Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sweating like hell...

Hot weather makes me feel uncomfy. Each and every part of my body is sweating. My butt too...yes please don't laugh!

Boring merdeka day.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Merdeka

Merdeka...merdeka is tomorrow...

51 years of independence...are you excited about it?

p/s: another bored entry again.. :P


Friday, August 29, 2008


The more i sleep the lazier i become. zzZzZzzzz

Christopher's birthday is coming...yohooo!!

I will give him something he has always wanted. He always come to my room and tells me he wants the eagle. It's a plush toy. And i always tell him, no!

Yesterday i wrapped it in a candy shape and i inserted a 3d disney the cars stickers. He will be very surprised with the gifts!

No mood to write long because i feel bored with entry with no pics.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hunting, hunting, hunting. It's job hunting season.

Lazy to blog.

Bye! xyz.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Siti Bedah

I killed another cockroach today :P. And this time around he was spotted at my dining room. wtf!! My house is very clean but i don't understand where the hell he came from. Maybe it's from the kitchen or from the neighbors' house.

Today i went to telekom store due to some issue on the telephone bill. I can speak fluently in malay and can write fairly well. But when i was writing my complaint on the complaint form i realized my bm has weaken alot. The part where it says, "Nyatakan bantahan anda" and i was like...errr...I asked the staff how to write it and she says, "Ohh just explain what you have just told me." I almost wanted to tell her i don't remember how to write in bm. And i wrote, "Panggilan itu tidak mungkin lebih dari satu jam kerana biasanya kurang dari satu minit." haha...

Called siti bedah and we talked on the phone for half an hour. Siti is one of my closest malay friends. I remember we used to go for movies and people always think that she is a chinese and i am a malay girl because my complexion is darker when i was in high school. Talking to bedah makes me feel like my bm has weaken too. Sounds like those ah moi who can't speak proper malay. :P I miss siti bedah!!!

p/s: I am trying to contact my long lost friends. I really hope to meet them up since i haven't seen them for quite some time. Please email me so that i can contact you guys.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Piak Piak

Right after writing my entry of "Matters of Consequence" i went to the restroom. I saw a big insect that i dislike very much. It is a cockroach.

I got so excited to do some killing thus i busied myself to find some newspaper. I couldn't think of anything but newspaper. Having the warrior blood in me i folded the newspaper few times so that it became thick. I tip-toed to the restroom and hit the cockroach many times to ensure it has no more breath to live! "piak" "piak" "piak." I am the killer!!! Hahahaa.... No, no not yet. It hasn't die!

But the cockroach was so strong and since it possessed a living spirit that is stronger than any human beings alive, it ran to hide underneath a shelf. I made sure that it comes out of the shelf and i want to make sure he is dead. Here he came and "piak" "piak" "piak" again. Finally, it died. Gosh~ It takes almost forever to kill this dirty insect. I buried him in the newspaper and threw him in a trash bin. He finally r.i.p. Amen.

Cockroach is dirty and you can't let them go! They will have more and more babies and live in your house forever to eat and sleep with you. Hell no!!

I have finished reading the little prince and i want to share some quotes with you.

1) What is essential is invisible to the eye

2) "The eyes are blind. One must look with the heart..."

A very meaningful quotes that one must take the heart to understand them.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matters of Consequence

Alright i am back again but with no pics in this entry...

My connection speed is less than 50Kbps so you can imagine how hard it is for me to surf the net. But i am glad that i can still online and update my blog. It's really hard for me to think of what to write without posting pics for my blog entry.

I contacted some of my friends and they were surprised that i finally came back to where i belong. They even "scolded" me for not letting them know in advance that i am back. I guess there's no difference to me if i tell them earlier or later after all i am just lazy to go out...:P

I enjoy being at home watching cartoons, tv, having enough sleep and send out smses. I am currently reading The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a french writer who wrote this lovely book, and this is my favorite book of all time. I read this book over and over again and i never get bored of it. :P This book has only 90 pages and i'd like to inform you that this is NOT a children's book. (Same goes to cartoons. Cartoons are not only for children!!) This book is suitable for all ages and it talks about matters of consequence.

It also remind us of how grown-ups always focus on matters of consequence and always forget what is important in their life. In each planets the little prince visited, he meets with a king who is powerful and likes to command people, he encounters with a conceited man who only wants to hear praises from other men, a tippler who is ashamed of himself therefore he drinks to forget, he also meets with a businessman who is greedy and only wants to acquire more possessions and etc.

The author dedicated this book to Leon Werth and he mentions in the excerpt, "All grown-ups were once children - although few of them remember it." This sentence is meaningful to me and it makes me think a lot of my childhood memories and my future.

I like the fact that this book reminds me how i have changed to a grown-up and how i forget that i used to be a child. A child is naive and innocent. They don't think much to live their life. They enjoy talking, eating and jumping around just like my monkeys. When i see them so playful, i become happy. Take some time to reminisce your childhood even if you don't have the time.

As an adult, we think about work, money and relationship. No money no talk. What a pathetic world! Adult life is equivalent to material world. Agree???

p/s: Continue to read the little prince...bye!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Photos


This is ridiculous. It took me forever to upload a photo to my blog. I tried to upload five photos at once but it didn't work. Please tell me what to do. Maybe i should write my blog without uploading pics? Or you might have to bear with me and read my blog without having the pleasure to view my photos. After some time (very soon) you will only see pics in my blog with no words, all pics. Good idea?

Before i start, pls let me release my anger here and pls allow me to say a few bad words. I don't wanna frighten you with my words. I think it's okay for bloggers to write "fuck" or "fucking" when they wanna express their anger in their own blog. I thought of it for some time if i should write it in my blog. Last time i really wanna put the words here but i ended up censoring it. Now i won't censor it anymore because those are the best words to describe my anger. Whoever invented the word "fuck," you did a great job!

I am so fucking angry because a fucking person made my day a fucking bad day. Ok. I feel better now...hahahahaa.

I am going to put more pictures of food as gunter has requested. I know lina wants to see my pretty face also...:)

ops is raining now...i need to run otherwise the lighting/thunder will damage my built-in modem...will post only pictures on my next entry. bye!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally back home. ~Home Sweet Home~

What is better than home? Nothing...

I'll try my best to blog because the connection is so slow here - it's a dial up connection(laughing to herself) no more wireless and LAN connection for me....connection keeps disconnecting. **sob sob** will get my wireless connection when i move. Whattt?? move again? God knows how many times i have moved and move...i will keep moving until the earth stops. She moves, I move. :P

Just finished unpacking my stuffs. It took me a week to unpack them. Packed and lazed in between so total is a week. Actual days were 3 days 3 nites.

No pics will be shown because my room is my privacy. Ohh, maybe i can show you "my collection."

1. My coming posts will be uploaded with pics of food, food and food. Please bear with me :P. It seems like i can't stop eating huh? Yes, you are absolutely right! But i'll keep checking on my weight on a daily basis, just like i what i did in ny.

5. Places i miss alot - Jaya Jusco food court, Watson's, Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid, mamak stall, pasar malam (pm) and etc.
Been to Jaya jusco and pm. Wanted to buy a slice of secret recipe's choc banana cake but it costs rm6.50 per slice. And this slice is smaller unlike 2 years ago.

6. Food i miss alot - Laksa, nasi lemak, ban mee, wonton mee, dry noodle, soup noodle, chicken rice, nga choi kai, chap fan (mixed rice), dim sum, pm food, mamak food such as tose and roti canai, satay and lots more. *drooling*
Ate laksa, wonton mee, soup noodle, chicken rice and pm food.

7. Beverages i miss so much - iced lemon tea, fresh fruit juice, honey dew bubble tea, abc, mun tou long, iced coffee, teh ais, and etc.
Drank iced lemn tea and honey dew bubble tea.

p/s to na: i wanna cry after seeing all those prices! let you know on the phone.

p/p/s: thanks to my readers who keep reading and supporting my blog. I really appreciate you guys!

to be continued...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boring Place

Hello guyss....i am now at tao yuan airport at taipei. Spent 12 hours and 35 minutes in the plane from lax to taipei. Then now i'm here for one and a half hour at the airport updating my blog. Now is 5.45a.m..

So many troubles from destination a to b, b to c, c to d, d to e and finally e to f. This airport is so small and short? (not tall) like wichita airport. Very old and the toilets are also very smelly and cute. haha..

I got take pic of the toilet will post it later.

Sei haopo made me so down after listening to her voice on the phone. Laughing can be contagious, so do crying. I DIDN'T CRY, but i did wet my eyes for few seconds...+ ___ +

klia is way way much better in terms of the deco and display. ok ciao!

p/s: brb

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secret Place

I'm going to a place where most people would like/dislike to go depending on your purpose of going there. If you are picking family or friends, you'll be happy to go to that place. But if you are sending people off to somewhere else, you might be feeling unhappy.

This place is the scariest place i've ever been. It's a boring and crowded place. Strangers are everywhere. The most pitiful thing is going to this place alone, without companion. I hate carrying my laptop with me. It's fuck*ng heavy. I wish he was here with me. I don't wanna sit with unknown passengers. I just want to sit with wk.

p/s: Comments are off. Please leave your comments at my chatterbox and i'll reply them asap. Hope to see more comments when i'm back to Laughing Sue. Brb. xyz

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pack, Pack & Pack

I hate to move out.

I hate moving from one place to another.

I hate to move from one state to another state.

I even hate moving from one country to another country. I used to be very excited about it. Not anymore because there are a lot of things that i need to think and pack.

Everything will be new again although i already got used to the weather, environment and people that i'm so familiar with. What i don't need to get used to is the food and beverages that i miss and love so much!! I've been longing them for now and ever... (thinking of yummy food now... *drools*)

I hate being a nomad. I have been a nomad for seven years. Yes tujuh tahun.

But what i don't hate is to be with my family and return to where i belong. To my single bed. To my blue dolphin curtain. To my office desk and to my quiet bedroom.

Don't ask me how i feel now. I really don't know. Mixed feelings? Maybe. Excited? Perhaps. Sad and gloomy? Hmm...? I can't use adjective to describe my feelings because one or two adjective(s) is/are not suitable to describe them, or mix those adjective together. Please don't ask how i feel. One thing for sure is that people who's seeing me soon will ask me the same question i.e. "How do you feel?" My reply will be - Okay gua... And then na just asks me, "How is your feeling now?" She's the one whom i spent most of the time with in these two months. We spent most of the time having supper and window shopping (ws) but our ws always end up shopping. Haha so fun. I'll be missing her... + ___ +

What makes me happy:


Half-boiled egg


Half-boiled egg + soy sauce + pepper


Mix no. 2 and slurrppp


Going to shopping


Trying all the clothes that i like at the same time. Guess which one i bought?


Chicken wings with samurai delicious but a bit salty... the waitress threw away the few wings left on the plate when we (na and i) actually asked her to tapau. *sad* Pity wk. He didn't get to eat the wings :(. When i showed him this picture he was like, "Wow so beautiful the wings!" And i told him hooters' staffs boobs are more beautiful. Don't believe me?


Pretty face and nice boobs right? Now you believe me, huh?? Unfortunately, the waitress who served us doesn't have big boobs actually. Haha me being horny again :P (Wondering if hooters' double o stands for women's boobs. Oh no! I just discovered hooters is not only = boobs but also bOObs.)

hooters=boobs (figuratively)
hooters=bOObs (literally)

In a nutshell:

hOOters=bOObs. Ok enough of b**bies. I'm afraid this entry will invite perverts to my blog. I hate perverts.


Margaritas for supper. Ohh margaritas complete our life!

What makes me unhappy:


See the white bubbles? The white bubbles are fat. Yes FAT. Yuck!!


Don't just rinse meats with water. Make sure you boil them and rinse with water again. Otherwise your stomach will be full of these fats....

Gtg, byebye!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yeahhh Beijing Olympic!! :P

In chinese, 8 means prosperous, that' why chinese people like 8 so much. In cantonese, it's called "fatt" and not fat or fart. Oh i'm so lame... haha

Overseas chinese are proud with this special day which is the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games. Although i'm not born in china but my origin is from china that's why i'm proud to have chinese blood in me! If you are an oversea chinese, never ever tell people you are chinese, because they might think you are from china. I see some international students from malaysia who came to the states and tell people they are "chinese." You might confused the ang mohs. So let them know you are malaysian if you are one. Why not chinese? This is because you were born in malaysia, and therefore you are malaysian! Why not malaysian chinese? This is so lame i tell you. You are not like abc (american born chinese) so you cannot tell people, "Oh i am malaysian chinese." I can tell you i am proud to be "malaysian" because i was born to be one. However, i wouldn't tell people that i have chinese origin, and explain ohh my ancestors were from china and etc..

Needless to say much, once i open my mouth and talk...people will think i am chinese because i speak chinese dialects. I am confused now...Hmmm....I am chinese actually, i am malaysian who am i? Malaysian or chinese? We are Malaysians.

p/s: Above statements do not have issue of racism. However, if you smell one, please let me know. And if you really think those statements are racist, please don't read my blog! Thanks~

Ohhh I love fish as a pet and i like to eat fish too. Pictures were taken at Petco. I don't know their names 'cos some of them have long names. I only know gold fish~I like the background color - blue. I am very satisfied with these pics taken by me.

Gold fish

Pictures of hamsters.

This hamster plays nonstop. Wondering if he ever feel dizzy?

This one very active.

Some were sleeping. Look at the white and brown hamsters. I think they are kissing with their sleeping position. So sweet. Oh waitt..maybe they are drinking water. whatever~ (8/7)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Butter My Butter

The days are counting...

Finally bought a journal that i have always wanted from barnes and noble. It's just a small journal so that i can write something when i'm on the go. I also bought a bookmark that is very soft and cute. I've never seen this kind of bookmark before so i end up buying it. There are few types of animal and insect such as bee, kitten, frog and etc., but this is the cutest of all. :)

I don't know the what kind of animal is this but it's called Butter. Let's call Butter a her. :P Tell me what you think she looks like. Butter is sleeping on my lovely journal.

I wish this bookmark is not purple. Dislike purple but i think Butter looks good in purple.

She looks so innocent. Oh there is one kitten bookmark who looks super innocent especially the eyes. I don't like cats or kittens. A bee is cute too but it looks dirty. :P

Butter: Hello, will you take me home?
Sue: Yes I do!! But let me check on other animals first.

When i see something that i really like, i always don't buy it. I always doubt and think very long if i should buy it, will it waste my money, am i going to keep it in the drawer and it goes on. I can look at one item for half an hour or more and end up - leaving the store with nothing. I won't blame myself for sitting/standing at the place and keep staring, looking, examining the item if it has any flaw on it. Sometimes, i will go back to the store for the 2nd time and buy the item that i want. Most of the time if i see something i really like i'd buy it. I don't know what makes me so hard to decide. Goshhhh.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hapi Mummy, Hapi Sue

Aussie craves.....out out out back back back....outback!!!

I had my dinner at Outback Steakhouse. This restaurant's food and service are excellent, but it's a bit pricey. The mode of lighting is kinda dark, and it's romantic. But i still prefer bright lighting. So most of the pics were taken without flash.

Outback Steakhouse.



The bread - foc

Blooming onion with its special sauce - delicious appetizer~~

Bbq mixed grill - one of the Summer Days Aussie Craves entrees. On the plate - Baby rib, bbq chicken, coconut shrimps, french beans and corn. The shrimps are yummy!!

My all time favorite - Chicken griller

Chicken griller also. Look at the heart-shaped meat. I only ate the chicken. The rest were not okay such as the rice, mushroom, pineapple and etc.


With flash. Accidentally took this pic with flash. *paiseh*

With-out flash, romantic??

Margarita...light tequila+orange accents+lemon+lime+orange juices.

I felt like i'm in heaven. Woahahaha..The waiter asked for my id when i ordered this cocktail. My look is too young for this, i know :P

House salad. I shouldn't have ordered this 'cos i couldn't finish the blooming onion.

Unfinished onion. This onion is really big!

Leftover food. Ta pau home.

I had a very very full dinner because i finished half of the margarita and a full glass of iced water before i left. I spent my dinner for about an hour and then i went to watch The Mummy. I made my decision at the last minute to watch the movie. I actually "carried" my tummy to cinema because i couldn't stand straight (imagine i carry my tummy when i walk :D).

Watched The Mummy. Very few people in the auditorium. This movie is good, at least i understand the story line better than The Dark Knight! Anyway, I still love the joker. muakss...

Only this ah pek was seen in this theater when i walked in.

Jet Li is so "man" in the movie....wOooowww wowoow. He looks so leng chai in the armor that he's wearing. Isabella Leong also featured in the movie. Her makeup changes constantly and i couldn't really recognize her look.

Ohh the funniest part of the movie is when a "snowman" which looks like a gorilla...a "white gorilla" is thinking if it should attack John Hannah because the gorilla is supposed to fight with the chinese soldiers at the Himalayan mountain.

Yeahhh, two-thumbs up for the mummy!

For the arcade game, i tried my luck at the disney charm machine and i finally got the snow white. Yeahhh!! Cindrella where are you?? :(

Snow white

p/s: Was very happy indeed. Enjoyed my chicken griller and blooming onion to the max, and the margarita too. But during that time, i felt like time passed so fast and i didn't realize it's almost an hour when i was ready to pay my bill. And now, i still think of my wonderful dinner was a very short one. (8/4)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pissed Off

Libra 9/23-10/22

Yes libra, libra people, librarian? libran?? Libra people pissed me off. Arrgghh.

Whenever i ask libran questions, libran pisses me off. Libran always give me neutral answers and never take on any side. Being neutral is safe, yes very safe. No, you are wrong!!

What made me mad was i needed to repeat my question so many times, and then only libran answered my question. What's angrier was that i need to emphasize again, was it A or B? This libran told me it was a little bit of both. And the answer that this libran gave seems to confuse me alot. If you are a libran who matches my description, please avoid talking to me like this or i'll chop off your head! It's okay for me if it happens once or twice but when it happens N times, god knows how i'd feel. Try to put your hands on fire and tell me how's your feeling. That's how i feel.

Comments are off.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shoo Away Unwanted "Heads"

The answer for last post is LIP BALM. Nobody guessed it right! Sigh~

Guys, please stay and continue to read my blog! This entry is not only suitable for female, but also for male readers.

Recently if you noticed, i have chosen to blog every other day. Too busy to blog actually.
Anyway, I'm going to recommend you a good product. Okay, everyone has blackheads. The difference is whether you have a lot of them or very few of them. This is not my MAIN concern but my other concern is greater than this. (will blog about it when i feel like doing so)

This product is called blackhead eraser where you can remove some, if not all your blackheads or whiteheads. It comes with an applicator (the product), 20 pads and 1-AA battery. You can also buy the refill (pads) separately after finish using the pads.

I'd really love to show you the result of before and after doing this blackheads removing, but apparently when i took the photos, there's like no difference on the pictures. (my camera can't zoom too close -__-)

The head of the applicator. Taken from top.

How to use this product:

1. You need to install the battery first
2. Attach a medicated pad to the head - purple side up
3. Wet the pad
4. Turn on the device and move the medicated pad on your face in a circular motion. Do it slowly. (Wet your face with warm water before doing this step)
5. Turn off the device after cleansing.
6. Dispose pad after each use.

But the good news is that, if your concern is not blackheads/whiteheads you may use this to smooth out your skin. It really works because after using this product, you'll see immediate result! Your skin becomes smoother and shinier (esp. if you have dull complexion). Also i recommend you to use pore cleansing strips after using the blackhead eraser. The result is WOooowW! (sound too good to be true?) Oh another thing is that this eraser is water resistant and meant for use in shower.

Pore cleansing strip of any brand is good to use

The medicated pad - this side is in purple

The other side is in white. This pic is taken after I have used it. (You need to pull this out from the applicator after using it)

You can use this 3-4 times a week but i think once or twice a week is sufficient depending on your skin condition. Or maybe you can use it everytime before you attend parties/functions. Pore cleansing strips cannot be used too often cos it'll dry up your skin. Use it once or twice a week.

p/s: If you are interested in buying this product, you can get it at any departmental store if they have it. Please don't ask me where to buy it. If you wanna know about the brand and price, email me instead. :) Please don't put the brand name under comment section 'cos i'll delete your comments. Btw, this is not an advertorial.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Quiz of the Day

Hot weather can make me burn, and melt like a candle. Make sure you use sunscreen before going out or else you'll get burned like a grilled chicken.

Safari collection: zebra (Z) and giraffe (G)

Quiz of the day

Z&G say: We have travelled four days through a courier. We were packed in a box and wanted to come out and jump from the truck, but we are afraid of height. Nobody helped us. When we reached our destination, we were sweating like hell. We never sweat before because we are not like humans. We felt like taking shower before seeing our owner. *embarrassed*

The "bubbles" can be seen on the surface. Click to enlarge.

"I am not an egg tart"

Sweating - Check out the "water drops".

I have never seen these things "sweat." Hot sun is not only killing the homo sapiens but also non homo sapiens.

p/s: Items shown above are not consumable. Make a guess and let me know what they are. No prizes for those who guess the right answer. :)