Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Busy But Wonderful Day

Please check out my slide. I just changed it. :)


Yesterday was a lovely busy day. Went to several places with na and we took off at around 12.30p.m..

Our first destination was Siam Cuisine. The food is not bad and the price for a meal is about $5.95 which includes a salad, a soup, and rice.

Slept for few hours only-this is my sleepy face

Soup and salad

Spicy Basil Noodles with rice and egg roll - The basil is sensuous~

Chicken tom yum soup - a very small bowl and pricey too (about $4)

Chicken satay

Went to JJ market, it's an asian market that only sells korean and japanese groceries. Na became a guide and introduced what food is good and how to cook them. :P

Our next destination is to Petland - a pet's store. There are a lot of dogs, birds, rabbits and etc. They are just cute and lovely.

Me looking at them


Rabbits again


So cute - it looks a bit like crystal :D


A hamster is having fun.


Parrots - smart birds. They know i'm taking their pics. So one looked up, the other looked down.

Shiba - dogs originate from japan

Playing with shiba

Looks like a fox. Miao~~ Err...doesn't sound right :P

Shiba is posing because he knew he's going to appear in my blog.

Oh yeah...we played with 2 shibas and both shibas also peed at the same spot. Damn funny~~

Colorful birds

Kissing birds~ muakss

Nice color coordination - I like the green instead of blue.

I don't know what's their name. Parrots with crown? wtf

A: What is she doing?
B: Hmm...taking our pics maybe.
A: She thinks we are stupid?
B: Let's don't look at her and be cool!

Sue: (Pull out all their feathers before taking pics) Just jk :p

We don't feel like going back but na needs to pick up her mum so she sent her mum back first and we continued with our activities. We went to have ice-cream at Coldstone.

Like it size with chocolate and strawberry flavor

Like it and love it size with waffle.

Then, after eating ice-cream we went to Starbucks Coffee to have our iced-tea with lemonade instead of coffee.

Iced-tea with lemonade

Blueberry cake

Finally, our last destination to Party City. It's a toy and party accessories shop.

Disney The Cars collectibles. I want to have them all. When na found out this super lovely section, i got soooo excited because i remember telling her i wanna buy the cars pencil box for christopher.

Half-faced human. Guess who am I? kaka...

Kaka....human beings with masks.

Okay, and my favorite picture of all is none other than this "hao po" look. Wuahahahahaa.....

Sultry eyes? :P

I like the way i posed with my hands. I suddenly posed like this, so weird. :P Why this pose? Because i can't stand taking pics with a bored standing, hands down and a forceful smile kind of pic.

So we had been to a total of 5 places in just 4 hours. I didn't get to buy the cars collectibles because we need to rush back to pick miss lily. I will be back to Party City again!!


p/s: For more, visit here.
(*Kill na* Put video at your site, so clever!!) I love the video. *winks*

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dedicated to Na

It's easy to be happy, and angry too. A small little thing can make me happy e.g. playing arcade game - niu dan.

We get angry easily when people talk bad about us, do disgusting things that we don't like and etc.. When someone is angry, never ever tells the angry person, "Don't be angry" and "cool down." The more you say these phrases, the angrier the angry person is gonna be.

The best thing to do is to be a good listener. Here are some random pics for that angry person - na:

Bananas can make angry people feel better. One for you, the other for me. I want the longest one :O)

Recommended by na: Eat this while blogging :P Wasabi green peas, yummy yummy.

Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich from Panera. Delicious~

Zaizai's brother - Entertain yourself with cute soft toys

Go shopping. It's sale now. Faster grab!! (This pic is posted esp. for you, shuang ma? kakaakaa..)

Do an under eye mask for a beautiful you. It'll make your wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable :>)

Left: popo na (scary huh?) Right: ah pek

Being ham sup again :) This is not suitable for people under 21, but it's okay for na.

p/s: lina @ na is the same person if you have been reading my blog lately. She is a lovely, funny, crazy person who loves 1. zaizai (her son) 2. her family 3. ice-cream 4. shopping 5. working (just jk, nobody likes it) 6. photography 7. art AND 8. food.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random and Horny Day

A hot and horny saturday. It's me that's horny and not saturday :P

Finally got to watch The Dark Knight! I don't really understand what the story is all about. I just love the joker. At first, I couldn't recognize the joker but his face looks so familiar. Yes he is Heath Ledger, who acted in The Brokeback Mountain. He is really good in acting especially when he's always licking his own lips, or what do you call it hmmm... tasting his own lip?? whatever~~ like imagine when your tongue has weird taste on it, and your mouth will start to move a bit and argghhhhhhhh i just don't know how to explain it in words. nvm. i also love the joker's makeup. It looks wonderful!

Enough of the joker. Recently, many bloggers are writing review about this movie. Don't want to write too much about this. Go and watch it! Tickets sold out like crazy here. Was trying to get cinderella and snow white but ended up getting ariel and belle again! damn.

It's a freaking hot day and after taking shower in the afternoon, i feel so refreshing....yeeehhaaa.....

Random pictures of the day:

Warren theater at 13th St.

A new machine - Disney Princess Mirror Charm...omg love it so much, but the machine is out of order....damn it!

Disney The Car - a super mini car. It's only 1''x 0.4'' x 0.05'' . Gonna give it to chris.

Piggie found at thai binh. It's a type of biscuit.

Large vietnamese noodle - dry instead of soup.

Beef noodle soup - small size

Hot weather can make us horny and do crazy things.

See where i'm pointing at?? Me being horny and ham sup. :O

Okay firm and curvy breast. Passed!

Broken piano. What a shiny day! Look at my "shiny" complexion. wtf.

Ohh 'lil cutie~ First time i posed with my hand like this.

p/s: Will take more pictures on wsu sculptures. Enjoy your weekend!