Monday, September 8, 2008

Forgetful Sue

If you couldn't get into my blog since yesterday's night till today's afternoon, this is not your fault. :p

I closed my blog yesterday to do some changes. You won't realize that i have actually made some changes 'cos those changes are small. And i just realized this afternoon that i forgot to set my blog to public. But, i thought i did! (What was i doing??)

Anyway, welcome back to Laughing Sue!

The monkeys' pictures:

Christopher - posing with my handbag

Crystal - with her honey stars

Love both cuties~


Lina said...

OH MANNN i miss honeystar@@@ i almost forget it!!! wshaahhawhwah eh, both kids look very differ ah! very big boy n girl liao.. n the girl look like daddy ah? she very fat ahhhh... boy is handsome... hahahahaha and no wonder u so sayang boy ah@ (they better dont read this comment.. the gal will b sad.

Sue said...

wuahahhahahahaha so funny.....both are them are very big...u un me? fat i mean...kakakaaaa. she will not read this.