Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cold. Spicy. Sour. (CSS)


Again, I didn't sleep when I was supposed to sleep yesterday. And I ended up going to a Korean restaurant located at Harry St. First, take a look at some photos before I proceed with the food and etc.

We reached the restaurant at around 10.40a.m., but the restaurant is closed. It opens at 11a.m. everyday. So 20 minutes before eleven, I managed to play around with my camera and took some funny and bored photos. Here you go.....>>>

I looked pale and scary. My hand is pointing to the board! (This was the only photo that I didn't edit into black and white with my beautiful face on it)

Residential area just opposite the restaurant

An old jewelry store next to the restaurant

A liquor store. Hmmm... maybe it's a pub

My little feet (in black and white too)

Fern :P


Me and WK had Korean food yesterday. The Korean restaurant is called Manna Wok and it's a lovely place to eat. It has cozy atmosphere and the moment you enter the restaurant, you'd feel like as if you were at home.

Manna Wok

There is a small section with shelves of books which look like a small library. You can take a book to read if you want to. The most interesting part is that you can see photos lining up on the wall, in fact at almost every part of the wall. The persons in each of the photos are the patrons who dined in the restaurant.

Cozy. See the photos on the wall?

The books

Background-photos lining up on the wall. I purposely edited this pic into black and white 'cos I'm afraid my paleness will frighten you.

Waiting for the food~ (observe my sleepy eyes *___*)

This restaurant has only 3 persons working: the husband and wife, and also a guy (who might be their son) who serves us food. The husband is the cook and the wife take cares of the cash register. She also goes into the kitchen to help.

We ordered 2 dishes which are called Pork Bul Go Kee and Stone Bowl Bi Bim Rice. We had our appetizers, and at the same time waiting for the main entrees. The appetizers are foc.


Three different kind of veggies. CSS.

Each of us had one small plate of the css appetizer.

Pork Bul Go Kee (PBGK)

WK had this PGBK. PGBK serves with white rice. The chef fried the pork with veggie such as onions, carrots, cabbage and etc.

K2 - Pork Bul Go Kee

Stone Bowl Bi Bim Rice (SBBBR)

The server handed me a bottle of sauce which is called go choo jang (the sauce's name in korean). It tastes like bbq sauce except that it's not sweet.

The only hot stuffs in this bowl are the stone bowl, beef, rice and fried egg. All the veggies are cold. *shivers*

It's time to pay the bill...

Fortune cookies and chewing gums


p/s: Indulging in a fudge iced chocolate cake while writing this entry. *yummy*

So sweet and chocolatey. Let's share :)


G√ľnter said...

Hey Sue
you make me very hungry immediately when I see the pictures
Now I have to go immediately to the kitchen and eat an apple (without stain :D)

Sue said...

i guess i need to put more food pics to make you hungrier! :P

lina said...

u look like hantu in the photo!!! n no wonder u said u getting fat la... fudge iced chocolate huh... *^* |||

lina said...

eh susan!! teruk la, i keep forget the password!!! i already change for 3 times! i think i need to buy new planner ASAP so that i can write down my password, my old planner is full of my S***

Sue said...

yaya hantu...:P

buybuybuy new planner...let's go barnes!