Friday, June 6, 2008

Soaring Gasoline Price


BP Station


Here are some pictures for viewing. Enjoy!!

Bradley Fair

Nice scenery. Good for "pak tor." :P

Beautiful lake

Bradley Fair, Wichita is a beautiful place for everyone. Here you can shop around; there are stores like Bath and Body Works, Ann Taylor (auntie's clothes), restaurants, Victoria's Secret and etc. This place is romantic either for young or old couples.

This lake used to have alot of duckies swimming around but now there are only a few left from what I see today (I guess they are hiding somewhere else).

You can feed the duckies with food but you need to provide it of course. But, not now anymore. Take a look at this.

Lame~ Duckies are on diet??? Think about it!

Wal-Mart is a place where everybody loves to go. WM is the largest discount departments in the States and here you can find almost everything you want and like.

Yes, it used to be very cheap for anything that you can think of: clothing, toys, groceries, stationaries, personal products and etc.

Nowadays, the prices are still cheap but NOT V-E-R-Y cheap anymore.

Free ad for WM

Yea yea...sell for less


Any hot topic beside this?
Emmm.... Hot weather maybe?

I don't drive but why am I so headache about this soaring oil price? Everyone is talking about it. It seems like the cost of everything is rising; gas, rent, internet service, food such as pizza, groceries and etc.

For my case:

1. Rent increased USD30 more.
2. Verizon internet service from USD34.99 to 39.99 per month (!@#$%^&*)
3. A slice of pizza is around 2 dollars and up.

Luckily I don't need to pay 1 and 2 except 3. Kaka.

Let's make a comparison on the oil price.

In the US

The price of gas is USD3.69 per gallon. (Round it up to USD3.70)
--> 1 gallon = 3.79 liter
= $3.70

--> 1 liter = 98cents

In Malaysia

The price of petrol is RM2.70 per liter.

In a nutshell:

US gas price
1 liter = USD0.98 or RM3.14

Malaysia's petrol price:
1 liter = RM2.70

See the difference? RM3.14 - RM2.70 = RM0.44/liter
Okay maybe not that much, but the more you pump......> you count yourself -lah :)

When I was talking to my mom on phone earlier, she told me, "Malaysia, apa pun naik!" Beras naik, minyak naik, semua naik!!

She told me not to waste food especially rice. From RM20+ rises to RM40+ for 10kgs. She said, "If you cannot finish up your food, keep the leftover for tomorrow. Don't waste food." Ok ok.

Sue: How much angpow you give for relative's wedding?
Mom: RM300
Sue: Ohh..for four persons.
Mom: Our neighbor just passed away. I gave 20bucks.
Sue: Everything needs money.
Mom: You better find some part time to do.
Sue: Yaya..

LIFE SUCKS so live it up!

P/S: Think twice before you spend your money. Don't buy unnecessary stuffs. (Yea right! :P)
For those who drive, i won't advise you not to drive anymore, but drive your car when you need


adelinenicole said...

It's very true about the gas price. Its very expensive now. I even went straight to the gas station once i got my friend sms about the increasing petrol. I had waited for 15 mins to get it. WOW!
Firstly, i can believe it but after Badawi mentioned about it, well, i had to accept the fact..
You know i tell my hubby? After work, we went home to cook instead of driving around to look for food. Secondly, we will go out if we have very important or neccessary things to do. So, what do u think? I mean, i wanted to try to spend less on gas if possible.

Sue said... still need to pump gas unless you walk to work! :P

601M said...

i am the rising starrrrrr!

Oil price is rising, commodities price are rising, I have to follow the trend too, don't I?

PS: Gas price will be higher and higher, if u want to spend less on gas, buy hybrid. The increasing food price is just a normal course of inflation, inevitable.

Cheers and enjoy


Sue said...

you are right, mr. expert!

lina said...

eh, i think they put the sign for not Feeding the duck is because of me, coz i always bring left over bagel from fastbreak. then after few weeks, i saw this notice. i think those duck jt move to 29 st, i saw a lot over thr, n last few week, got a family of duckies were walking on the road.... whahhahahah i got took the photo of it!