Friday, July 25, 2008

"Coke" of the Day

One day i asked kok chuan (kc) to order me a large pizza. So he did and i went to pick up my pizza half an hour later. Read the conversation below:

Staff (a black girl): Hi, can i get you your order?
Me: I'm here to pick up my pizza
Staff: Can I get your name?
Me: Susan
Staff: Do you have other name?
Me: Wei khang.
Staff: Err...can i get your phone number?
Me: 316-XXX-XXX2 or 347-XXX-XX0X
Staff: Okay what did you order?
Me: A large hawaiian bbq pizza.
Staff: And a coke?
Me: (thinking... i didn't order coke and maybe i can get a free coke instead) Yes.

So i paid the staff and she gave me my large pizza. At the same time, i was waiting for my coke.

Me: Excuse me, did you say i have a coke?
Staff: Let me check. No, just a pizza. It's coke chuan who ordered the pizza.
Me: Ohh it's kok chuan. Not a coke. Sorry about that. *embarrassed* (And i was so embarrased of myself for the misunderstanding :P)

p/s: Americans can't pronounce chinese names properly except jan-a (my former boss). They can't pronounce "kok" so the nearest they can imitate is "coke." wtf. hahahhaah.

Luckily the staff didn't pronounce "cock" otherwise it will be "cock chuan." kakakakaka... sorry to kc. i don't mean to make fun of your name in my blog, but i find it funny on how chinese names are pronounced in english.

p/p/s: Happy Birthday to Linda~


Lina said...

WAHAHAHAH THIS IS FUNNYYYYy!!! kok chuan will kek si !!! whahaha ppl call him COCK chuan instead of KOK CHUAN!!

Sue said...

no no it's COKE!!