Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Boy

Yeah yeah it's christopher's 8th birthday. I gave him angpow and an eagle plush toy. I wrapped the gift in a candy shape. I bought him a cake and made strawberry jello for everyone. Happy Birthday Christopher!

before his birthday
sue: how much do you want for your birthday?
chris: i want 2 green notes (rm5 note so total is rm10)
sue: no, you can have only 1 green note. you are still young.
chris: ok ok i have $$$ now! (happily jumping around)

Kids can be so easily satisfied with small little thing. Ok picture time.

Birthday cake

Look at his happy face~

Me, christopher and crystal

Blowing candles

The cars sticker and eagle

Angpow and the birthday card

Crystal was so excited and was jumping around during the little party. Whenever i took picture of Christopher, she would went closer to him. And i told her, "go away i wanna take pic of your brother and not you. Wait till your birthday and i will take a lot of pictures of you." She always wanted to stand near her bro and was very conscious whenever i was trying to snap the birthday boy's pics.

p/s: I uploaded these pics one by one and each pic took me about 5 mins to upload. arghh...gtg bye!

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