Monday, July 21, 2008

Bye-bye Wal-Mart

Wal-mart is my favorite spot when i need to shop for grocery and other things. I will go lesser now due to what had happened today. You might find it ridiculous about my story, but I don't see my myself as one. It's all about the stupid self checkout machine, and also the staff's attitude.

The stuffs that i bought is $9.55 and i paid $10 bill. So the change should be 45 cents instead of 35. So i took the 35 cents and told the staff who was there standing at her own self checkout machine. I was stupid also cos i took my coin purse with me, somemore the zip is already opened. My 35 cents was still on my right hand and my left hand was holding the purse. I told her, i got my change of 35 cents instead of 45 cents. She was .

She said to me she will call her manager so i waited for few minutes. When the manager came, the staff told the manager....bla bla bla... I was standing at my checkout there. And i could hear the staff said, "This is crap and bla bla bla " and i HEARD that. I hated the way she says crap. It sounds like i cheated wm's money or what. 10 cents is also money. I can't blame the machine since the machine is not a human. So, the manager gave her 10cents. The staff didn't say, "We are sorry about the machine or wtever..." At least say something! She just gave me the 10cents and i had a very bad feeling then. I just hate her attitude! What if the machine give me less 10 dollars in my change, then only they will apologize? wtever~

Let's do some math. If one machine is doing the same thing to the customers i.e.

- less 10cents for each customer change and customers also cincai-lah...(nvm)

so what's going to happen if:

- 1000 customers say cincai-lah, so wm will earn a total of $100. Sound like a good business right? I didn't say wm is cheating people's money, but i wonder if they ever train their staffs properly...

I don't think it's a shame to ask my money back. It's how the staffs who judge customers based on whatever - looks, appearances or etc.

Actually a dime is nothing to me but i just can't stand people who make mistake especially in terms of $$. In this case, it's not people but the machine's fault. But machine doesn't have a brain, so let's blame it to the owner.

If today's change is a penny or nickel, I won't ask them for the money. But it's a dime, man. Even if i don't get back my penny or nickel for my change when i checkout, I also don't mind 'cos i always see pennies and nickel everywhere i go, on the floor, on the road and etc. But i really want my dime back that's why i went to her.

p/s: Most people will say, "Aiya, 10 cent only....forget it!" Yeah right, you forget it. No mood to read comments i don't like. If you wanna say things i don't wanna listen, don't leave me a comment or else it will be in the trash can.

p/p/s: Oh yeah, I don't know why some people can be so fake. The staff smiled to me at first when we were waiting for the manager. So I smiled back to her and turned back to see if she's smiling to other customers cos i don't want be so perasan. Nobody was at my back. Ang moh can be so fake. They can smile to you and at the same time they talk bad things about you. la la.


My final free ad for wm:

This is so damn cheap! I can't believe my eyes when i see this. It's not $5 cos it's just a notebook. It's only 5 cents!! wtf. Open your eyes and see clearly.

It's the 5 cents i'm talking about not the 50 cents, ok? It used to be 30 cents, 40 cents, and the cheapest - 10 cents. But now, whooo-ahhh 5 cents! :)

One box will cost about $1 if there is 20 books. I don't know how many notebooks in a box.

70 sheets in a book. Choose between wide ruled or college ruled. I prefer wide-ruled.

Other random pictures

This is fantastic!

The cookies

p/p/p/s: omg. another long post. sien. waiiitt....blogger is now available in malay!!


Lina said...

i bought 10 notebook! even KC! hahahaah waseh!!! n i found the Month Planner at WM too!! only 2.49 with cute puppy for cover!!! regret buy the RED planner ahhhh

Sue said...

i m going to buy 10 for my sis too. nvm..since you bought alr..the red the 2.49 also.

Lina said...

so u not goin to wm anymore!?!??

Sue said...

errr...errr...go lesser ooo