Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday was a crazy nite. I was thinking a lot of things and i couldn't refrain myself from thinking. I admit i used to be an insomniac...and now sometimes i'll become one, become a vampire that only comes out at nite.

I enjoy doing many things at nite. I sometimes wonder why can't i just do it during the daytime. I looked up my photo albums and enjoyed viewing it. I would find anything that i could do in my room.

If i were a writer, yesterday's nite would be a very good nite for me because i suddenly had inspiration on what to write on my blog. Oppss i am a blogger but not a writer...

I wrote down on what topics to blog. Believe it or not, i jotted them down and there are 22 things that i can blog such as wedding, my personal preferences and banana, just to name a few (it's ok if you don't understand what i am talking now). They are all coming to you soon. I jotted them down because i am afraid i won't be able to remember all those things that i wanna blog.

p/s: My blog is closed again for i don't know what reason! ish ishhh...

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