Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Photos


This is ridiculous. It took me forever to upload a photo to my blog. I tried to upload five photos at once but it didn't work. Please tell me what to do. Maybe i should write my blog without uploading pics? Or you might have to bear with me and read my blog without having the pleasure to view my photos. After some time (very soon) you will only see pics in my blog with no words, all pics. Good idea?

Before i start, pls let me release my anger here and pls allow me to say a few bad words. I don't wanna frighten you with my words. I think it's okay for bloggers to write "fuck" or "fucking" when they wanna express their anger in their own blog. I thought of it for some time if i should write it in my blog. Last time i really wanna put the words here but i ended up censoring it. Now i won't censor it anymore because those are the best words to describe my anger. Whoever invented the word "fuck," you did a great job!

I am so fucking angry because a fucking person made my day a fucking bad day. Ok. I feel better now...hahahahaa.

I am going to put more pictures of food as gunter has requested. I know lina wants to see my pretty face also...:)

ops is raining now...i need to run otherwise the lighting/thunder will damage my built-in modem...will post only pictures on my next entry. bye!


Lina said...

hahaaha YAYA can't wait ur photos man!! if u wanna say some rude words for those babi, just say,' cucuk for them, worry they not understand! hahaah

Lina said...

eh is okie too if u jt put the photos! as long as we know what is that! hahahaah

Sue said...