Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now or Later

This is an example of people who really have NO interest in hiring you. I applied a part time job on 2/14/2008. I didn't receive any calls from them. In june, I received a big surprise from them - asking me if I am interested. What do you think? Please choose the following:

a) Yes, I am interested.

b) No, I am not because you make me waited for so long.

c) Reply by saying they sent it to the wrong person. wtf.

d) No way! If you really wanna hire me, you should have called me for an interview instead. What makes you take so long? $%^&*(!@#

e) No reply.

i think answer b and d is almost the same. d is worse. make your choice now.


601M said...

Thank you for your INTEREST, but I am REGRET to tell you that I am currently not available.



Sue said...

good one!