Saturday, September 6, 2008

Night Market

Pasar malam (pm) or night market is held every saturday at my place. Pm is an open market where you could buy food, food and food on a certain day. It depends on where you live and it could be on monday, tuesday, wednesday and etc.

I am so excited every time saturday comes. In fact i am very happy when friday approaches when i was in the states because weekend is at the corner and i get to do whatever i want such as going out for movies, eating out, shopping and etc. (this is not related to pm, let's talk about pm!)

Ok back to pm.
Besides food, there are things that you could buy such as watches, alarm clocks and many things. I can't think of other stuff except food and beverages. *winks*

The things are cheap and i don't mind spending money on food because there are some food that you can only get at pm. I love honey dew bubble tea and it cost me rm2 two years back. Now is rm2.50. Sigh~

I have had a bad experience going to pm. It happened two years back also. I am not going to tell what's happening but it's a fucking bad memory. So i just hate to go to pm alone.

p/s: Hate raining.


Lina said...

eh cheap leh, only rm2.50! here mahal n not nice at all! damn if i go back, will spend all the money to buy bubble tea. eh what is the price for chicken rice or char kueh tiaw or nasi lemak.. or.. ANYTHING! Roti canai?? can take some pasar malan photo??? and food?

Sue said...

no photo..hahaha paiseh take photos.i haven eat nasi lemak and roti canai. at my place still cheap.