Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Manicure Pen

WARNING! This is going to be a bored entry. Think twice before you read it!

I just bought a so called multi function manicure pen. It consists of a ball point pen which has a built in emery board, cuticle pusher, and nail cleaner. I bought this pen because I think it would be useful for me when I'm on the go.

4 in 1

I regretted buying this pen although it costs me only $2.10 after tax. I like the fact that this pen has few functions but I was disappointed when I found out this pen is not as good as I expected. I should have known it since this pen is quite cheap for a multi function pen.

I'm going to show you pictures on how to use this pen. Very easy. (I can simply copy the pictures from the website, but I think this is not creative. So I asked WK to take the pictures for me :P)

Multi function manicure pen:

Function no. 1:

File your nail

Function no. 2

Cuticle pusher

Function no. 3

Nail cleaner

Function no.4

Writing pen

This pen is so horrible (the ink). Bad bad bad ink. I just hate pens that have broken ink because I love to write. Being a "writer", I need good pens although I have quite a lot of them when I worked at the doctor's office last time. The drug reps gave us a lot of pens for free. Nvm since I only need the first 3 functions.

I find it funny when the website says:

"High quality ball point writing pen always available" - this is not a high quality pen, mind you! Hate liars!

"Features and Benefits:

  • Durable emery board lasts 20x longer than others
  • Cuticle pusher with concave shape to offer more control
  • Pointed tip for precision cuticle grooming or fingernail cleaning
  • High quality ball point writing pen always available "

**Copied directly from the website**

p/s: bored~ pls let me know if you feel the same too. More interesting entries are coming up!! :P


601M said...

How do expect a guy to leave a msg on the post like this?

Give you a double face :(;

I cant see the pictures, not loading...


Sue said...

ed: huh?? the pictures are fine when i load it...lala wtever!!

lina said...

whr u buy? eh tml nite go newton!

Sue said...

walmart lo..kaka...yes yes newton here i come!!