Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Korean Again

An-yong ha-se-yo! (means welcome in korean).

I had Korean food again, yesterday. Me and WK dined at a restaurant which is located at North Rock Road. You might think I love Korean food alot, but you were wrong! I think Korean food is just okay. I remember few years back, I didn't even wanna try (so stubborn!). At that time, I only knew Korean food was spicy and cold, but now I know the food is actually CSS.

This restaurant is called Hot Stone-Korean Grill. I give credit to the restaurant's name 'cos the dish that I ordered was really spicy, but I still don't think it's spicy enough to make me sweat! (i can eat v-e-r-y very spicy, lol). I just dislike some Asian restaurants that I had been to in the states. I ordered spicy food alot last time but it all came out to be "un-spicy." I just don't understand. Maybe it's because the chefs don't dare/want to cook spicy or very spicy knowing that Americans can't really eat spicy (hot). The chefs can alter the spiciness for you according to your need. In the menu, you can choose from mild, medium spicy or very spicy. Even before you choose which spiciness you want, the food is mild. For example, food A that you order is a medium spicy by itself. Waiters will ask you would you like it to be 1) spicy 2) spicier 3) spiciest. Okay you want the spiciest but the food will normally end up - spicy.

I do think most Asian restaurants in the states altered the taste and spiciness to suit Americans' taste/flavor. They (the restaurants) americanized the food so that Americans can eat Asian food with happiness. But we, Asian people eat americanized asian food with unhappiness. As the saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Anyway, I have no problem (but just picky on what to put into my mouth).

Hot stone-see the flame?

Nice decoration

Lovely settings

Each table has a rose

The rose

This pic looks dark because this part of the restaurant don't have lights actually.

The appetizer:

Miso soup? (got small tofu in it)

Kim Chi (vegetable pickle)

The entree:

Teriyaki chicken (slices of chicken with teriyaki sauce and sesame seed)

Spicy chicken (bean curd noodle, chicken in cube size, onion, carrot, bell pepper and sesame seed)

Both dishes are served with rice.

We reached this Hot Stone at around 4.30p.m. and then we were served by the boss (I think he is the owner of the restaurant based on his look - Never judge a book by its cover, huh?). He also cooked for us, so he might be the owner and a chef too. At that time, he was the only person working in the restaurant. Later on, a young man came in to help him which I think he might be his son, because they look ALIKE. (bored story *yawn*)

Since the restaurant is so beautiful and attractive, I had the sudden urge to take a look at the restroom (and take some photos too :P). I was curious to know if the restroom would look attractive and beautiful.

The door and a painting

Simple and clean :P

Sue's rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

Choose one of the following options that best described your experience:
a) hate it
b) like it
c) love it


Chris Thoo said...

oh my god!!!
gosh, i miss you!!
how are you???
add me la if you have msn

G√ľnter said...

Hey Sue
Consists your life only to eat? :D

Sue said...

chris: ok i will :P

gunter: nay! haha getting bored to my blog alr?

601M said...

The restaurant looks so cheap from outside, but the interior is quite a contrary!

Love it? I wonder how much do they pay you for the endorsement ;).

PS 1: the side dishes look amazing, and plenty...
PS 2: Next time go there ask for discount, and show ur blog to them :)

Sue said...

ed: good suggestion! i wish i can earn from this entry!

lina said...

the food nice ka? i passby there almost everyday but never try it.. the food macam very expensive!! eh want to go newton? then u can take lots of donut photos!

Sue said...

the food not bad! the price is a lil expensive. i wan i wan!! love donutsss....hoops n yoyo love donuts too :)

lina said...

yaya, actually i want to go tonite, manatahu hujan...