Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Her Lucky Day

hello everyone~~~

wondering why i sound so excited?? let me tell you a story of a girl who's called Mimi who had an orientation today. this is going to be as interesting as you can imagine. let's begin...

mimi is actively seeking for jobs. today is a lucky day for her (pls let me know whether you think she is lucky or unlucky after finish reading this story). she had her orientation today at the bangsar office, that's what she thought at first. she was 10minutes late and the orientation was scheduled to be at 9.30a.m.. she wore flats so that she'd able to walk fast and not injured her legs since she had to walk the steps. she took lrt from her place A to bangsar. when she reached there, she quickly changed her flats to pumps. that's what she normally does when she has interviews. and then she climbed the steps to 2nd floor. when she entered the office, there were 2 guys and a girl. they were also here for either orientation or interview. mimi was sweating alot since she had to rush and was already late for orientation. nvm that. she heard some people were talking loudly in a room, you know like roaring their motto or something. in her heart, she thought this sounded like direct sales marketing. since she was late, the weirdest thing is, she was the first person to be called by the person who interviewed her yesterday. the interviewer told mimi, 'so you are here." mimi replied yes.

and then the interviewer went in to the room and came out later and introduced a trainer to her. The trainer is called Melvin.

Interviewer: Mimi, this is melvin and he is the top trainer here. he will show you our daily operation and you are going out with him later.
Mimi: (thinking....) ok.

earlier the interviewer told mimi what she was supposed to do today and suddenly one thing struck her mind was "going out" to see how they do their job. she thought she was going to follow them at the bangsar area and not the fucking place (the place is revealed later when the climax of the story comes).

melvin started the conversation with mimi by asking many questions of course. firstly, he greeted her: hello i am melvin and you? how are you doing today? have you eaten your lunch? ohhh he also asked her, "are you mix?" are you local? and many questions more.

mimi replied him by saying: hello i am susan. i am doing good. yes i had my breakfast this morning. no i am not (although she was surprised cos she never thinks she has this "mixed parentage look") i am from ixxh. and many more. fuck him. she also asked her how old is she? that's a sensitive question for women. also since he is a trainer he shouldn't ask her for her age cos this q is not supposed to be asked. it's an illegal question (will blog about this next time). are you 22, 23? she replied by saying she is 2x. she didn't feel like telling but since it is always good to be friendly, she told him her age.

melvin saw another indian guy who was eating and stopped to talk to him and intro him to mimi. mimi acted friendly and said hi how are you and etc. the indian guy also came back from us and bla bla bla..then they went to take the car. mimi thought only melvin and her gonna go to the place (to see how they do their work). but there was another guy name zohan. you know don't mess with the zohan movie? wtf. zohan is the driver and melvin seated next to him. mimi was sitting at the back of melvin. melvin told her that they were going to K (the place for the orientation). since mimi doesn't know kl and selangor that well, she's afraid they will bring her to places that is very far from the city. like no buses or trains or maybe cabs. just in case she needs to run away, it is good to know if there were any public transports available. who knows rite? mimi regretted getting into the car without thinking much. she thought since this is an opportunity for her to get a job, and is part of the job process. she went for it. you know melvin is kinda pushy. like they don't give you enough time to answer questions. they just shoot you with a bunch of questions.

this story is so detail rite? hahaa...back to mimi. once mimi got into the car, melvin continued asking her a lot of questions. ohh yea the orientation started from 9.30a.m. to 6.30p.m.. what a long hour. i think she needs to help them in work beside learning on how to do their stuff. dont'worry the orientation ended pretty fast. ok let's get to the point. the journey to K took about half an hour she thinks, she couldn't remember but it's kinda far. she started to feel something was wrong when melvin always looked at zohan whenever he was talking about how to go this place and that place. melvin always said "right right?" whenever he asked zohan questions. ohh and that place is jam so they have to take this highway and that road is traffic jam kinda thing. omg she's dizzy now. hearing a lot of these nonsense made mimi felt something was not right. since zohan is the driver, he should know how to go here and there. at first zohan was answering melvin's questions about how to go to what place and etc, and then later on zohan seemed not to be able to answer melvin's questions anymore. weird rite??? mimi thought maybe that's their trick to mislead her. remember i told you women's instinct is always right and accurate?

the more they drive, mimi felt the place is getting suburban. like many trees on the road and like in an industrial area. mimi was so scared that she felt like jumping out from the car whenever she had the chance. there were a few times that she could quickly open the door and ran for her life, but she did not. so she told melvin that she needed to go to the restroom and see if there's any nearby. besides restroom as an excuse to run away (just like what you have seen in movies), she actually wanted to go cos she didn't feel good on her stomache. her pale face was so obvious. like a drug addict who needed drug so badly. he said ohhh not now...later, we are almost there. and the final traffic light is the best chance for her to run away from these jerks. she...(to be continued)

the best part is yet to come. wahh suspense!!! hahahaa...wanna get your attention that's why there is a part 2. also i need to sleep now cos i am very tired. buh-bye



G√ľnter said...

always whwen there is suspense then there is "to be continued", shit
ok I have to read next time :)

Sue said...


that's my style!!

Lina said...

hahaah yayaya! damn.. like waiting for 2nd episod!! quite quite

Sue said...

but i think this post is very good :P compared to part 2 cos this part is like telling a is a story btw