Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Moments

today is another tedious day. but i saw some funny things happened around me today. gonna share it with you now.

i was in lrt on my way to bangsar. there was this woman who talked on the phone when she was standing. when she sat beside me, she was listening to her ipod. and then the funny thing about her is that you know when you wanna scroll for your song's list in your ipod, you'll move your index finger right, so she scrolled it so fast in a circular motion as if she was rushing or something. so funny. it's her speed that made me laughed at heart and the way she moved it. hahahaha. everyone was looking at her and had this sarcastic smile. also the volume is kinda loud too.

food court
the food court is full of people at klcc. at around six something, most malays were sitting at the food court for their buka puasa. i was with siti and we ordered and paid for our food first. then only at around 7p.m., we went to pick up our food '├žos the food might get cold. this was my first time having dinner with friends during ramadan month. it was good. i ate abc in front of those malays. in front of siti too. she's okay with that. i thought i can pretend to be a malay but i failed since i ate the abc before we hear the azan. it's funny also when i saw those people who had their food in front of them but could not eat it. when azan is heard from inside the food court, everyone started to drink first and then eat their dinner.

ohh yea siti's bf looks A-L-O-T like kc. his attitude also like him. i wish lina could see his face. kaka.

lrt station
when i was buying my ticket back to my place from klcc, a cute little girl (she has this mature look on her) was standing behind me. the machine did not accept my rm1 bill, so i tried twice and it still won't take it. so siti bought her ticket first and i used my coins to buy the ticket. the little girl uttered so loud that everyone can hear her voice. She said, "Hmmm lambatnya..." meaning hmmm so slow... hahah funny isn't it. i looked at her and laughed. then i wished her goodbye. i saw her again in lrt and she was standing with her mum. when the lrt almost reached a station called damai, she said it out loud, "Damai, damai...." so cute. that's her stop that's why she said it out loud. everyone there was looking at her and smiled too. not funny??? if you were there, you'll find it funny.

feel very tired but still wanna blog. tomorrow is another long and tough day. zzZzzzzzz



Lina said...

eh eh, siti bf is melay ah? if melay, that mean kc macam melayu arh!! ehh, my friend told me now malaysia mau tukar menteri ah? i was so suprise anuar want to take over government! eh by the way, i think u r ready to have kid liao! hahaha dunno when i get older, not really have mood to see those little kids

Sue said...

hahaahaha not so soon..to have kids. read msia news then you know..don't wanna talk bout politics here. should say siti's bf looks like chinese.