Monday, June 30, 2008

Vandalism or Art?

You decide. Who can draw and paint better than these?









9. Piggy or porky?

10. Shit or udders?

I hope you guys enjoy these lovely photos!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Mood

no mood to blog. aunt visits. :(

no comments are allowed.


Ok. I lied. I actually have the mood to blog. But aunt's visit is real. I am a poor liar if you know me well. *grins*

June is coming to the end and we are welcoming lovely July. Independence Day is coming. Hooorayy!! Merdeka! Err...doesn't sound right here :P. Any plan for July 4? I actually planned to go to Bradley Fair (BF). If you are my loyal reader, you will remember I blogged about BF before under the title "Soaring Gasoline Price." Click here to read it.

There will be concert on July 3 and will be followed with fireworks display at midnite to Celebrate America. The concert will begin at 9.30p.m..

I am not interested with the concert and I just want to watch the fireworks. This is the first time I am going to BF to watch the fireworks. I hope it will be a memorable one. So if you have no plans and have nothing to do, visit BF.

And if you think watching fireworks on tv is better than watching it live, stay at home and enjoy!

For more info about BF, visit

Phone for Sale

I'm selling this phone for 5 dollars. This phone is still very new and it comes with an adapter and a telephone line.

Sexy black
Status: Unavailable

Please let me know if you are interested.

p/s: na, please help! :P

Friday, June 27, 2008

Now and Then, Now or Future?

Humans always think about future. I think about future too. Do you?

I live for life and not a slave for life. People work hard for the sake of living. I work hard too. Do you?

Have you ever heard of people who work so hard just to pay off their mortgages? Some people do, just to pay off their car loans. They spend thirty years to pay off their luxurious car for the name of status, happiness or whatever you wanna call it. So in the end, who is master and who is slave? You tell me.

I want to achieve a lot of things but i won't tell you what i want. Or maybe you are not interested in what i want and what i get. Who cares?

Have your heard of Thoreau? He was a transcendentalist and he lived happily in his life. If you know who he really was, maybe you wouldn't like the way he has lived.

1. He was poor but he was happy with his life.

2. He wasn't ambitious some of you will say, but he had his own way of living.

3. He'd rather go to jail than pay for taxes. (pls don't compare Thoreau with RPK-bail)

Go read "Walden" and you MIGHT fall in love with his story, or him. I felt in love with Walden.

I eat, you eat. I sleep, you sleep. But i sleep more than you. Don't believe me? At least i dream more than you and i am still dreaming. :)

I laugh, you laugh. But i laugh louder than you. KaakakakakakaKKAkakakakakakakakakakakakakaa or maybe longer than you. I am a laughing star. You are a ............... . I don't know which star you are. Go find out which star and let me know.

I smile, you smile. But my smile is BIGGER than yours. Ok this is not big enough. Maybe 10000000000X BIGGER. Big enough?

Have you heard of the song, "I love you, you love me, we are happy family, dadada...dada..dada...." it goes on (i can't remember the lyrics, pls pardon me but it's a barney song). I love you, will you love me too? please let me know if you love me or care for me. If you hate me, i don't wanna know 'cos i am ignorant if you know what i mean.

Think of now. Think of future. Think of yourself. Some people don't know what they want for life. All they want is money. I want money too. $$$$. Humans think that money can buy anything and everything they want. What you think?

Women and young girls love coach. I don't LOVE or HATE coach but i heard from friends in msia telling me people are so crazy about coach. What makes those crazy coach lovers love coach so much? Can anyone pls tell me? Coach is so common in the states and yes, it is not as pricey as in msia. Btw, I am talking about Cockroach. If you read it fast, you will get the correct pronunciation. *winks*

Blue coach

If you noticed, both coach-es are brown. Just a coincidence? Also, coach was existed before 1941 and is still existing now at every part of the world.

p/s: The author has no intention to compare coaches. It's just a perfect coincidence. Coach, please don't sue me 'cos I don't have $$, but you can email me if you want me to be your ambassador. Thanks!

p/p/s: My loved ones told me now is more important than future (depending on circumstances). As in my case, NOW is more important. Thanks to you, po!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Damn. I have trouble getting to sleep at nite. Too hyperactive at nite-watching drama, surfing the net, blogging, talking on the phone and makan makan (eating). And i sleep alot during the day-and dream alot too but I barely remember my dreams. I guess no one is as good as me in sleeping. I am a sleeping beauty, someone told me this few years back and I agree with him.

This is no joke. The more i sleep, the uglier i look (no ugly pic of me is allowed to be posted in my blog). People say you look prettier when you spend more time in sleeping. Yes this is true if you sleep about 9 hours a day but if you sleep more than 9 hours, it makes you tired, restless, look like an old granny (unfortunately, this does not apply to me now and forever) and grandpa, and your skin grow more lines and wrinkles.

The only benefit in getting too much sleep like me is BIG APPETITE. I just can't stop eating everyday due to my excessive sleep. I feel hungry every now and then and i will grab whatever i can get/see. My stomach is just like a cow that has 4 stomachs. I guess i am a hungry cow who just can't stop eating if you believe i am a cow incarnation. wtf.

I am here to advice those ladies who really want their skin to be healthy and beautiful, please listen to my advice. Sleep early and drink more water. And whether it is boiled or tap water just drink water, ok? Juice and soda are not helpful at all.

My upcoming plan is to go for a quest with some buddies. It will be an interesting one, so stay tuned to my updates ok?

*my head is spinning and i can see lotsa stars* i am a laughing star and this star needs to ZzzZzzzz good nite everyone.Zzzzzzzzz kakaka....ZzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

p/s: see you guys in my dreams!

Got Them

After few weeks of waiting for my Google Adsense stickers, I finally received the stickers in my mailbox. Hip Hip HOorayy!!! I actually sent a self addressed stamped envelope to Google Adsense in California. I'm not sure if I was going to get those stickers because they (the Adsense Publisher) posted the announcement on 3/20/2008. Luckily, it wasn't too late!!

Stickers for laptops

It costs me USD 84cents to get these 2 stickers. Here's how:

1) use an empty envelope with 42 cents stamps attached on it.
2) put the empty envelope with stamps in a same sized or bigger envelope with 42 cents stamps.

Thanks Arlene for the stickers! :)

If you wanna know more about it and try your luck, please visit

Btw, some of you might not know the current price for a first-class stamp, it is 42cents effective May 12, 2008. I bet most of you don't even know that especially if you seldom use stamps. I have a friend who don't use stamps at all, so he has no idea about it.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now or Later

This is an example of people who really have NO interest in hiring you. I applied a part time job on 2/14/2008. I didn't receive any calls from them. In june, I received a big surprise from them - asking me if I am interested. What do you think? Please choose the following:

a) Yes, I am interested.

b) No, I am not because you make me waited for so long.

c) Reply by saying they sent it to the wrong person. wtf.

d) No way! If you really wanna hire me, you should have called me for an interview instead. What makes you take so long? $%^&*(!@#

e) No reply.

i think answer b and d is almost the same. d is worse. make your choice now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lazy Moment

Lazy to type. Just wanna show you guys some photos from yesterday. I cooked fried eggs with onions and chicken herbal soup for dinner and went out supper with na.

Fried eggs with onions

Ingredients for the herbal soup

p/s: I have forgotten to take the soup's pic. Someone finished it too fast :P

Half and half

Perfect match

Chicken super stacker

Kids' meal

I'm so hungry, don't even bother to look at the camera

cutey na

me or the food?


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Morning!

It's early in the a.m. and I haven't get to bed. I received several complaints from my friends saying that I need to change my slide's song. They were bored with "It's too late too apologize la la la and etc. They even suggested me some songs that I should put in my blog. Ok i actually listened to them, so i changed the song.

I wanted to put Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" or whatever "Butt don't lie." Unfortunately, the quality of the song is too terrible. and then, I wanna put mariah carey's Touch my body, but i am afraid my blog's visitors will say, "come on, don't tell us you want US to touch your body" Oh hell no.

finally, i chose Canon the piano version. lalaala....this is my fave. i won't be changing it for quite sometime. whether you like it or not. period. :P

p/s: I don't wanna care bout my Capital letters and etc. but i hope i don't have typos (pls ignore - m, nite and pls and etc.) although i m very sleepy now and i think i m going nuts cos i post my blog so late in the nite (or in the morn). sigh~ i really wanna blog everyday if i could but i need more idea and inspiration. give me some ideas, pls! ok i guess i need to stop now cos the more sleepy i am, the more i m going to write so ciao!

p/p/s: i love My sassy's girl movie very much-so touching. and i like the actress' character. she looks a lot like me or i look a lot like her to some extent or whatever (that's what jason told me, right jason?) but i don't vomit on people's head. kaka...oh yea i am actually happy that I am getting responses from you guys cos i think nobody visits my visit and i'll make sure you will enjoy yourself in "Laughing Sue."

p/p/p/s: for the time being, pls don't ask me to change my slide's pictures, ok? i think the pics look marvelous to me. i will update new photos in near future. :P bye!

goodnite everyone...err...good morningggggggggggg!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ray!

I really have no idea on what to blog about Father's day. So, I am going to blog about my friend's birthday which is on 6/15. On 6/14, me and WK attended our friend's birthday BBQ at his place. This lovely guy is called Ray and he is turning 23 this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!

The bbq party took place near the swimming pool. We arrived at around 8p.m. even though the birthday boy asked us to come at around 7.30p.m.. (malaysian time rules!) but there were people who came later than us.

At the bbq, we had chicken wings, hot dogs (a very large one), soda, chips, mixed fruits, DURIANS, corns, and etc. Did I just say durians? kaka...yes frozen durians.

I bought a really nice present for Ray, unfortunately I forgot to take the photo! (will take the pic later sometime) Here's the card that I bought especially for him.

It was 10 something (p.m.) and we waited for almost 2 hours before the cake-cutting ceremony started. So, me and a few of my friends went to KC's apt which is around the neighborhood. We played an interesting game while waiting for the time to fly.

Serious playing the puzzle-not easy because the pictures of the puzzle are very tiny.
(From North: Ang, South: KC, East: Sue, West: Lina)

With zaizai~ (he doesn't wanna come closer to me, so i was the initiator)

At 12a.m. sharp

Singing birthday song~

Making wishes~ he looks so serious with his wishes~
Tell me what's your wishes, pleaseeeee!

Blowing candles

Cake-cutting ceremony

Oreo frozen yummy

Additional photos for viewing~

Sue and Ray

Sue and Lina

Zaizai in action (open your eyes, grrrr!)

This is really funny. My friends laughed crazily when I did this pose. Btw, this is the large hot dog that I mentioned earlier.

Leave me comments-lah. Time to bed. Ciao~

p/s: From what I see from Ray's pictures, all I can say is that HAPPINESS cannot be bought with money. Ray, may all your dreams and wishes come true! (faster get a gf :P does this include in your wishes too?)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Duck Duck

I found something interesting when I was driving thru the Taco Bell's restaurant. I only like their chicken quesadilla besides their new smoothie drinks that they just promoted. It's called Frutista Freeze and comes with 2 flavors - Mango strawberry and Strawberry. I prefer the mango strawberry because the taste of mango is so good~ ...go try before it's too late.

Strawberry flavor

Bloody taste??

Okay. The interesting thing is ...

Duck - i would think of duckies when i see the word duck. But this "duck" really mean other thing. Time to exercise your brain.

My lovely duckie~

Duck your head!

Friday, June 13, 2008


i am bored. i really had no idea on what to blog. pls help!! any suggestions?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quick Supper

WK made me this supper. A delicious grilled chicken burger served with orange juice ~ Want some?

Burger: Want a bite of me?

Orange juice: Want a sip of me? :)

p/s: sunday the whole day - bad weather with strong storms and wind...gosh!! i can't go out kai kai~ :(

Friday, June 6, 2008

Soaring Gasoline Price


BP Station


Here are some pictures for viewing. Enjoy!!

Bradley Fair

Nice scenery. Good for "pak tor." :P

Beautiful lake

Bradley Fair, Wichita is a beautiful place for everyone. Here you can shop around; there are stores like Bath and Body Works, Ann Taylor (auntie's clothes), restaurants, Victoria's Secret and etc. This place is romantic either for young or old couples.

This lake used to have alot of duckies swimming around but now there are only a few left from what I see today (I guess they are hiding somewhere else).

You can feed the duckies with food but you need to provide it of course. But, not now anymore. Take a look at this.

Lame~ Duckies are on diet??? Think about it!

Wal-Mart is a place where everybody loves to go. WM is the largest discount departments in the States and here you can find almost everything you want and like.

Yes, it used to be very cheap for anything that you can think of: clothing, toys, groceries, stationaries, personal products and etc.

Nowadays, the prices are still cheap but NOT V-E-R-Y cheap anymore.

Free ad for WM

Yea yea...sell for less


Any hot topic beside this?
Emmm.... Hot weather maybe?

I don't drive but why am I so headache about this soaring oil price? Everyone is talking about it. It seems like the cost of everything is rising; gas, rent, internet service, food such as pizza, groceries and etc.

For my case:

1. Rent increased USD30 more.
2. Verizon internet service from USD34.99 to 39.99 per month (!@#$%^&*)
3. A slice of pizza is around 2 dollars and up.

Luckily I don't need to pay 1 and 2 except 3. Kaka.

Let's make a comparison on the oil price.

In the US

The price of gas is USD3.69 per gallon. (Round it up to USD3.70)
--> 1 gallon = 3.79 liter
= $3.70

--> 1 liter = 98cents

In Malaysia

The price of petrol is RM2.70 per liter.

In a nutshell:

US gas price
1 liter = USD0.98 or RM3.14

Malaysia's petrol price:
1 liter = RM2.70

See the difference? RM3.14 - RM2.70 = RM0.44/liter
Okay maybe not that much, but the more you pump......> you count yourself -lah :)

When I was talking to my mom on phone earlier, she told me, "Malaysia, apa pun naik!" Beras naik, minyak naik, semua naik!!

She told me not to waste food especially rice. From RM20+ rises to RM40+ for 10kgs. She said, "If you cannot finish up your food, keep the leftover for tomorrow. Don't waste food." Ok ok.

Sue: How much angpow you give for relative's wedding?
Mom: RM300
Sue: Ohh..for four persons.
Mom: Our neighbor just passed away. I gave 20bucks.
Sue: Everything needs money.
Mom: You better find some part time to do.
Sue: Yaya..

LIFE SUCKS so live it up!

P/S: Think twice before you spend your money. Don't buy unnecessary stuffs. (Yea right! :P)
For those who drive, i won't advise you not to drive anymore, but drive your car when you need