Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ray!

I really have no idea on what to blog about Father's day. So, I am going to blog about my friend's birthday which is on 6/15. On 6/14, me and WK attended our friend's birthday BBQ at his place. This lovely guy is called Ray and he is turning 23 this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!

The bbq party took place near the swimming pool. We arrived at around 8p.m. even though the birthday boy asked us to come at around 7.30p.m.. (malaysian time rules!) but there were people who came later than us.

At the bbq, we had chicken wings, hot dogs (a very large one), soda, chips, mixed fruits, DURIANS, corns, and etc. Did I just say durians? kaka...yes frozen durians.

I bought a really nice present for Ray, unfortunately I forgot to take the photo! (will take the pic later sometime) Here's the card that I bought especially for him.

It was 10 something (p.m.) and we waited for almost 2 hours before the cake-cutting ceremony started. So, me and a few of my friends went to KC's apt which is around the neighborhood. We played an interesting game while waiting for the time to fly.

Serious playing the puzzle-not easy because the pictures of the puzzle are very tiny.
(From North: Ang, South: KC, East: Sue, West: Lina)

With zaizai~ (he doesn't wanna come closer to me, so i was the initiator)

At 12a.m. sharp

Singing birthday song~

Making wishes~ he looks so serious with his wishes~
Tell me what's your wishes, pleaseeeee!

Blowing candles

Cake-cutting ceremony

Oreo frozen yummy

Additional photos for viewing~

Sue and Ray

Sue and Lina

Zaizai in action (open your eyes, grrrr!)

This is really funny. My friends laughed crazily when I did this pose. Btw, this is the large hot dog that I mentioned earlier.

Leave me comments-lah. Time to bed. Ciao~

p/s: From what I see from Ray's pictures, all I can say is that HAPPINESS cannot be bought with money. Ray, may all your dreams and wishes come true! (faster get a gf :P does this include in your wishes too?)


Ray said...

Thank you X 100......
i really appreciate that, i like the present too.
I was very happy, because my friends were celebrating with me..........
I will tell you my wishes, only if they come true...

Sue said...

good luck!!

lina said...

u look so XXrXX when taking the photo wif hotdog!

lina said...

susan, i hate this song! delete it!

Sue said...

lina: you need to sleep!! :P