Sunday, June 29, 2008

Phone for Sale

I'm selling this phone for 5 dollars. This phone is still very new and it comes with an adapter and a telephone line.

Sexy black
Status: Unavailable

Please let me know if you are interested.

p/s: na, please help! :P


lina said...

okok! i will help u find buyer, but i think mostly new student will buy coz most of us got cellphone.. eh! teruk! i keep forget wat my password for google, then have to keep reset!!!!

lina said...

hey! go to my facebook, the funny girl work at kobe just add me, her name is diana nguyen.. oh ya, how ur TAI YI MA? i jt worry my TAI YI MA, she dint come visit at actual time!! sign...

Sue said...

aduiiii lina u always write me 2 comments. thanks man! love u so much.

yeayae that's what i'm thinking! target is new students.