Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm just so crazy about hoops&yoyo. And why is the title do-nuts? Are they any connection between hoops&yoyo and donuts? Yes! This is because hoops&yoyo love donuts!! Presenting you, hoops and the donuts!


hoops always by my side. sitting at the corner of my laptop looking at me blogging-blog blog blog!


Open at midnite. That's why it is called Daylight Donuts at Newton

Omg! I look so auntie~kaka.

Coffee section

Wooden walls and tables

Cheap and colorful donuts

Soft and sweet

Note: This daylight donut shop uses 100% cholesterol free daylight shortening.

Sugar and glazed

Opening my mouth~


Which one to choose? Hoops or donut? I want both!

Picture of the day!

Okay. Why is picture above is the picture of the day? I just can't stand her rudeness, hmm "soft rudeness" i should say. here's the story:

Once me and na arrived at this shop, i was served by the guy in blue shirt. I ordered two donuts and two cups of coffee for both of us at the first round. Before i was served by the guy, na was busy taking pictures so that i can blog. If she wasn't here with me, I won't have the guts to take photos by myself. I just don't know what's the right place and when's the right time to take pictures 'cos i am afraid the store owner/staffs will come toward me and warn me not to take pictures in their premise. Does that mean as long as I don't see a sign outside the store saying, "Cameras are not allowed" only then i can take pictures? Is that right?

There were a few bunch of youngsters in the store who were looking at us as if we just came out from the jungle. We didn't use flash when we took these pictures because we felt a bit paiseh. Even the boss and the staffs were staring at us. I could see from their facial expressions that they don't like us taking pictures of their store and the donuts. How stingy! We didn't care much and we continued taking pics and finally decided to use flash so that our pictures look better, clearer and PRETTIER. The youngsters were laughing and talking about us. I HEARD THAT. We didn't ask for anyone's help when we took this picture. God bless us!

Sien. Us again.

Na was clever enough to put the camera on another table so that she can takes the above pic. And then we ordered donuts for the second round because earlier they don't have the donuts that we want and they are at the process of making it. So, me and na ordered few donuts to bring back home. At the third round, na was so paiseh to order cos she could feels that the staffs don't like us and find us troublesome because we didn't order everything at once. So i told na, "i'll go and order!"

Soft rudeness revealed...

So when i went to the counter there, the orange shirt girl saw my beautiful face and she quickly gave me a sour look. You know sometimes when strawberry can be so sour and you can't stand the sourness. She didn't come to serve me instead, she made a "ehem" sound and was looking at the blue shirt guy. She was trying to signal the guy to serve me. How rude! What a bitch! I really felt offended by her "ehem" and her sour face. I didn't even give her a strawberry face but I just looked at her without smiling. Even the guy was a little polite in the sense that, at least he said, "I am sorry" (because he didn't see me at the counter and his back was facing me when he was working).

I started to feel bored with this long post. Okay that's all i wanna say here. I won't do free ads for restaurants, stores and etc. unless i really like the food and the products. I love their donuts because the donuts are so soft and fresh, better than the ones at Dillons and Wal-Mart. Their service (Daylight Donuts) are always so-so or terrible than so-so. They don't smile to us everytime we go there. I can understand that because they are not Wichitans! Wichitans are the friendliest people in America. Wherever you go in Wichita, you feel so warm and happy. When you see strangers, they smile to you and when you need help, they offer you help.

Customers are always right, right? Why would they have this kind of attitude when doing business? Your donuts are sweet but your faces are sour. And I don't want to see strawberry faces again! When i see your strawberry face, i don't feel like eating strawberry anymore. And I love strawberry because they can be sweet and sour at times. The taste is just challenging. Maybe they have enough business and don't wanna do my business. You think i sound angry here but actually i'm not. I just can't stand people who earn your money and in return you get the sour face and bad treatment. It's a real deficit for me but nvm since hoops wanna eat donuts so i don't mind how she treated me. i'll forgive her for what she did to us and hoops! (i am a wicked angel :P)

Most faq:

Q: Why do you, hoops&yoyo like to eat donuts?
A: Because we can do alot of nut things together. hoops&yoyo = do-nuts

p/p/s: Btw, yoyo is unavailable for the moment because he is busy with stuffs. He will be back once he is done with his stuffs. (:

- the end -


601M said...

Just look at the picture, I thought you wrote "nude" ...

but after scanning the texts, I realized... "oh, it is 'rude'...

yeah, nobody likes rudeness, unless she is nude;)

Random guy A

****** ****** ****** ******

I would be mad too if you take pictures of me and my store without my consent, after all, it is a donut shop, not a tourist spot!

It is in America, watch out, young lady.


lina said...

wow~ a long long blog man~ i think that lady must be not willing to work at THESE shift (who wan to work at mid-nite huh!) so show her C**A* face... but i also always did that to customer when i work! whawhhw coz... that not my business! exspecially when i get LOW PAID! F*** MC MCD hwahwh crap!

Sue said...

601m: there's no sign at the shop saying no camera is allowed. who cares!! kaka...btw, i don't think only tourist places can take photos. no such rules! -you are hum sup-

na: yea i m sien long! next time treat your customers better. don't show ci**i face! :P

G√ľnter said...

@ sue
.....and sue is already eating again :)

Sue said...

gunter: yea again! i just love eating~