Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shoo Away Unwanted "Heads"

The answer for last post is LIP BALM. Nobody guessed it right! Sigh~

Guys, please stay and continue to read my blog! This entry is not only suitable for female, but also for male readers.

Recently if you noticed, i have chosen to blog every other day. Too busy to blog actually.
Anyway, I'm going to recommend you a good product. Okay, everyone has blackheads. The difference is whether you have a lot of them or very few of them. This is not my MAIN concern but my other concern is greater than this. (will blog about it when i feel like doing so)

This product is called blackhead eraser where you can remove some, if not all your blackheads or whiteheads. It comes with an applicator (the product), 20 pads and 1-AA battery. You can also buy the refill (pads) separately after finish using the pads.

I'd really love to show you the result of before and after doing this blackheads removing, but apparently when i took the photos, there's like no difference on the pictures. (my camera can't zoom too close -__-)

The head of the applicator. Taken from top.

How to use this product:

1. You need to install the battery first
2. Attach a medicated pad to the head - purple side up
3. Wet the pad
4. Turn on the device and move the medicated pad on your face in a circular motion. Do it slowly. (Wet your face with warm water before doing this step)
5. Turn off the device after cleansing.
6. Dispose pad after each use.

But the good news is that, if your concern is not blackheads/whiteheads you may use this to smooth out your skin. It really works because after using this product, you'll see immediate result! Your skin becomes smoother and shinier (esp. if you have dull complexion). Also i recommend you to use pore cleansing strips after using the blackhead eraser. The result is WOooowW! (sound too good to be true?) Oh another thing is that this eraser is water resistant and meant for use in shower.

Pore cleansing strip of any brand is good to use

The medicated pad - this side is in purple

The other side is in white. This pic is taken after I have used it. (You need to pull this out from the applicator after using it)

You can use this 3-4 times a week but i think once or twice a week is sufficient depending on your skin condition. Or maybe you can use it everytime before you attend parties/functions. Pore cleansing strips cannot be used too often cos it'll dry up your skin. Use it once or twice a week.

p/s: If you are interested in buying this product, you can get it at any departmental store if they have it. Please don't ask me where to buy it. If you wanna know about the brand and price, email me instead. :) Please don't put the brand name under comment section 'cos i'll delete your comments. Btw, this is not an advertorial.


lilian said...

no suit for me ^.^
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Sue said...

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Lina said...

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