Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let It Be... 顺其自然吧!!

Recently, I ordered a pair of shoes online. I saw it online for some time but, I didn't have the mood to buy it. (I don't want to rush) So, I waited for few months after browsing the net and realized that I really love this pair of shoes and...ta daa...I finally bought it for $44.95.

BC Footwear brand

Don't Be Shy

I was really happy thinking this pair of shoes belongs to me now. However, I was wrong. The shoes that I ordered only come in few sizes: size 6, 7 and 8. I ordered size 6 because this is the smallest size this brand carries.

I was really happy waiting for the fedex guy to come on the expected day. I even waited him for few hours...can you believe that? I didn't mind waiting because I just don't wanna miss the delivery.

Oh btw, the reason why I was so eager to wait for the fedex guy was because my apartment doesn't have a door bell..If i miss him, I will need to wait for the next day to pick it up.

I went downstairs and waited for him in the morning. It was cold on that day. I waited and went back to my apt and came down again, up and down again....repeatedly up and down - ONLY god knows how many times.

I even went to the grocery store, just a few walks from my apt and bought few Cokes. People who were passing by were looking at me like nuts. I don't know what were they thinking. But in my mind, I thought "Hello..I'm not a hook!" Kaka..I laughed in my heart. Especially those old men and old auntie, they stared at me as if I were a weird creature.

I couldn't care much, so I kept waiting and went back upstairs. I had enough of waiting. (sigh!!) At around 2p.m., I heard twice knocks on my downstair's apt door. So, I quickly ran downstairs knowing the fedex guy must be there waiting for me. Yesss!! I was right. I saw a black guy's head. I knew it!!

I signed the package and I asked him, "Normally around what time you will be here delivering packages? He told me it's between 1p.m. to 1.30pm.. And I said, "But now it's already 2p.m.." He replied..."Yea..." Anyway, I don't blame him for that. And I handed him one cool stuff which I put it in a plastic bag. I said to him, "This is for you!" "Oh thank you" "No problem" Period. Guess what did I give him? Scroll down to take a look...

Coca-Cola, loving it!

Okay, I think I am way too far-stretched from what I wanna tell you guys. I actually wanted to say; that pair of shoes is too large for me!!! :'( (sob..sob) Usually when you buy something online, you really like it and when you get it, the result is not what you expected. But, mine was the opposite. I think it really look nice when I saw it online and when I got it, I think it look nicer than the picture shown on the website.

However, when I tried it on, I was so disappointed. I felt like killing myself!! It's way too large...goshh..god is so unfair to me!! I really wanted a ballet shoes so much!! I don't even own a pair. I just want to have one!!! Arrghhh...


Sometimes there are things or persons who don't belong to you. No matter how hard you try to get that thing/person, if it's not yours, then it isn't yours. There is no use of forcing yourself to possess a thing/person. Just let it be!

p/s: 顺其自然吧!!:)

~ Sue

Friday, May 9, 2008

Being a Ain't Easy

Ok. We all know that.

It's not easy being a woman. Same shit happens all the time. Always about hanging up. Always about argument. Was it me or him? Women always ask this question. She pinched herself - on the hand. It's freaking painful. This proves she is still a human.

Again. It's all about love. Love is poisonous. Love = suffering + tears. She blamed herself for putting too much love and effort. In the end, what she gets is "un-Happiness." All this while, she thought she was in a happy world.

She questions herself about this matter. When you are in happiness, you'll never feel cold, physically or literally. But, when you are in "un-Happiness" state, you'll never feel the warmth. Always cold. (shiver...*)

Commitment is TOUGH. No wonder guys hate commitment. :@ COMMITMENT = BURDEN.

Of all the love and effort she has put in, what did she get?

1) A bunch of tears

2) Hatred - she hates herself for being silly and naive.

3) Anger

4) Fatigue

Those are the disadvantages. The benefits are, nil. So, why goes on? (Thinking...*) She needs to really think about it.

p/s: This story is intended for reading purpose only. If you find any similarity in this story with your real life, it's just a coincidence. Thank you.

Sue being happy: Shit happens! Sometimes, women think too much about their relationship. Just stay cool and be happy!

Okay, introducing you the most delicious fried chicken ever!! (compare to kfc in the states)


Spicy and crispy


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Laksa laksa, I Love You

This is what I ate yesterday. "Asam Laksa" or known as laksa is one of Malaysian favorite food. I bought it at US$5.95. It didn't come with eggs - you only get the rice noodles and the soup. However, in Malaysia it normally comes with half of a boiled egg. The laksa tastes just like Penang laksa. So, when I eat it, I won't even think, "gee...malaysia one taste better." Back in Malaysia, I always eat "Malay laksa" as I call it. It means laksa sold by Malaysian pakcik or makcik and not the local Chinese people. Both are different because the soup's color is lighter for malay laksa. The taste is obviously different although both are made from fish flakes. Oh, btw, for those who don't know how laksa tastes, it is sour and spicy :>. Most people that I know especially Chinese, they like asam laksa more than malay laksa. In conclusion, hidup laksa!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yummy yummy...

A Day Goes By

People say everyday is a new day, but to me, everyday seems like the same. I wake up everyday about the same time, doing nearly the same thing and calling the same person. The only different thing I do is that I don't eat the same thing. Currently, I am addicted in watching The Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG). I repeated N times especially the part where the top finalists are doing the opening and walking on the runway. You can view this online reality show at

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Egg Roll 4:27a.m.

Eating an egg roll in the middle of the night, no it's early in the morning...