Sunday, July 20, 2008

Disney Charm

The Dark Knight tickets - sold out. :(

Garfield is frustrated. She represents my feeling.

I didn't get to watch the movie, instead I spent my time playing arcade games. :)

I want to bring this home, can I?

Lovely charm

Disney Princess Charm





There are six princess in this collection. Will try to get Cinderella and Snow White the next time. (no no no. must get them no matter what!)
p/s: Again, planning is not always a good thing. Expect the unexpected. Sometimes we are happier when we don't have much expectation.


Chris Thoo said...

he he he...
Garfield damn cute wo...

lily said...

wow u spent eleven dollars for these toys. lol

Sue said...

omg! nobody compliments my charm. so sad. should remove the garfield pic. kaka

Sue said...

it's charm, not toys.