Friday, July 18, 2008

The Haunted Bridge - Part II

I procrastinate alot recently. Can someone do me a favor? I want a free massage everyday. :P

Again, I would like to repeat this: (skip this if you have read it at part I)
Important notice: Before I proceed with my story, I have two things to announce.
1. This is my own experience and therefore, please don't tell me "I don't believe you, you are a liar, there's no ghost, everything can be explained with science, you think too much, stop bitching around, ridiculous, nonsense and anything similar to what I just mentioned. I do not create the story nor I exaggerate it. I describe the story as how it happened.
2. I will delete comments that I find inappropriate and unnecessary. If you don't see your comments here, please don't yell at me. Thanks.


For this part, I will mainly tell you about my experience in visiting the bridge. At Part I, I have mentioned about the history of the bridge and there are so many versions and you don't even know which one to believe. It's up to you which version as we don't really know which is the right one, or maybe mixture of both? One thing for sure is that, a woman has lost her baby and she continues searching the baby...

Part II - A Quest To The Haunted Bridge


I like to plan my stuffs ahead of time so that i don't screw them up. And for this trip, I didn't screw up. Yeah~~But planning is not always a good thing. My plan earlier consists of five people including myself and we go with two cars. But, on the day itself, we have 12 people and we went with four cars. Amazing? Sometimes the more you plan, the worse it's going to get because some people end up not going. And when you don't plan to have so many people, you'd be surprised with the outcome. :P

It's not hard to find the haunted bridge actually. I insist to go at 8p.m., but everyone came up late at lina's place. Wk is like the chief for this trip. The other three cars follow his car. He drives while i become his assistant. I didn't print out the map. I only wrote down the directions on how to get there. When we reached the highway, he suddenly said to me, "I THINK we got the wrong way." I was confident at first, but nervousness could be very contagious at times. Then, I told myself, "Yeah, we might be wrong." After few minutes, I was confirmed that we were on the right track. Just believe in yourself as you believe you can fly. :P But, how could we get wrong when Sue is there? Lol.

We departed at 8.30p.m. and reached there before the sun goes down. (it's almost sunset then). We took an exit at 101st St and drove to our destination. There's no sign or board saying we've reached Valley Center, instead I saw this - Park City. We reached our destination ten minutes after passing this sign.

The weather is hot and sunny. The sky is clear, too. Valley Center is very outskirt and here we can see only few houses. Each house has its own large farm. When I saw horses and cows, I got so excited. I felt like jumping out of the car :P. See, I have my own reason why I insisted to come to this place before sunset. I wanted to take a lot of pictures so that you can see them. If I go there after sunset, i won't be able to take pictures. All the pictures would be unclear and dark. (or maybe you can spot a ghost in the pics)

We were at Meridian St. and is looking for 109th St. After passing 101st St., we had a long drive before I spotted the 109th St sign. It's really outskirt, that's all i could say. It's good to visit remote area sometimes, but i wouldn't want to live here 'cos it's so inconvenient when you wanna go to Wal-mart. Once i saw the 109th St, i wasn't sure if i should turn left or right. So wk ended up choosing to turn left (kiri) and he got it right! Good guess.

109th St and Meridian St. Cannot read the Meridian St. sign cos i took this when were about to leave the place.

Once we took the left turn, I saw a bridge which looks like a normal bridge to me. The difference is that the bridge is vandalized by those brainless people. Once i saw those paint spray on the bridge i asked wk to park his car nearby the bridge. All of us got out from the cars to enjoy the vandalized bridge. At first, I doubt this is the right bridge but i know it right away because it has graffiti on it. I did my research on the internet before i came.

Once I got out from the car, I could felt the cold weather. But why is it cold anyway? I have told you that the weather is hot and sunny. The temperature is between 85-90F. But we know that temp drops when night approaches. There's no wind. Yes, no wind. THERE'S NO WIND AT ALL. I can't feel the cold breeze hits on my face. only cold. frío. sejuk. dingin. leng.

I took a deep breath and began taking lots of pictures of the bridge, river, the creek and etc.. I really enjoy the scenic location although some brainless people vandalized the bridge and made the bridge looks ugly (obviously, not us). The bridge is just like other normal bridge and it is made of cement so that it won't burn again. I've told you the bridge was originally made of iron and wood in part I.


Only brainless people would vandal - are you one of them?

No eyes to see. sigh~

Here are some of the river and Jester creek's pictures.

From left - A guy whom I do not know, a guy i always see at wsu but we only smile to each other (don't know his name), auntie (lina's mom), a girl - i don't know her name, lily and lilian. Please let me know your name so that i can put it here. All are available for sale. just jk :P

My solo pic. If you ever spotted a ghost in this pic, please let me know and I'll reward you. :P

Lily took this picture of me and i didn't know it. I just knew it today. Thanks lily!

I was mad when i saw this. I just feel sorry for the bridge and for theorosa, maybe?



Not scary right, my story? Chehhh! :P We actually had a lot of fun. We played around and found something interesting. Weird things happened. I'll put them all in part III. Just wait...


Lina said...

waseh, when i look at those photos, feel like those place like after banjir! feel so weird

Lina said...

eh! ur skin damn fair at SOLO photo! whahwhhawhwah more like ghost huh!

Sue said...

ketuk kepala lina...wuahaha

snow white ghost maybe? :P