Friday, August 1, 2008

Quiz of the Day

Hot weather can make me burn, and melt like a candle. Make sure you use sunscreen before going out or else you'll get burned like a grilled chicken.

Safari collection: zebra (Z) and giraffe (G)

Quiz of the day

Z&G say: We have travelled four days through a courier. We were packed in a box and wanted to come out and jump from the truck, but we are afraid of height. Nobody helped us. When we reached our destination, we were sweating like hell. We never sweat before because we are not like humans. We felt like taking shower before seeing our owner. *embarrassed*

The "bubbles" can be seen on the surface. Click to enlarge.

"I am not an egg tart"

Sweating - Check out the "water drops".

I have never seen these things "sweat." Hot sun is not only killing the homo sapiens but also non homo sapiens.

p/s: Items shown above are not consumable. Make a guess and let me know what they are. No prizes for those who guess the right answer. :)


lilian said...

umm..those are candle?

LiLy said...

hm.. isn't that plates??

LiLy said...

So you bought the plates online. and the truck might be "FedEx" or "UPS". Hehe. That's what i thought :D

Sue said...

keep guessing!

lilian said...

no idea what it is -.-

adelinenicole said...

white one would be a lip balm while the others is a concealer, rite?