Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Haunted Bridge - Part I

Important notice:
Before I proceed with my story, I have two things to announce.
1. This is my own experience and therefore, please don't tell me "I don't believe you, you are a liar, there's no ghost, everything can be explained with science, you think too much, stop bitching around, ridiculous, nonsense and anything similar to what I just mentioned. I do not create the story nor I exaggerate it. I describe the story as how it happened.
2. I will delete comments that I find inappropriate and unnecessary. If you don't see your comments here, please don't yell at me. Thanks.

Intro :

Well, I guess everyone is eagerly waiting for my so called haunted bridge story. Yes or no? No? Please say yes! I was kinda lazy to write this post and I don't know why. I'm not going to make it a long entry 'cos it'll make you and me, sien. Therefore, I will divide this story into three parts. Ok, here we go...

Part I - The History of the Bridge

The Bridge

Theorosa's Bridge is just a small bridge located at Valley Center, Kansas at north of Wichita. It is also known as a Crybaby Bridge. It's official name is 109th St North Bridge. The bridge is better known as Theorosa's Bridge.

The History

There are few version of stories about Theorosa's bridge. The history of this haunted bridge started in the 1800s when settlers were passing through the area. A wagon was passing through when Indians attacked and a baby called Theorosa was stolen. The baby's mother left the wagon train to search for her baby and it is said that she (the ghost) still roams at the creek near the bridge and crying out "Theorosa..."

Some say Theorosa is the baby's name and most of the stories that are circulating over the years say Theorosa is the baby's mother name. Another version of story says that Theorosa is a farmer's wife who has an illegitimate child who throws the baby from the bridge. She follows the baby into the river and haunts the place till now.

The other version is that Theorosa is a young woman who has an illegitimate baby. In order to hide her shame, she throws the baby into the river.

Others say Theorosa is an Indian woman who fell in love with a white man. The white man was a soldier and both were killed by the Indians.

Theorosa still haunts the place looking for her baby. If you call out, "Theorosa, I have your baby here" three times (some say five times), the ghost will come out and push you to the river. It is also said that when you park your car in the middle of the bridge, you won't be able to start your car. The temperature is much colder than other places near that area. Some even lost their car keys and found it underneath the seat and etc. Ghostly figure is found at the bridge and eerie shapes looming in the water. Besides that, floating orbs of lights also can be seen at the creek. Indian drums sound can be heard from one side of the bridge, and at the other side of the bridge you will hear the baby's crying. Sound eerie?

Originally, the bridge was made of wood and iron. The bridge was burned down in 1974 and was rebuilt. Two years later (1976), it burned again. The bridge was closed for fifteen years. This place became a popular place for gatherings and parties for teenagers hoping to experience the phantom. In 1991, the road was opened again and a concrete bridge was built, as we can see it today.

Sources: http://www.prairieghosts.com/ and http://www.realhaunts.com/

I think there are many versions and not only several versions of stories about Theorosa. We don't know which is true. Whatever or whichever version of stories you might have heard, the mystery remains unsolved. Nobody knows the real story. I guess you already get enough info about the history of the bridge for today. Part II - A Quest to Theorosa's Bridge is next!



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