Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Again

ohh you know what..i left out something very important regarding the 2 previous posts.

1. both places that me and mimi had been to have jaya jusco. it seems like i and mimi either like jusco so much or jusco likes me and mimi. one at the 1st interview on monday and the other is the stupid place that melvin brought mimi.

2. when mimi knew something wasn't right when she was in the stupid car, she quickly changed her pumps to flats. she took out her pumps from the bag and changed it. and then only she asked melvin, "do you mind if i change my shoes?" melvin said, "oh ok. why, is it difficult to wear high heels?" mimi said, "no it's just that i had been walking alot lately and my legs are tired." damn why do people have so many questions? and WHYS?? mimi doesn't care cos she had a plan on her mind and so that she could run faster and easier with flats besides thinking she might need to walk alot for the orientation. who knows?

tell me if you like mimi and her story. she really wants to know.

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