Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bet

When i was cleaning my old desk few weeks back, i took out a strawberry box (a box that has strawberry pictures) in the drawer. In the box, i found a stick note that was written back in 2001.

Opss pls ignore the grammatical error. We both signed the note. :D

Me and Angie made this bet when we were still in high school and out of boredom we made this bet. We even exchanged the note with each other so that i have one copy for myself and she has a copy too.

When i looked back at this note i laughed at myself because we used to argue over who's going to marry first although back then we barely had a bf (We studied in convent school). I would always told her that she's going to marry before me and etc. and she would said no, susan you will get marry first. Pheww... we were so silly arguing over this matter back then.

It has been almost 7 years since we made the bet. And she used to remind me of that note sometimes when we chat. She'll asks me if i still keep the note and vice versa.

I don't think i am childish after making the bet. It's just the argument that was silly. We don't know our future and yet we argued over something that is not yet happening. Anyway, I still want to win the bet 'cos i will get rm50 or a treat worth rm50 from her. rm50 is not much compared to seven years back. :)


Phoebe! said...

my goodness! i recognize this post-it note! i gave stacks of it away!

Sue said...

hahahaaa phoeb u still remember this stick note. :P