Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot and Sunny Day

Super hot and sunny day! Phewww~~ Here's a piece of advice on how to survive a hot and sunny day~

  • Try cold drinks such as bubble tea

      • Go to Dollar Tree store to hide from sunshine. I bought yoyos (not hoops&yoyo) and coloring books for the monkeys.

      • Take scenery pictures. I took these pictures of dandelion clocks near the golf course. There are just lovely.

      Americans love the sun, sunshine and tanning looks. They have tanning shops too.

      Asians hate the sun, sunshine and tanning looks. They want to be as fair as they can. So now you know why does Shiseido exist at the first place?

      Americans love summer day because they have four seasons and only get to enjoy lots of sunshine during the summer time. The rest of the seasons have sunshine too, but it just won't be as warm as summer season.

      If you love to have summer all year round, the best place to live is Malaysia where you get a lot of sunshine, and rain. But Msia's hotness and US's hotness is different. For my case, I can get dark easily if I don't use umbrella in Msia but in US, I don't need to. Also, I notice Americans they don't use umbrellas because they just love to be under the sun.

      I remembered when i first came to the states i used umbrella too. They (the Americans) were looking at me with a sarcastic smile. I understand why they looked at me with that kind of smile. It is funny everytime i reminisce this "umbrella moment." They just don't understand how hot it can be in Asian countries and Africa. In US, if you ever spot someone with an umbrella, it won't be American, it must be an international student.

      Here's an interesting pic that i took:

      Have they ever heard of skin cancer? I bet they don't. But this romantic couple really enjoys the sunshine though.

      p/s: The term "monkeys" is referring to my niece and nephew because they are naughty and just can't stop jumping around. I bet they love bananas too. :P

      Up next: The Haunted Bridge. Stay tuned!


      Miss C said...

      Hi darling laughing Sue! This is my 1st time leaving comment on your entry. I envy your simple yet so happy life at the States; adoring beautiful things in life like the sun and dandelion clocks! It's all I've EVER WANTED actually. Now working here in Malaysia, earning money, to do my Masters there one day...! ^^

      Lina said...

      whr did u buy the boba? not from BOBA zone right? i have it this petang, i always tell myself, "hey dun buy any more...mahal..." in the end... ai..

      Sue said...

      cindy: Omg!! 1st MDG is here! Cindy, I am glad you left me a comment. And i feel very excited actually. Cos today i just thought about you thinking, "Haih, would cindy ever gonna leave me a comment at my blog?" :P Anyway, I wish you luck in your future undertakings!! Just be yourself and life has its ups and downs. cheers~ *winks*

      na: oh the boba tea, bought at lollipop-near thai binh there. 2 large bobas cost only 5.90. much cheaper than boba zone. don't go there. BZ sucks! :P

      601M said...

      'Live Traffic Feed'?

      You got to be freaking kidding me...

      Seems like you visit your blog alot ;0)


      Sue said...

      ** LTV is not used to monitor my own visit!