Monday, August 25, 2008

Piak Piak

Right after writing my entry of "Matters of Consequence" i went to the restroom. I saw a big insect that i dislike very much. It is a cockroach.

I got so excited to do some killing thus i busied myself to find some newspaper. I couldn't think of anything but newspaper. Having the warrior blood in me i folded the newspaper few times so that it became thick. I tip-toed to the restroom and hit the cockroach many times to ensure it has no more breath to live! "piak" "piak" "piak." I am the killer!!! Hahahaa.... No, no not yet. It hasn't die!

But the cockroach was so strong and since it possessed a living spirit that is stronger than any human beings alive, it ran to hide underneath a shelf. I made sure that it comes out of the shelf and i want to make sure he is dead. Here he came and "piak" "piak" "piak" again. Finally, it died. Gosh~ It takes almost forever to kill this dirty insect. I buried him in the newspaper and threw him in a trash bin. He finally r.i.p. Amen.

Cockroach is dirty and you can't let them go! They will have more and more babies and live in your house forever to eat and sleep with you. Hell no!!

I have finished reading the little prince and i want to share some quotes with you.

1) What is essential is invisible to the eye

2) "The eyes are blind. One must look with the heart..."

A very meaningful quotes that one must take the heart to understand them.



Lina said...

i also killed around 10 flies! oh my god, really mad when look at them flying around my apt! and also thouse mouse.. damn!!!!!!!

Sue said...

mouse?? wuahaha i just killed another cockroach today.

Anonymous said...

Hey! be thankful! I haven't see those creatures since I left Malaysia.... LOL

Have fun back home, eat some BKT for me:)


Sue said...

I hate those creatures so much! Unfortunately i don't like bkt that much!