Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's been a month since i got back to this wet and dry land. Life moves on...

What i left behind me were friends and memories. I had to move on with my life. They (friends) move on, too.

They continue with their study and work. Nothing changes. The only thing that has changed is they no longer have this friend to hang around and eat supper with them.

I have no more chances to laugh, joke and play with them. I can't see them in front of me as they can't see me too. My everyday life here is exciting and adventurous. (If you believe me) Omg, can you feel that i am actually lying??? (To put in my sentence correctly: My everyday life here is notttttttt exciting and adventurous as you think!!) This whole month here was not as interesting as in us, of course. Wanna know why? Because this whole month i was a real pig, babi you know...cos i sleep pretty much like a pig (i sleep alot at us too :P) but i don't eat like a pig, 'cos i'm getting thinner and not fatter, so weird. I saw some of my friends who came back to msia from us gained lotsss of weights. I only take 2 meals per day (but at us i take 3-4 meals per day - heavy meals).

My dear friends, they live the old and boring study/work life. Must jia you 'cos i'm going to be one soon. Ahhh what a sien life! Life is hard. life is tough but life is full of surprises! (wahhh suddenly sound so energetic~ semangat!)

I wish i could be with them. I miss wk and ahtay. miss shiba. miss the weather. miss the people. it's so convenient there. when i wanna eat popeyes, ok, no problem. it's just a 5 min drive. pizza 10 minutes drive. oh how i miss papa john's large hawaiian bbq chicken served with coke that i bought from wm. miss old chicago and ihop. miss tropicana orange juice. the best real orange juice ever! i saw the tropicana brand on tv ad, but not sure if it's the same with the one i drank at us. i miss online shoping the most. sephora, macys, clinique, estee lauder, ebags, and many more.

Enough of memories. enough of the past. enough of everything at us. Move forward and a long journey is ahead of you. Stop dreaming!

p/s: I hope it's not too late to wish all muslim readers, selamat berpuasa! (happy fasting). Suddenly feel the urge to say so. bye!


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