Friday, May 9, 2008

Being a Ain't Easy

Ok. We all know that.

It's not easy being a woman. Same shit happens all the time. Always about hanging up. Always about argument. Was it me or him? Women always ask this question. She pinched herself - on the hand. It's freaking painful. This proves she is still a human.

Again. It's all about love. Love is poisonous. Love = suffering + tears. She blamed herself for putting too much love and effort. In the end, what she gets is "un-Happiness." All this while, she thought she was in a happy world.

She questions herself about this matter. When you are in happiness, you'll never feel cold, physically or literally. But, when you are in "un-Happiness" state, you'll never feel the warmth. Always cold. (shiver...*)

Commitment is TOUGH. No wonder guys hate commitment. :@ COMMITMENT = BURDEN.

Of all the love and effort she has put in, what did she get?

1) A bunch of tears

2) Hatred - she hates herself for being silly and naive.

3) Anger

4) Fatigue

Those are the disadvantages. The benefits are, nil. So, why goes on? (Thinking...*) She needs to really think about it.

p/s: This story is intended for reading purpose only. If you find any similarity in this story with your real life, it's just a coincidence. Thank you.

Sue being happy: Shit happens! Sometimes, women think too much about their relationship. Just stay cool and be happy!

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rathi said...

tats so totally true...wenever there's a problem in a relationship, it's always the fault of the girl and neva the guy...guys are sadists....huh....

Sue said...

Haih...women are born to be like that!

Anonymous said...

Dude says:
agree when you said guys are unwilling to commit. Not all guys are willing (or able) to the responsibilities to be in a committed relationship. Guys are fundamentally different from girls, girl can give out everything for love (thus make girls more vulnerable). Guys has a part of their mind which make them think logically, that are really different (if not better, hahah, sexist comment. Ok, ok, just kidding!) from girls.
In short, some guys (most good one) just want to make sure they are ready before committing.

Do you girls really think it is fun to hurt a girl? We feel bad as much as you girls do (at least i do, most of the time:P).

Susan, I bless that you are just writting it but not experiencing it. God bless

Regards from a long time friend

Sue said...

Not only guys think logically, in fact girls do have their logical thinking. But, women are more emotional when they are in love.
Seng ko, i hope you'll find someone who loves you whole- heartedly. cheers~