Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mimi And The Foreigner

mimi went to shopping alone today. she always enjoys shopping alone but not anymore.

when she reached the children's department, she touched a bolster and squeezed it. suddenly a foreigner came from her back and approached her.

mimi and him
man: is this a child's pillow?
mimi: yes.
man: do you have children?
mimi: err...(smiling at him. it's actually a forceful smile. mimi thinks it's none of his business.)

mimi then left.

she saw the man again when she was at the shampoo's section. or is the man actually searching for her after that? she doesn't know.

man: do you have children?
mimi: (ohh this disgusting man)
man: are you student or you working?
mimi: errr....(no reply again. she put a forceful smile in her look).
man: nice to meet you. bye!

mimi chose not to answer him cos it's not always good to be friendly or pretend to be friendly. she hates talking to stranger especially when this man asked him questions that she thinks she shouldn't reveal it to him. is it so important whether mimi has children or is a working adult? what does it have to do with that man anyway? go awayy shoooo~~~~

p/s: btw, this is not the good news that i wanna share with you.


Lina said...

mimi must be a leng loi

Sue said...

wuahaha you bet!