Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Finally back home. ~Home Sweet Home~

What is better than home? Nothing...

I'll try my best to blog because the connection is so slow here - it's a dial up connection(laughing to herself) no more wireless and LAN connection for me....connection keeps disconnecting. **sob sob** will get my wireless connection when i move. Whattt?? move again? God knows how many times i have moved and move...i will keep moving until the earth stops. She moves, I move. :P

Just finished unpacking my stuffs. It took me a week to unpack them. Packed and lazed in between so total is a week. Actual days were 3 days 3 nites.

No pics will be shown because my room is my privacy. Ohh, maybe i can show you "my collection."

1. My coming posts will be uploaded with pics of food, food and food. Please bear with me :P. It seems like i can't stop eating huh? Yes, you are absolutely right! But i'll keep checking on my weight on a daily basis, just like i what i did in ny.

5. Places i miss alot - Jaya Jusco food court, Watson's, Secret Recipe, Sunway Pyramid, mamak stall, pasar malam (pm) and etc.
Been to Jaya jusco and pm. Wanted to buy a slice of secret recipe's choc banana cake but it costs rm6.50 per slice. And this slice is smaller unlike 2 years ago.

6. Food i miss alot - Laksa, nasi lemak, ban mee, wonton mee, dry noodle, soup noodle, chicken rice, nga choi kai, chap fan (mixed rice), dim sum, pm food, mamak food such as tose and roti canai, satay and lots more. *drooling*
Ate laksa, wonton mee, soup noodle, chicken rice and pm food.

7. Beverages i miss so much - iced lemon tea, fresh fruit juice, honey dew bubble tea, abc, mun tou long, iced coffee, teh ais, and etc.
Drank iced lemn tea and honey dew bubble tea.

p/s to na: i wanna cry after seeing all those prices! let you know on the phone.

p/p/s: thanks to my readers who keep reading and supporting my blog. I really appreciate you guys!

to be continued...


Lina said...

Yeah!!! finally u're here! DAMN MISS U man!!!! everytime go wm, feel so sad! ai... feel myself no more friends, really feel teruk, i dunno how to say it. But good la, finally at home~ enjoy the wonderful time at home ok! cant wait for ur photos~

Günter said...

Oh how I missed your posts of food, ähhh, I mean how I missed you :)

Sue said...

na: photos are coming..

gunter: miss you too.