Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Damn. I have trouble getting to sleep at nite. Too hyperactive at nite-watching drama, surfing the net, blogging, talking on the phone and makan makan (eating). And i sleep alot during the day-and dream alot too but I barely remember my dreams. I guess no one is as good as me in sleeping. I am a sleeping beauty, someone told me this few years back and I agree with him.

This is no joke. The more i sleep, the uglier i look (no ugly pic of me is allowed to be posted in my blog). People say you look prettier when you spend more time in sleeping. Yes this is true if you sleep about 9 hours a day but if you sleep more than 9 hours, it makes you tired, restless, look like an old granny (unfortunately, this does not apply to me now and forever) and grandpa, and your skin grow more lines and wrinkles.

The only benefit in getting too much sleep like me is BIG APPETITE. I just can't stop eating everyday due to my excessive sleep. I feel hungry every now and then and i will grab whatever i can get/see. My stomach is just like a cow that has 4 stomachs. I guess i am a hungry cow who just can't stop eating if you believe i am a cow incarnation. wtf.

I am here to advice those ladies who really want their skin to be healthy and beautiful, please listen to my advice. Sleep early and drink more water. And whether it is boiled or tap water just drink water, ok? Juice and soda are not helpful at all.

My upcoming plan is to go for a quest with some buddies. It will be an interesting one, so stay tuned to my updates ok?

*my head is spinning and i can see lotsa stars* i am a laughing star and this star needs to ZzzZzzzz good nite everyone.Zzzzzzzzz kakaka....ZzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

p/s: see you guys in my dreams!


lina said...

wahaha~ good music! eh try to find this version, Pachelbel - Canon in D major . very very nice. usually ppl will play this music for the wedding~ very romantic! next time u can use it for ur wedding!! kakaka i got this mp3!! it belong to new age, hey, go to internet new age radio, it free n got a lot different kinds of music~

lina said...

and plz sleep at nite times OK OK OK! dont be vampire!

Sue said...

yes i fell in love with this song. love it so much. wait for you to use it for ur wedding 1st ok?
i am trying to sleep. :P