Monday, July 28, 2008

Dedicated to Na

It's easy to be happy, and angry too. A small little thing can make me happy e.g. playing arcade game - niu dan.

We get angry easily when people talk bad about us, do disgusting things that we don't like and etc.. When someone is angry, never ever tells the angry person, "Don't be angry" and "cool down." The more you say these phrases, the angrier the angry person is gonna be.

The best thing to do is to be a good listener. Here are some random pics for that angry person - na:

Bananas can make angry people feel better. One for you, the other for me. I want the longest one :O)

Recommended by na: Eat this while blogging :P Wasabi green peas, yummy yummy.

Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich from Panera. Delicious~

Zaizai's brother - Entertain yourself with cute soft toys

Go shopping. It's sale now. Faster grab!! (This pic is posted esp. for you, shuang ma? kakaakaa..)

Do an under eye mask for a beautiful you. It'll make your wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable :>)

Left: popo na (scary huh?) Right: ah pek

Being ham sup again :) This is not suitable for people under 21, but it's okay for na.

p/s: lina @ na is the same person if you have been reading my blog lately. She is a lovely, funny, crazy person who loves 1. zaizai (her son) 2. her family 3. ice-cream 4. shopping 5. working (just jk, nobody likes it) 6. photography 7. art AND 8. food.


LiLy said...

wow did u post this one on midnight? bcuz i keep stalking ur blog the whole night lol :D

Lina said...

thanks susuuuu... really really appreciate for the blog.. and i luv all the photo that u put, exspecially the one with SALE!! and my wasabi jt gone by zai zai

Sue said...

lily: yes i posted this at midnite

na: feeling better now? np. zaizai naughty boy!