Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love Me, Love My Blog

how many of you are my loyal readers? please answer me cos i really wanna know. i know some of you are my silent readers and also readers who leave me comment occasionally and very few - frequently. ok nvm if you don't leave me comments cos sometimes i think i am so crazy about comments. i want responses whether it's good or bad, at least i know what my readers are thinking. also i hope there'll be more interaction between me and my readers. if you still want to be my silent readers, go ahead. i won't force you to leave me comments if you don't feel like doing so. :)

also, i thought of organizing some contests but i'm afraid no one will join my contests and can you imagine how embarrassing it could be? ohh nooo...i'd be a laughing stock forever!!!! (and i don't wish to become one).

enjoy your lovely sunday!


LiLy said...

What contest do u want to organize?
I'd like to join (:

Lina said...

I SURELY will view ur blog when i ONLINE! for sure! but the problem is i only online 3-4 times a week.. so am i consider as ur royal reader???

Sue said...

lily: still thinking...something interesting.

na: yes you are my loyal reader!!