Thursday, September 18, 2008

Her Lucky Day Part 2

when i reread the last entry i can feel the suspense too... wuaahhahaha. ok let's begin.
continued from the last entry...

and the final traffic light is the best chance for her to run away from these jerks. she...(to be continued).

she regretted she didn't open the ├žar's door and run when the traffic light turned red. but nvm since they were going to reach the place once they turned right after the traffic. they have planned to have their breakfast first before started doing their job. once mimi got out from the car, she was ready to leave these jerks. melvin asked if she wanted to leave her bag in the car. hell no. then she told him, "i think this job is not suitable for me. i want to leave now." wtf. she should not have explained to them why she wanted to leave. just leave, dumbo mimi since you knew something was wrong. and felt so uncomfy about it.

before they took the right turn, mimi saw a jusco. she was so happy cos she likes jusco and knew she can go home alone easily and safely. at least there's this building that she can refers to when she wanna ask people how to go from here to there. so after saying she wanted to leave, she walked so fast that she didn't even want to turn back to look at them. melvin was like wtf. he looked clueless. maybe he was disappointed with this spoilt plan (if they were conmen) or he just couldn't believe that mimi could just leave like that. hahahahaa....clever mimi. she won at last. give her fiiiiivvvvvveee! so she crossed the road and walked to jusco without looking back but she also wanted to see if they were following, but thank god, they didn't. fuhh...she was relieved. she entered jusco and headed to the restroom. from there she almost trip cos the floor is 2 inches higher than the floor inside the restroom. goshhh. bad bad day for her.

she asked people for buses to go to kl, some say they were not sure, and the info counter staff told her that she could get her a cab. she called and she said the fare is rm35. fuck off. the cab driver also asked how much she is willing to pay. how does mimi know? the staff asked her if she wanted to talk to the driver. she didn't want to talk to any jerk. rm35 is the 10x of what she took for the bus later. it cost only rm 3 for a ticket from that jusco to kl. it's not always so lucky to have a bus to reach your destination. but, luckily mimi found a bus to kl. :P

refer to "a super tedious day," i was lucky to get a bus to my interview's place on monday. mimi is lucky too since she was able to reach home safely after that. thank god she's safe and fine now. that's why the title for this post and the last post is Her Lucky Day. or maybe dumbo mimi is more suitable to be the title for these 2 entries?

lessons of the story.

1. don't simply get into people's car although the job requires you to do orientation, or go around since they say they wanna show you how they work. although the job's nature is basically to travel from one place to another and etc. also who wants to work for free and for 9 hours? what kind of stupid orientation was that? cis..

2. again, trust your instinct!! run for your life, dumbo.

3. don't talk much. just leave the jerks once you spotted something was not right. there's no need to explain to anyone. just let them feel being fooled...kaka

4. also, if you couldn't find the company's info on the web, don't you ever risk your life to have interview with them. life is too short for that.

enough of lessons?? pheww...tell me what you think. mimi is so happy now that she's not the victim of....kidnap, rape or whatever you think it's gonna be. save your life cos nobody can saves yours. it's just a few seconds to make a quick and correct decision when you are in danger. there's no time for a second thought.

melvin also mentioned about facebook and friendster and asked if mimi has one, she said yes. he also asked what's her religion and which type. oh god. she really didn't feel like telling but she finally told him. shoot him. she wanted to say this is a personal question but she was speechless. like her mouth is glued by someone. she knew he was going to ask her illegal questions. also, the success of the orientation will depend on their evaluation. they will decide if she is qualified or disqualified. and if she was to be selected, there'll be a second interview. kanasai. jerks. monsters. vampires. super jerks. who cares if they wanna hire her or not? mimi doesn't want the 2nd interview. no thanks!

enough of mimi. back to my story. i actually have an orientation today. it's for the company that i went for interview on monday. refer to - a super tedious day. i have planned not to go. even my popo said the pay is so low and so far from the city. so yesterday i set my alarm clock and woke up at 8a.m. so that i can call them and tell them i am not coming. so i called. you know what the receptionist say? read this.

sue: hello this is susan. i'd like to cancel my appointment today.
receptionist: hello hello can you talk louder? i can't hear you.
sue: i am susan and i'd like to cancel today's appointment!

receptionist: ohh why? do you wanna schedule for tomorrow or friday?
receptionist: why? may i know the reason?
sue: no no i just want to cancel it. that's it. bye (hang up)

you see, why are they so demanding and asked so many questions?? that's my problem. i don't want to spend my time on this kind of advertising/marketing company anymore. i had spent 3 days from mon-wed for interviews and a so called orientation. my legs are so....tired. and i just realized yesterday both my legs are so fugly. all the veins are out... you know those green thingy that looks like tree's roots? to wear shorts now? i had enough of walking, walking and walking. my legs are so stress now...never heard of legs that have stress? if i go for the orientation today, i can tell you i'll die of walking too much. i might be the 1st person on earth to set the history. also it is wasting my money, time, energy, makeup and most importantly, my sweat!

ohhh i mentioned at last post that i am going to reveal the orientation's place. i think i better not cos mimi hates that place so much. and the jerks too.

p/s: you know better than me who is dumbo mimi. btw, dumbo mimi is a cute nickname. dumbo mimi is mine now. i own it.


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