Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Mood

no mood to blog. aunt visits. :(

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Ok. I lied. I actually have the mood to blog. But aunt's visit is real. I am a poor liar if you know me well. *grins*

June is coming to the end and we are welcoming lovely July. Independence Day is coming. Hooorayy!! Merdeka! Err...doesn't sound right here :P. Any plan for July 4? I actually planned to go to Bradley Fair (BF). If you are my loyal reader, you will remember I blogged about BF before under the title "Soaring Gasoline Price." Click here to read it.

There will be concert on July 3 and will be followed with fireworks display at midnite to Celebrate America. The concert will begin at 9.30p.m..

I am not interested with the concert and I just want to watch the fireworks. This is the first time I am going to BF to watch the fireworks. I hope it will be a memorable one. So if you have no plans and have nothing to do, visit BF.

And if you think watching fireworks on tv is better than watching it live, stay at home and enjoy!

For more info about BF, visit