Friday, June 27, 2008

Now and Then, Now or Future?

Humans always think about future. I think about future too. Do you?

I live for life and not a slave for life. People work hard for the sake of living. I work hard too. Do you?

Have you ever heard of people who work so hard just to pay off their mortgages? Some people do, just to pay off their car loans. They spend thirty years to pay off their luxurious car for the name of status, happiness or whatever you wanna call it. So in the end, who is master and who is slave? You tell me.

I want to achieve a lot of things but i won't tell you what i want. Or maybe you are not interested in what i want and what i get. Who cares?

Have your heard of Thoreau? He was a transcendentalist and he lived happily in his life. If you know who he really was, maybe you wouldn't like the way he has lived.

1. He was poor but he was happy with his life.

2. He wasn't ambitious some of you will say, but he had his own way of living.

3. He'd rather go to jail than pay for taxes. (pls don't compare Thoreau with RPK-bail)

Go read "Walden" and you MIGHT fall in love with his story, or him. I felt in love with Walden.

I eat, you eat. I sleep, you sleep. But i sleep more than you. Don't believe me? At least i dream more than you and i am still dreaming. :)

I laugh, you laugh. But i laugh louder than you. KaakakakakakaKKAkakakakakakakakakakakakakaa or maybe longer than you. I am a laughing star. You are a ............... . I don't know which star you are. Go find out which star and let me know.

I smile, you smile. But my smile is BIGGER than yours. Ok this is not big enough. Maybe 10000000000X BIGGER. Big enough?

Have you heard of the song, "I love you, you love me, we are happy family, dadada...dada..dada...." it goes on (i can't remember the lyrics, pls pardon me but it's a barney song). I love you, will you love me too? please let me know if you love me or care for me. If you hate me, i don't wanna know 'cos i am ignorant if you know what i mean.

Think of now. Think of future. Think of yourself. Some people don't know what they want for life. All they want is money. I want money too. $$$$. Humans think that money can buy anything and everything they want. What you think?

Women and young girls love coach. I don't LOVE or HATE coach but i heard from friends in msia telling me people are so crazy about coach. What makes those crazy coach lovers love coach so much? Can anyone pls tell me? Coach is so common in the states and yes, it is not as pricey as in msia. Btw, I am talking about Cockroach. If you read it fast, you will get the correct pronunciation. *winks*

Blue coach

If you noticed, both coach-es are brown. Just a coincidence? Also, coach was existed before 1941 and is still existing now at every part of the world.

p/s: The author has no intention to compare coaches. It's just a perfect coincidence. Coach, please don't sue me 'cos I don't have $$, but you can email me if you want me to be your ambassador. Thanks!

p/p/s: My loved ones told me now is more important than future (depending on circumstances). As in my case, NOW is more important. Thanks to you, po!


G√ľnter said...

oh, very charming blog
I like it
Greetings from Austria

Sue said...

thanks gunter!

lina said...

why ppl like coach... hm... maybe coz of the CC logo.. which mean .. Chao C*ba* ... hahahahahah sorry... i make ur blog dirty again!!!!

Sue said...

*kill na* it's fine as long as you don't write the exact word!