Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Taste of Heaven

Oh wow! What a title! :P. Anyway, I'm going to start off with "How To Make a Jelly Dessert." This is my version of "ai yu bing" that we can find at pasar malam (night market).

The ingredients for the jelly dessert are as follow:
a. limes
b. jelly in can
c. sugar
d. honey
e. hua mui
f. water

I don't have exact measurements for this dessert, 'cos I get used to estimation. For the limes - you can use one lime for a pint. Jelly - one can of jelly can make two pints. Sugar - I just pour enough sugar in the pot to boil. You can use 6 tablespoons of sugar for two pints (depending on how much water you put to boil the sugar) Honey - 3 tablespoons for two pints. Hua mui - 3 to 4 pcs in a pint.

Ai yu jelly in can, limes, honey and sugar

"hua mui" - don't remember the english name for this

First, remove the jelly from can. Remember to wash the jelly and cut it into cubes just like the pic shown below.


Then, cut and squeeze the limes into a bowl or a container. I prefer to put the lime juice in quarts or pints. (Depending on how much jelly dessert you wanna make, I used five limes and two cans of jelly for this time)

Next, boil the granulated sugar in a pot. Stir the sugar until it dissolved and become liquid. For honey, pour the honey in a small bowl and stir with boiling water or it won't mix with the dessert.

Boiling the sugar..(bubbles bubbles)

Dissolved honey

Once sugar and honey are done, pour them into the pints. Then, put hua mui in it.

Sugar, honey, jelly and hua mui in a pint

For 2 cans of jelly and 5 limes, I could make up to 2 quarts and 2 pints.

Finally, mix some water into the pints and quarts as shown below. Stir well.

Ready to refrigerate. Put in fridge for one night to get a better taste.

Serve with ice cubes for cooler effect. Chill it out~~

Yummy jelly dessert!!


Günter said...

wow, this dish is a bomb of calories :)

Sue said...

once in a while is okay :)

Günter said...

thats right and it looks really appetizing

lina said...

hey, where to buy the HUA MUI? my air liur keep coming out now

Sue said...

gunter: it does!

na: bought from ny. thai binh one not good..diff kind..sometimes they have it too.