Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hapi Mummy, Hapi Sue

Aussie craves.....out out out back back back....outback!!!

I had my dinner at Outback Steakhouse. This restaurant's food and service are excellent, but it's a bit pricey. The mode of lighting is kinda dark, and it's romantic. But i still prefer bright lighting. So most of the pics were taken without flash.

Outback Steakhouse.



The bread - foc

Blooming onion with its special sauce - delicious appetizer~~

Bbq mixed grill - one of the Summer Days Aussie Craves entrees. On the plate - Baby rib, bbq chicken, coconut shrimps, french beans and corn. The shrimps are yummy!!

My all time favorite - Chicken griller

Chicken griller also. Look at the heart-shaped meat. I only ate the chicken. The rest were not okay such as the rice, mushroom, pineapple and etc.


With flash. Accidentally took this pic with flash. *paiseh*

With-out flash, romantic??

Margarita...light tequila+orange accents+lemon+lime+orange juices.

I felt like i'm in heaven. Woahahaha..The waiter asked for my id when i ordered this cocktail. My look is too young for this, i know :P

House salad. I shouldn't have ordered this 'cos i couldn't finish the blooming onion.

Unfinished onion. This onion is really big!

Leftover food. Ta pau home.

I had a very very full dinner because i finished half of the margarita and a full glass of iced water before i left. I spent my dinner for about an hour and then i went to watch The Mummy. I made my decision at the last minute to watch the movie. I actually "carried" my tummy to cinema because i couldn't stand straight (imagine i carry my tummy when i walk :D).

Watched The Mummy. Very few people in the auditorium. This movie is good, at least i understand the story line better than The Dark Knight! Anyway, I still love the joker. muakss...

Only this ah pek was seen in this theater when i walked in.

Jet Li is so "man" in the movie....wOooowww wowoow. He looks so leng chai in the armor that he's wearing. Isabella Leong also featured in the movie. Her makeup changes constantly and i couldn't really recognize her look.

Ohh the funniest part of the movie is when a "snowman" which looks like a gorilla...a "white gorilla" is thinking if it should attack John Hannah because the gorilla is supposed to fight with the chinese soldiers at the Himalayan mountain.

Yeahhh, two-thumbs up for the mummy!

For the arcade game, i tried my luck at the disney charm machine and i finally got the snow white. Yeahhh!! Cindrella where are you?? :(

Snow white

p/s: Was very happy indeed. Enjoyed my chicken griller and blooming onion to the max, and the margarita too. But during that time, i felt like time passed so fast and i didn't realize it's almost an hour when i was ready to pay my bill. And now, i still think of my wonderful dinner was a very short one. (8/4)


Lina said...

who is isabelle leong? izzit the malaysian actor? waseh, then her name same with ivan sister! also leong! whahaha eh, how much is the margarite?? the grill chicken that u order is nice!!! waseh, u guy spend a lot over thr ah

Susan said...

isabella leong - hk actress. margarita is 8.50. only available at summer also. chicken griller is the one that i ate with u also. u rem?

adelinenicole said...

well, i'm glad that you really enjoy the margarita and the movie. the truth is i'm dying for margarita now. it cost me RM33 just for a glass of it. damn it! freaking expensive here, cant afford it every week, though. do u still remembered that we had dinner at outback when icame to visit you during your graduation day? 4 of us cant even finish the blooming onion....hehe..
the mummy is good? i thought that the dark knight is better so i went to watch it, very disappointed coz the movie is quite long and lots of talking, daniel said Boring! for me, so so , but i loved the joker. better watch the mummy instead., rite? maybe this week i'm going to.

Susan said...

yeahh i loved that margarita. wow so expensive..yeahhh i rem that you and haopo came n visited me and we couldn't finish the onion. haha. mummy is easier to un and yes dark knight is a long movie. enjoy ur mummy!!