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The Haunted Bridge - Part III

Finally, my haunted bridge part 3 is here. To lily and lilian: part 3 is dedicated for you guys-for stalking my blog all the time! :) pls keep stalking my blog and i love you guys so much! muaksss :@ Both of you will receive a disney princess charm from me. Please claim your gift in 5 seconds!! 5 4 3 2 1....ding!!! ....times up~

p/s: Please review Part I and II if you can't remember the story.

Again, I would like to repeat this for the third time:

Important notice: Before I proceed with my story, I have two things to announce.
1. This is my own experience and therefore, please don't tell me "I don't believe you, you are a liar, there's no ghost, everything can be explained with science, you think too much, stop bitching around, ridiculous, nonsense and anything similar to what I just mentioned. I do not create the story nor I exaggerate it. I describe the story as how it happened.
2. I will delete comments that I find inappropriate and unnecessary. If you don't see your comments here, please don't yell at me. Thanks.


Part III - The Truth is Out Here

Ok let's view some of the pictures here. This is going to be a long post, in fact the longest post ever! I don't wanna have part IV because i started to feel bored on this. Let's finish up this topic.

Some of the pictures taken at Valley Center.

This pic was taken after we had left the bridge. Remember i told you when we reached 109th St, we turned left instead of right? When you turn to your right, you will see the pic above.

109th St N Bridge or Theorosa's Bridge reopened in 1991.

It's not easy to gather my guts to sit here. You need to be very brave! :O)

I was too scared to sit here. Putting my life in danger for my readers?? errr...i just want better result. Nahh...i posed it for myself~

Lina and me. This pic was taken before we left the bridge.

When we were enjoying ourselves at the bridge, we saw a trunk stopped at the cross road between 109th St and N Meridian St (just opposite from where we were standing). Look at the pic below:

This white trunk stopped there not long after we arrived, about 30 minutes.

I noticed the trunk and i think the trunk and the people are weird. Wk even wanted to ask them if the bridge that we were standing is the right bridge (because he didn't believe this is theorosa's bridge).

He wanted to head to the trunk already, but i shouted to him, "Hey, don't be crazy" 'cos i really afraid they will kidnap/rob him! Who's knows what's going to happen in this remote area? In the end, he didn't go (good boy). Then, i saw a police car stopped at the place where the trunk was located. I felt strange because if the car had problems, they should have called the towing car instead of calling the police. But later on, na told me that it's easier to call 911 first.

While i was busy enjoying the scenery, suddenly i saw kc holding a knife. And i was so curious, where the hell was this knife came from? They said kc found the knife on the floor. At first, i thought kc and na were lying to me. He wanted to bring it back home and i told him - don't be crazy! (my popular phrase) It's not good to take things that don't belong to you especially in this haunted place. Who knows if the spirit/ghost is going to follow him back to his home? You never know!

Kc was so excited playing with the knife. I think he likes this kind of stuff. His past life was a professional killer, that's why he was doing this to me. Check out the picture below.

I looked so happy when he wanted to kill me. And my facial expression was so fake! Nahhh... actually na wanted to take pic of me being killed by this professional killer. So, i need to act out as if i was scared of him. When she's about to snap this pic, i was ready to give my best expression ever. But i failed so badly and i was lmao! I'd love to be an actress, but i guess i don't have the quality. :P

Friends' observation:


When she was driving back home from Valley Center, she heard kc shouting her to stop. She says kc saw a white dog crossing the road from the left side of the bushes. Nobody saw the dog anyway. Lily, Lilian and auntie who were in the car didn't see the dog either. Na was just shocked.


Saw a black and white dog at different spots. He saw a black dog when he was at the bridge and a white dog crossing the road when lina was driving back home. Not a good omen. Black and white represent death. I heard from na about the black and white dogs. Wait...none of us saw the dogs actually. Only kc and xiao huai (the girl in blue tee) saw the black dog.


He noticed the river's water is not flowing. The water looks more like water in a pond/lake. The river itself doesn't look like a river. He says the river is very dead. Also, the trees and bushes look lifeless to him.

My observation:

Click on this pic and zoom till u see a circle in fuchsia. I circled it myself. Check out what's in the circle to see if you see what i see. :P Please let me know if you see something. I won't tell you what's in the circle. (bite me, la la la)

This is the most important thing that had happened to me when we wanted to leave the place. Once i got into the car, i started looking for my stuffs i.e. my papers and pen. I didn't take it out with me, thinking i was too lazy to write about the bridge. I found my paper on the seat and didn't see my blue pen. I was so anxious because i remember putting it on my seat! I was seating next to wk, and wk was driving. I can swear to god and tell you that i had searched the pen for almost five minutes! I even raised my butt up to check if the pen is hidden anywhere from my shorts that i was wearing or at the hidden space at my seat. I even searched underneath my seat but I found nothing. I was getting crazy thinking i had put my pen on the seat, but where's my pen??? I relaxed a bit and told myself, the pen must be at somewhere and i might have forgotten where i put it. Human beings like to lie to themselves so that they can get over on anything. I didn't think much. So i stopped searching and i talked to wk about the bridge and watched him driving. Not long after that, I suddenly looked at my thighs (i was crossing my legs when sitting and guess what) ...jeng jeng jeng...I FOUND THE PEN ON THE SEAT! (I feel goosebumps when i am writing this) It's in between my thighs~ omfg, when i think of the scenario now, i am still freaking out. But i didn't freak out when i found the pen. I was like, "Eh i found my pen here." Weird. (And now when i think of the things that happened to some people who have visited the bridge i.e. they complained about their keys found hidden underneath the car seat and etc., I started to believe that I had the same experience like them). I was very sure that i kept searching the pen for full five minutes before i even saw it in between of my thighs. Can you explain to me what had happened to my pen? wtf. And yes, the pen's position is vertical. (pen in black, and thighs in blue) Check out the pic that i drew if you don't understand.

Imagine when you cross your legs, you'll notice your legs look like a love shape. And then the pen is standing and it's in a vertical position. (I told you i have checked it so many times and i didn't see the pen).

My personal opinion:

Ghosts don't know they are dead. E.g. Theorosa keeps looking for her baby and haunts the bridge till now.

The bridge at the creek - the whole environment there is gloomy and sad. And when the sky is getting dark, it's so eerie because places other than the theorosa's bridge are not as dark as the bridge's location. I saw more lights at places nearby, compared to the bridge.


I think i didn't spend enough time at the bridge because some people wanted to go home early and it was getting dark. They said there's a lot of mosquitos and i really didn't see and feel it cos mosquitos just don't like my blood.

I spent most of my time using my eyes to see what i wanna see and was enjoying myself at the bridge. You might wonder, "what's so interesting about it?" I don't know the answer, but i guess i really pity theorosa and her baby, and the bridge too. I love to visit historical places and this bridge is not only historic, but it's also haunted.

I didn't call out, "Theorosa, I have your baby here" three times because I just don't feel like doing it. But i did tell na that if we call out her name and tell her we have her baby, theorosa will push us to the river. I find it a bit nuisance, but i NEVER try it. I will call it out the next time IF i ever go there again. And this time it will be at night time!

I saw lighting orbs when i was talking to na and friends. I was like..."ah..what's that?" And those lighting orbs are not ghost but they are fireflies!!! The fireflies are all yellow (the color of the lights).

I read comments somewhere in the net saying there's a flag with 13 colonies. Hmm.. i didn't notice there's a flag at all. Also, I didn't hear any weird sounds such as the indian drums, baby's cries or any yelling. I didn't smell anything at the bridge. No bad or good smell. Nothing.

If i ever go there again, i will use most of my senses to understand and get the whole feeling of this. But, this time i only use most of my eyes to see things. I SEE more than I SMELL, I HEAR, I TOUCH, and i don't taste. wtf. what should i taste? tell me.

Please don't litter or else you'll pay the price.

More about the haunted bridge.
The most frequently asked questions are as follow:

1. How to go there? Where is the exact location of the bridge?
Theorosa's bridge is located at W 109th St and N Meridian St. If you are coming all the way from Wichita, you must head north.

- Take I-135 N/KS-15 N/US-81 N
- Take exit 19 to 101st St
- Turn left (L) at E 101st St N
- Turn right (R) at N Meridian St

You are now at N Meridian St. Keep driving until you see 109th St. Once you see 109th St, turn to your L, keep driving and you will see the cement bridge with spray paint. Good luck!

Here's a map to help you out.

Map to Theorosa's Bridge at Valley Center, KS

View Larger Map

2. Do you have any advice for us who are interested in visiting the bridge? What to do and not to do?
If you would like to visit the place for the sake of looking around and see how beautiful is the bridge, my advice to you is go there during daytime or before sunset. You won't be able to enjoy the view at night. If you would like to hunt a ghost and experience the creepiness of the bridge, go there at night! Please do not litter and vandalize the bridge. There's a sign of "No trespassing" at one side of the bridge. It's your own risk if you wanna go down the bridge. Be careful of getting caught by police!

3. What are the things that I should bring?
The most important thing is of course, camera. You may want to take pictures of the bridge and the creek. Remember to have your battery fully charged. Bring a flashlight if you are going at night. And your cellphone too. :0)

p/s: Visit this bridge if you have the chance. Explore the eerieness and creepiness of this bridge by yourself.

Sue: I'm going to take a few days rest after writing this post (if you believe me). Please comment-lah! No comments and responses make my life so dull. Please support...thank you. Ohhhh btw, if you have any questions about the location of this bridge or any questions that you wanna ask, feel free to ask. I am more than happy to tell you what i know and what i experienced! Bye~


G√ľnter said...

pffft, the bible could not be longer........
but the story is horrible :)

LiLy said...

wow. a long post.
i have waited it for so long. hehe.
it was kind of scary >.<

Sue said...

gunter: really? hope u love it...din see your comment recently.

lily: kaka....finally part 3 is here.

Lina said...

first at all, I LOOK HORROR in that photo! 2nd, KC got think of bring flashlight but i say, nah.. no need! and, DUN DO ANYTHING if u go thr, or DUN GO THR anymore. i dun suggest u go again. not good, PLZ!!! about ghost stuff, i dunno got ghost o not, but how about it really got ghost? they dun kacau us, and we dont go kacau them. Oh yeah, i;m kind of weird, sometime i was thinking, WAT IF I SUDDENLY DIE but I dunno it .. this kind of feeling is scare huh

Sue said...

na: so he doesn't wanna go again? i wish to go. kc sounds like a grumpy old man!! kaka...
btw you look fine!! cheers~

Lina said...

nono, is me say that, NOT KC!!! u say i old women!! whahaha

Sue said...

kaka no no not old woman but ah po :P just jk! it sounds like kc is lecturing you....doesn't sound like u at all..wuahahahahah (i can even imagine kc lecturing u :P)

Sue said...

From Urae: I don't think you finding your pen after searching for it for five minutes is anything 'paranormal.' I've done that myself, actually. It's like a law of the universe that, if you're trying to find something, you won't find it until you're not looking for it anymore.

Lots of nice photographs, though :)

Urae: yeahh i totally agree with your last sentence cos it always happen to me. Sorry Urae cos i was only able to view half of your comment about searching the pen. i thought your comment was for the latest entry and i found it unrelated. my mistake!! here i copied your comment i got it from my email. :) cheers~