Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Morning!

It's early in the a.m. and I haven't get to bed. I received several complaints from my friends saying that I need to change my slide's song. They were bored with "It's too late too apologize la la la and etc. They even suggested me some songs that I should put in my blog. Ok i actually listened to them, so i changed the song.

I wanted to put Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" or whatever "Butt don't lie." Unfortunately, the quality of the song is too terrible. and then, I wanna put mariah carey's Touch my body, but i am afraid my blog's visitors will say, "come on, don't tell us you want US to touch your body" Oh hell no.

finally, i chose Canon the piano version. lalaala....this is my fave. i won't be changing it for quite sometime. whether you like it or not. period. :P

p/s: I don't wanna care bout my Capital letters and etc. but i hope i don't have typos (pls ignore - m, nite and pls and etc.) although i m very sleepy now and i think i m going nuts cos i post my blog so late in the nite (or in the morn). sigh~ i really wanna blog everyday if i could but i need more idea and inspiration. give me some ideas, pls! ok i guess i need to stop now cos the more sleepy i am, the more i m going to write so ciao!

p/p/s: i love My sassy's girl movie very much-so touching. and i like the actress' character. she looks a lot like me or i look a lot like her to some extent or whatever (that's what jason told me, right jason?) but i don't vomit on people's head. kaka...oh yea i am actually happy that I am getting responses from you guys cos i think nobody visits my visit and i'll make sure you will enjoy yourself in "Laughing Sue."

p/p/p/s: for the time being, pls don't ask me to change my slide's pictures, ok? i think the pics look marvelous to me. i will update new photos in near future. :P bye!

goodnite everyone...err...good morningggggggggggg!!!


Lily said...

the second paragraph is so funny hahaha =)

Sue said...