying, "i will pay your bill and you'll pay for mine the next time" or "you pay my bill now and i'll pay for yours next time. Argghh i had enough of this. No more i pay you, you pay me or whatever who pays who. pleaseeee. Ok was happy to meet this old friend.

So if you are going out with me, please no "i pay you, you pay me." Let's aa!! Will go out with another friend of mine tomorrow. excited. I am actually happy because i get to listen to my friends' stories and experiences. Each of us has different experience and lifestyle. Ok see you tomorrow!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's been a month since i got back to this wet and dry land. Life moves on...

What i left behind me were friends and memories. I had to move on with my life. They (friends) move on, too.

They continue with their study and work. Nothing changes. The only thing that has changed is they no longer have this friend to hang around and eat supper with them.

I have no more chances to laugh, joke and play with them. I can't see them in front of me as they can't see me too. My everyday life here is exciting and adventurous. (If you believe me) Omg, can you feel that i am actually lying??? (To put in my sentence correctly: My everyday life here is notttttttt exciting and adventurous as you think!!) This whole month here was not as interesting as in us, of course. Wanna know why? Because this whole month i was a real pig, babi you know...cos i sleep pretty much like a pig (i sleep alot at us too :P) but i don't eat like a pig, 'cos i'm getting thinner and not fatter, so weird. I saw some of my friends who came back to msia from us gained lotsss of weights. I only take 2 meals per day (but at us i take 3-4 meals per day - heavy meals).

My dear friends, they live the old and boring study/work life. Must jia you 'cos i'm going to be one soon. Ahhh what a sien life! Life is hard. life is tough but life is full of surprises! (wahhh suddenly sound so energetic~ semangat!)

I wish i could be with them. I miss wk and ahtay. miss shiba. miss the weather. miss the people. it's so convenient there. when i wanna eat popeyes, ok, no problem. it's just a 5 min drive. pizza 10 minutes drive. oh how i miss papa john's large hawaiian bbq chicken served with coke that i bought from wm. miss old chicago and ihop. miss tropicana orange juice. the best real orange juice ever! i saw the tropicana brand on tv ad, but not sure if it's the same with the one i drank at us. i miss online shoping the most. sephora, macys, clinique, estee lauder, ebags, and many more.

Enough of memories. enough of the past. enough of everything at us. Move forward and a long journey is ahead of you. Stop dreaming!

p/s: I hope it's not too late to wish all muslim readers, selamat berpuasa! (happy fasting). Suddenly feel the urge to say so. bye!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Boy

Yeah yeah it's christopher's 8th birthday. I gave him angpow and an eagle plush toy. I wrapped the gift in a candy shape. I bought him a cake and made strawberry jello for everyone. Happy Birthday Christopher!

before his birthday
sue: how much do you want for your birthday?
chris: i want 2 green notes (rm5 note so total is rm10)
sue: no, you can have only 1 green note. you are still young.
chris: ok ok i have $$$ now! (happily jumping around)

Kids can be so easily satisfied with small little thing. Ok picture time.

Birthday cake

Look at his happy face~

Me, christopher and crystal

Blowing candles

The cars sticker and eagle

Angpow and the birthday card

Crystal was so excited and was jumping around during the little party. Whenever i took picture of Christopher, she would went closer to him. And i told her, "go away i wanna take pic of your brother and not you. Wait till your birthday and i will take a lot of pictures of you." She always wanted to stand near her bro and was very conscious whenever i was trying to snap the birthday boy's pics.

p/s: I uploaded these pics one by one and each pic took me about 5 mins to upload. arghh...gtg bye!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy nite. I was thinking a lot of things and i couldn't refrain myself from thinking. I admit i used to be an insomniac...and now sometimes i'll become one, become a vampire that only comes out at nite.

I enjoy doing many things at nite. I sometimes wonder why can't i just do it during the daytime. I looked up my photo albums and enjoyed viewing it. I would find anything that i could do in my room.

If i were a writer, yesterday's nite would be a very good nite for me because i suddenly had inspiration on what to write on my blog. Oppss i am a blogger but not a writer...

I wrote down on what topics to blog. Believe it or not, i jotted them down and there are 22 things that i can blog such as wedding, my personal preferences and banana, just to name a few (it's ok if you don't understand what i am talking now). They are all coming to you soon. I jotted them down because i am afraid i won't be able to remember all those things that i wanna blog.

p/s: My blog is closed again for i don't know what reason! ish ishhh...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Forgetful Sue

If you couldn't get into my blog since yesterday's night till today's afternoon, this is not your fault. :p

I closed my blog yesterday to do some changes. You won't realize that i have actually made some changes 'cos those changes are small. And i just realized this afternoon that i forgot to set my blog to public. But, i thought i did! (What was i doing??)

Anyway, welcome back to Laughing Sue!

The monkeys' pictures:

Christopher - posing with my handbag

Crystal - with her honey stars

Love both cuties~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Poll

To all Laughing Sue readers...

I have just created a new poll for my blog. Please feel free to take the poll. Thanks to readers who had taken the previous poll on age, gender and occupation. New poll will be available from time to time.

p/s: If you'd like to see changes from Laughing Sue or if you have any suggestion to improve this blog, feel free to comment/email me. Thanks.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Night Market

Pasar malam (pm) or night market is held every saturday at my place. Pm is an open market where you could buy food, food and food on a certain day. It depends on where you live and it could be on monday, tuesday, wednesday and etc.

I am so excited every time saturday comes. In fact i am very happy when friday approaches when i was in the states because weekend is at the corner and i get to do whatever i want such as going out for movies, eating out, shopping and etc. (this is not related to pm, let's talk about pm!)

Ok back to pm.
Besides food, there are things that you could buy such as watches, alarm clocks and many things. I can't think of other stuff except food and beverages. *winks*

The things are cheap and i don't mind spending money on food because there are some food that you can only get at pm. I love honey dew bubble tea and it cost me rm2 two years back. Now is rm2.50. Sigh~

I have had a bad experience going to pm. It happened two years back also. I am not going to tell what's happening but it's a fucking bad memory. So i just hate to go to pm alone.

p/s: Hate raining.

Friday, September 5, 2008

What Makes Me Laugh

Ok i am writing this entry and at the same time laughing because of something. hahahahaha....So i wanna share it with you.

It's actually about the analgesic balm that my popo (grandma) is using. It has a picture of a red person and a big word - Counterpain.

Analgesic balm or better known as the branded massage cream. :D

I was watching a new tvb drama with popo. Popo has just finished using the balm and while she was holding it and there's a scene of a mother, a son and his gf who comes to visit the mother. The mother accidentally injured her leg earlier and the gf says, "Oh aunty, i brought you a branded massage cream.

What made me laughed when i was watching the drama is not the "branded massage cream" phrase but it's the tube of analgesic balm that the gf is giving to the bf's mom. It looks exactly like what popo was holding (what a coincidence!).

The episode is over, but i am still laughing. What makes me laugh now is not picture of the tube, but it's the "branded massage cream" phrase. Do you get it?

And when the scene pops out of my mind from nowhere, i just can't stop myself from thinking of the phrase and the scene. wuahahahahahahahahaha......oh btw, it's funnier if you could listen the phrase in cantonese. I just translated it into english.

Popo also can't stop talking about the branded massage cream phrase whenever she remembers it. :)

p/s: I want more reply of last entry!!

p/p/s: Yeah yeah finally can upload photos!! happy to upload this photo! :P bye!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Make a Guess

What kind of animal that still survives after bleeding for a week?

Quick, give me the answer.

p/s: Answer will be revealed once i received enough reply & whenever i wish. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


:( ): :) (: (: :) ): :(

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy Weather

It has been raining for the past two weeks. And it is raining

A crazy weather that makes me feel gloomy everyday. No mood. @#$%^&*

Currently watching ntv7 "Her many faces" from Monday to Thursday. Good drama that one should never missed.

Afternoon nap makes my day. :)