Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Few Quiet Hours of Solitude

SILENCE. Shhh!!!!

I wanted to go to library long time ago but I didn't have the chance. Finally, I realized my dream. *yeah* I don't brag i read alot but i really love to read. After graduation, i didn't read novels or books for almost a year, omfg! However, I do read newspapers, magazines, news on the web and etc.

Reading is a continuous learning and it'll never stops. Everywhere we go, we see words around us, be it at restaurant, restroom, departmental store, office and etc.. At restaurant, we read menu. At restroom, we look for the "restroom" and exit sign. At Wal-Mart, we look for "self service checkout" sign and labels that categorize food, appliances and clothing. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by words.

I can honestly tell you I hardly remember who Wiliam Faulkner was. T.S. Eliot? Emmm...He wrote The Waste Land. Ezra Pound? Uh..?????. Their biography, picture, and masterpiece are all blurry to me. It's like when you take off your glasses and have trouble seeing things clearly or when you are getting old, your vision become blurry.

Ohhh I hate rainy day! Rainy day makes the summer a lifeless season. I feel gloomy everytime it rains. The day before yesterday was a wet day. The moment i stepped into the library, i quickly walked to the 2nd floor. I started looking for books that i wanted to read. The most boring type of genre for most people is ......... LITERATURE! Anyway, i love literature just like how much i love blogging. Long live literature and long live blogging! :P

The road to death :P

My everything

Literature or comic?



Love this pic-observe the book shelve. Imagine a trapezium shape, then rotate the shape counterclockwise and you'll get what i mean. don't understand? nvm!

Cover page of Okay! Thinner thighs for everyone

Back page

Below are some of the contents of Okay! Thinner thinghs for everyone. Full of satire and irony. Click to enlarge the pictures if you couldn't read the comics.

Art or porn? I found this at the carrel. Students can get too bored so they showed off their potential here.

The library is quiet. I enjoy spending my few quiet hours of solitude in a place where i am surrounded by a lot of books. There are so many books and i can't decide which to choose. At times, i feel eerie because I thought i see apparition looking at me. I remember reading articles about libraries in the UK. The article says that people have seen ghosts haunting and living in the library. And ghosts like to live in places like that. I think ghosts won't choose to live in America or UK. They just wanna live in a peaceful place like library and spend time reading books and be our loyal companion. wtf. no wonder i feel cold and warm at the same time. maybe i think much. too much. sien.

I ended up borrowing five literature books and a comic. Will let you know the contents once i finish reading them.


G√ľnter said...

A library is a wonderful own world. I also love it, but not nearby. But the Internet is the same wonderful world and it is charming to blogging.
Here I meet wonderful people, like you

601M said...

Should I say, Congrats!?

And Comics???!


Sue said...

gunter: it is a wonderful world. thanks!

601m: thanks! comics~

Lina said...

wahahahah THAT IS PORN, not art! wahahahahahah!! hey, i also found a art book, during the GREEK, some sculptors did a lot of sculptures for any sex position n sex organ! try to search it! if not i can show u also~ and GUNTER, i agree with you, i love her blog, coz of her blog, i spend less time at youtube! oh mannnn

Sue said...

wahhh so "gan dong!"

oohh those positions, kaka show me pls!

spending more time on my blog and less on youtube? you sure? gee thanks!