Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pack, Pack & Pack

I hate to move out.

I hate moving from one place to another.

I hate to move from one state to another state.

I even hate moving from one country to another country. I used to be very excited about it. Not anymore because there are a lot of things that i need to think and pack.

Everything will be new again although i already got used to the weather, environment and people that i'm so familiar with. What i don't need to get used to is the food and beverages that i miss and love so much!! I've been longing them for now and ever... (thinking of yummy food now... *drools*)

I hate being a nomad. I have been a nomad for seven years. Yes tujuh tahun.

But what i don't hate is to be with my family and return to where i belong. To my single bed. To my blue dolphin curtain. To my office desk and to my quiet bedroom.

Don't ask me how i feel now. I really don't know. Mixed feelings? Maybe. Excited? Perhaps. Sad and gloomy? Hmm...? I can't use adjective to describe my feelings because one or two adjective(s) is/are not suitable to describe them, or mix those adjective together. Please don't ask how i feel. One thing for sure is that people who's seeing me soon will ask me the same question i.e. "How do you feel?" My reply will be - Okay gua... And then na just asks me, "How is your feeling now?" She's the one whom i spent most of the time with in these two months. We spent most of the time having supper and window shopping (ws) but our ws always end up shopping. Haha so fun. I'll be missing her... + ___ +

What makes me happy:


Half-boiled egg


Half-boiled egg + soy sauce + pepper


Mix no. 2 and slurrppp


Going to shopping


Trying all the clothes that i like at the same time. Guess which one i bought?


Chicken wings with samurai delicious but a bit salty... the waitress threw away the few wings left on the plate when we (na and i) actually asked her to tapau. *sad* Pity wk. He didn't get to eat the wings :(. When i showed him this picture he was like, "Wow so beautiful the wings!" And i told him hooters' staffs boobs are more beautiful. Don't believe me?


Pretty face and nice boobs right? Now you believe me, huh?? Unfortunately, the waitress who served us doesn't have big boobs actually. Haha me being horny again :P (Wondering if hooters' double o stands for women's boobs. Oh no! I just discovered hooters is not only = boobs but also bOObs.)

hooters=boobs (figuratively)
hooters=bOObs (literally)

In a nutshell:

hOOters=bOObs. Ok enough of b**bies. I'm afraid this entry will invite perverts to my blog. I hate perverts.


Margaritas for supper. Ohh margaritas complete our life!

What makes me unhappy:


See the white bubbles? The white bubbles are fat. Yes FAT. Yuck!!


Don't just rinse meats with water. Make sure you boil them and rinse with water again. Otherwise your stomach will be full of these fats....

Gtg, byebye!


Lina said...

Yummy! my mum always make those half boiled egg for us! dint have it for many year liao.. i got request from her b4 then she said:' u're on diet right? egg make u gemuk!' i was like... wat.. i fat coz of these egg! (coz i have it every breakfast!) i miss kueh muih too~!~~~

Sue said...

hahha i can cook for u if u wan
i am very expert muahahaha