Friday, July 4, 2008


Really no mood. Sien. Aduii. Damn it. @#$%^&*

Remember I said I'll be going to Bradley Fair? And yes I did go there at around 11.30p.m. on 7/3. The saddest thing was when I reached BF, nobody was there. I saw very few cars at the parking lot. So I walked to the nearby lake (where the concert was supposed to be held there) and I saw a stage with no instruments, PA system, nothing!!

I saw a red-shirt guy and went towards him and ask. He was cleaning the stage.

Sue: Excuse me, do you know when are the fireworks going to start?
Red-shirt guy: The fireworks?
Sue: Yeah.
RSG: It was today.
Sue: (thinking...It WAS today? Shit! It has passed.)
RSG: The fireworks ended at around 10p.m. after the concert.
Sue: (Shoot!) Oh, okay. Thanks!

Fxxk. No wonder he and some other guys were cleaning the stage. Concert has ended. The fireworks too. I don't care about the concert. I JUST WANNA SEE THE FIREWORKS!! *sob* I never thought it would start so early and ended "so early" too.

Why would they start at 9 something? They should start at midnite. Hello~ it's a common sense that fireworks all begin at midnite just like we celebrate new year! I know there's no rules or regulation saying the fireworks must be at midnite. I was fooled.

I was so stupid thinking I might have misread the info in the website. Yes I did. It says in the website, "Celebrate America Fireworks following concert at 9.30p.m." This is confusing. Sorry for the wrong info. Click here. I guess I need to delete the info under blog entry "No mood." Good lesson to myself for not reading the info properly.

Nvm. I can still see the fireworks here.

Nice right? I got these pics from a friend. It can be found in the web too.

I made this dessert after being so disappointed with what had happened today.

Coming up next: Will teach you guys how to make this lovely dessert. :O


G√ľnter said...

don`t be cheerless
about failings we can learn and this will never happens to you.

....and I think of the last picture that it is a soup

Sue said...

hehe i am fine! for the dessert, up next!

adelinenicole said...

I was so shocked when i read this. Man, the fireworks in new york started at 9 pm also. Dont you ever know that? Sorry, that you missed it. You must be very disappointed, went there and got nothing. Aiyo!! When are you goint o make me that delicious dessert again, cant wait!

Sue said...

haha damn it~ it's okay! will make it again!