Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lazy Moment

Lazy to type. Just wanna show you guys some photos from yesterday. I cooked fried eggs with onions and chicken herbal soup for dinner and went out supper with na.

Fried eggs with onions

Ingredients for the herbal soup

p/s: I have forgotten to take the soup's pic. Someone finished it too fast :P

Half and half

Perfect match

Chicken super stacker

Kids' meal

I'm so hungry, don't even bother to look at the camera

cutey na

me or the food?



601M said...

Chicken soup, no chicken? TOO


lina said...

OH GOD! that photo is danger!!!! let him see what i eat for supper he will KILL ME!!!!

Sue said...

kaka no worries..he won't see it!