Friday, August 8, 2008


Yeahhh Beijing Olympic!! :P

In chinese, 8 means prosperous, that' why chinese people like 8 so much. In cantonese, it's called "fatt" and not fat or fart. Oh i'm so lame... haha

Overseas chinese are proud with this special day which is the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games. Although i'm not born in china but my origin is from china that's why i'm proud to have chinese blood in me! If you are an oversea chinese, never ever tell people you are chinese, because they might think you are from china. I see some international students from malaysia who came to the states and tell people they are "chinese." You might confused the ang mohs. So let them know you are malaysian if you are one. Why not chinese? This is because you were born in malaysia, and therefore you are malaysian! Why not malaysian chinese? This is so lame i tell you. You are not like abc (american born chinese) so you cannot tell people, "Oh i am malaysian chinese." I can tell you i am proud to be "malaysian" because i was born to be one. However, i wouldn't tell people that i have chinese origin, and explain ohh my ancestors were from china and etc..

Needless to say much, once i open my mouth and talk...people will think i am chinese because i speak chinese dialects. I am confused now...Hmmm....I am chinese actually, i am malaysian who am i? Malaysian or chinese? We are Malaysians.

p/s: Above statements do not have issue of racism. However, if you smell one, please let me know. And if you really think those statements are racist, please don't read my blog! Thanks~

Ohhh I love fish as a pet and i like to eat fish too. Pictures were taken at Petco. I don't know their names 'cos some of them have long names. I only know gold fish~I like the background color - blue. I am very satisfied with these pics taken by me.

Gold fish

Pictures of hamsters.

This hamster plays nonstop. Wondering if he ever feel dizzy?

This one very active.

Some were sleeping. Look at the white and brown hamsters. I think they are kissing with their sleeping position. So sweet. Oh waitt..maybe they are drinking water. whatever~ (8/7)


Lina said...

good shot! ur photography skill get better! i like to eat fish, but i hate fish bone

Lina said...

Yes, we r malaysian chinese! when i went to chinatown, got a taiwanese LAO CHA BO asked," r u guy from taiwan/china(i not really remember) but i very SHUANG, coz once they said TAIWAN o CHINA, mean ur chinese accent are more Accurate! and i say, NO i'm MA-LAY-Si-YA Hua Qiao (malaysian chinese)

Susan said...

aiyooo wrong wrong wrong.....NOT malaysian MALAYSIAN!!!

G√ľnter said...

the photos of the fishes are wonderful
I saw such wonderful fishes live in the Red Sea the last 2 weeks when I spend there in Egyptland my holidays

Susan said...

so cool~~ i bet u enjoyed your holidays huh? nice fishes~